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  2. Some said to forget it and start from scratch. Since I have more time than money, I will remove the guides. I searched old posts on this forum and found a few tricks. most involving heat to soften the epoxy wraps. I will try that on a broken rod section I have . I have a heat gun I can set on low. What a great website. You can learn most anything on it. Bill
  3. Folks, I want to remove the guides from my Daiwa rod and they are epoxy wrapped. How can I remove them without damaging the rod and leaving a clean rod for the new guides? Bill
  4. I'd like to try an Alvey reel . If you have one to sell,. please let me know. e-mail Tight lines and Happy Easter from, Chilibill
  5. Thanks EBHarvey- He advised reversing the guide mounting so the single brace is on the bottom. This would remove the Vee place where the knot is wedging now. I will check that out. Bill
  6. Dcast. I have a 13' Daiwa Eliminator surf spin rod. The distance from spool face to first guide is 37". I checked the spool axis alignment with this guide and it was higher than the top of the guide guide. The first guide diameter was 40 mm One of the posts said that spin rods are NOT designed for braid line. That may be my problem. He mentioned Fuji Low Rider guides as a solution , but that is for use with a conventiona reel, I believe. Any advice is appreciated. Bill
  7. JohnB- I'm using 17 lb braid as my main line on my 12' spinning rod, and casting 4 oz. .With no shock leader I will break off on every other cast. I use the OTG or Unitek cast method most of the time for distance. I added a 25' 60 lb braid shock leader. That would break off one in a while . I moved up to Suffix 80 lb braid, and the breakoffs stopped. Now, I rarely get a breakoff when the shocker knot catches in the frame of the first guide. This has happened only twice. once on a day with a very strong cross wind. I will try reducing the size of my first guide to 20 mm max. , also aling the spool axis with the guide. Wish me luck. Bill
  8. Power casting (OTG, Unitek, etc.) with spin puts tremendous strain on the line from sinker/bait to finger (or Cannon) if done properly i.e. really "hitting it" . My 17 lb braid main line will not hold up, hence the 80 lb braid shock leader. I'm power casting to get my bait out as far as I can, preferably over the first bar. I checked my spool axis /first guide alignment this morning and found it was way off. I will switch spin reels with a better alignment to see if that helps. Thanks again for your advice. Bill
  9. Guys, I've had two break offs recently when my shocker knot catches in the frame to ring joint in the first guide while power casting with my 13' spin rod. I use 17 lb braid line and 80 lb braid shock leader tied with a uni to uni knot. I've read that my spool axis may not be lined up with my first guide properly. I will check that. If you have any advice, I sure would like to hear it as I've been loosing too many $4 sputniks. Bill
  10. Thanks guys. If I power cast ( spin rod) without using a shock leader, I break the line almost every time, hence the use of the shock leader.Also, the shock leader is wrapped around my spool a few times when my sinker is set to the proper drop. This is from advice from the Long Distance Casting forum guys. I had to move up to an 80 lb braid shock with my 17 lb braid main line. But to go back to my original post. The shock knot has been catching in the first guide frame near the ring, stopping the line cold while my rig flies away. I will retie my shock knot with an Albright to make it smaller thanks to advice from Mr.Crab.
  11. Folks, I've had two shock leader break offs at the knot while power casting with my 13' spin rod. The knot catches in the 1st guide which is 37" from the spool face on this rod. I don't have the same problem on my other 12' spin rod which has the 1st guide 27" from the spool face. Should I move the 1st guide closer to the spool? Or is there another problem? I don't want to loose any more $4. sputniks. Bill (catching small sharks, whiting and pomps in Florida).
  12. It's true that large mouth Bass are not salt water fish, but snook and trout are caught using the same methods and similar lures. Not to mention, Jacks and Cobia. I used to catch striped bass with worms under a cork, and Hopkins, and Atom plug. Bass can be caught with worms and shiners under a float too. Bill
  13. Folks, Here is a link from the National Fisheries which concludes that Octopus Hooks will catch TWICE as many fish as Circle hooks while maintaining approximately the same mortality rate. WOW! That is a big deal. The tests were done on Large Mouth Bass, but should also apply to salt water species. Read the Abstracts. I will have to give Octopus hooks a try. If any of my catches are throat hooked, I will stop. Bill