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  1. Yea I've been putting some hours on mine freshwater. Will start with the salt when flounder season starts. I'm game to meetup anywhere in south Jersey if you guys are going out.
  2. I might be down next weekend depending on weather. From glassboro so anywhere on the Jersey side isnt far from me.
  3. Thanks! I went between boat,kayak and jet ski. Went the kayak route because I can fish lakes,docks and bridges better with this. Could always add a ski though lol
  4. Lol would of never thought of that thanks
  5. Take a pic if you get a chance I've been just laying them in the back. But could use the room if I can get it
  6. Awesome best of luck
  7. Let me know I have weekends off so I'll be going every Saturday.
  8. That's all the same areas I fish so absolutely.
  9. Best money I've spent
  10. Yea I just put it in a pond to make sure my finder works. Going to wait on the sw to warm up before i go out for that.
  11. I've been thinking about getting one for a few years now. Finally pulled the trigger yesterday, got it from sportsman's outpost. Now time to chase the trout for a few weeks then it's going in the salt. I'll be fishing south jerseys back bays if anyone ever wants to get out.
  12. I googled it you're good
  13. Sportsman outpost is who I ordered mine from. They are great to deal with.
  14. Awesome I just ordered mine last week. Should be in a week or two cant wait. I'm ready to be out fishing in it now.