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  1. Apologies for the off topic post, but I understand my Dad had a few fishing buddies on here.  I'm sorry to share the news that forum member 1dozenraw (Kevin) passed away on Thursday evening.  There will be a community memorial gathering tonight at 5pm at St Augustine's in Kingston.  More info included in the obituary below.




    Fish on!

  2. I would like to take this if we could make arrangements next week for payment and pickup. Thank you sir.

    Next week is no problem I'm sure. Payment by cash at pickup is fine or by Paypal is fine too. I don't charge buyers for the fees because it's not allowed by Paypal and I just don't think it's right. I'll PM my phone number and email address and Paypal info. Thanks. You are buying a very nice stick.

  3. I have the CSM version in left and right hand drive. I use them on Batson 9' and 10' rods rated 1-3 and 1-4. Use them for plugging. I'd have no problem mounting them on 10'6" rods rated similarly. They are definitely capable of throwing well in this range. No problemo. I do like the mag control, but may pick one up that does not have it just to see if there is any noticeable difference in casting distance. No complaints with what I have though.

  4. Alright someone has to say it. Sniping the frame on old and new guides and trying to glue in a new ring insert Is just bad advice. If the rod has any value and is not beat up, chances are, knowing its a Lami product, its probably worth having a shop do a re-wrap for you. Plan on 15 bucks a guide give or take a few bucks depending on the shop.

    Experience is always the best teacher. Big Dave has it and shares it. Do what he says. The guy in Westerly, RI who fixes (wraps on a new guide) guides for me charges peanuts ... maybe $15-25 for the guide and the wrap depending on the guide and simplicity of the wrap. It's been a while since I needed it done.

  5. As good as good gets.The 9 footers are actually 8' 10" from the factory, not sure on the 10 footer, I think they shortened the 9 for shipping purposes, UPS would take up to 9' without a premium fee.

    Exactly.. unless you got a 9' before the 2" modification. :) The 1208 and 1088 SWs are excellent blanks for all around plugging and beach work.

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