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    Into rod building plug building and catching striper. Trying to beat my pb.
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    Fishing. Off roading camping.
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    Store manager for Verizon wireless

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  1. I can do 650 shipped you pay fees
  2. Sorry sold the legend on a different thread
  3. Thanks I might hold out for a faster one atm
  4. Pics will be awesome
  5. Thanks for the offer but I'm looking for jigging gear
  6. Sorry looking for something for higher end.
  7. The 5000 size practically new I would sell for 100 plus shipping
  8. Are you interested in anything I have ft Legends gone
  9. Might be interested in this what else do you have?
  10. Thunnis had a small Nick on the spool but works well 200 plus shipping.
  11. Yes I'll get photos for you asap
  12. Yes it's the newer model used hand full of times