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  1. These are 32 grams
  2. You're welcome! Anytime
  3. I find that if I pre heat the mold in oven at 200 f for 30 I get much better pours.
  4. Oomoo 30 is rated to 400 f it's lead primer and paint
  5. Thanks Paul! I see you got a nice king !! I've yet to catch one.
  6. Made the original out of lead flashing then molded with Ooomoo 30 silicone and started pouring .. took a few to get the pour right. They work. My son caught both yesterday .
  7. I would like the top one please . Thanks
  8. I will send payment in morning.. thanks again Kevin.
  9. Thank very much Kevin!! I like the cream/yellow please.. I realize now how rare these are. Next item of Mikes that I'm looking for is a duck call he made!
  10. I'm looking for a Surfster . Light color Thanks.
  11. I'm going with Lambaste
  12. Pilloried ... too many letters in that word! I have to take off my shoes to count past ten ..
  13. It's how I show my love.. ask my kids
  14. Lmao!!!! Right... cut me off at the legs he did!
  15. You already know those pics Philip.