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  1. I’ll be there with a notepad
  2. I’ll be at bcm booth if y’all going.
  3. I've got an itch to fish
  4. Pepperoni 4cheese whatever was in the fridge. Tomato sauce
  5. Paddle tail.
  6. Bass assasin
  7. Depends where u at? It was slow for me on beach. Just rats and albis. I’m assuming it just gonna be worse seems like that’s the pattern for me at least. Maybe I just suck at fishing. Lol.
  8. Both are I think are right. Both styles are out there to catch fish. Just more pride taken knowing your equipment and landing fish when no one else. I have no go too lure just seasonal bags always have couple bcm pencils, bcm metals lips, jigs, and snags. I’ll be the first to run and get bait if that’s what’s getting em.
  9. I kind of wing it. Backstrap. Wrap back around it. Make sure it all covered. Bake in oven I think around 380-400 until bacon is cooked about 15-20 min. I just eye ball it. Then broil for a couple minutes. That’s it. I cooked a sweet potatoe and squished it put beneath the meat to soak up flavor and threw a sunny side up egg on top. That’s all. You can put your fav rubb on backstrap before wrapping in bacon. You basically just want to cook the bacon the fat will keep the backstrap moist.
  10. Backstrap wrapped in bacon and baked. I bake it until bacon is fully cooked keeps the venison from over cooking.
  11. Homemade pizza. Dough ingredients flour. Salt, yeast water, sugar. Bake until golden
  12. Fresh flounder fillet and garden tomatoes