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  1. i'll take the Shimano Nasci 5000 for $65 shipped, already have one and love it. PM me with Paypal address
  2. Reel SOLD Rod $70 shipped
  3. South Jersey. Mickleton
  4. Rod had broken tip and was replaced at local tackle shop. Reel is smooth and has no issues, the clicker isn't loud though. I rather jig with my spinning setups over the conventional, that's why I'm selling. $200 picked up, I can ship if need be. Not splitting up unless I get a buyer for each. Trades are possible. Shimano spinning reel in 4000-6000 size range.
  5. Looking for a Leaning Post for a 20ft Center Console. Thanks
  6. tld15's and 20's with Star Aeriel Rods
  7. I put in at Shark river. Nice sled..
  8. could always throw a drift sock out or even a 5gal bucket
  9. interested in an SX as well
  10. Like the title says. I have a Tekota 300 and a Cardiff 301a for trade if interested.
  11. Found a rod for my spinning reel. Now looking for a MH or H 7ft rod for a Tekota 300.
  12. Looking for an inshore rod for my Shimano Nasci 5000. Brands like Shimano, Star rods, St.Croix, etc... Items to trade or sell are... Shimano Stradic 5000Fi with upgraded knob Shimano Cardiff 301a (new carbontex drags) Shimano trevala 66m conventional Shimano Baitrunner 3500b (New carbontex drags) *
  13. I have a 3500b with new carbontex drags if you are interested