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  1. Hey Dave . Sorry. Have not been on in a while. Yes I still have it. Used a few times. Same condition as i got it in. If Fish Bucket is still interested we can still do it. Thanks.
  2. I would have. Thought the counter offer was to me. who would have thought $2-$5 was a deal breaker. Too bad .
  3. $50 shipped for the 3 minnows ?
  4. These fit over wading boots correct ? Probably not my boot foot waders though. I’d give them a try at $80 for both.
  5. Yeah. Hate going by what they say cause as you know it never works out that way. Theoretically I should where 2xl stuff but also find them too tight. Always get 3x stuff but wetsuits are different that’s why I asked. do they fit you comfortably ? Or are they really snug? I’m a bit more heavier than you but not by much.
  6. So how does the 3x wetsuits fit you ?
  7. Where’s this located. Maybe Interested in the hullavator
  8. Offer $400 shipped BK, NY?
  9. Did this sell?
  10. Offer $450?
  11. Did this sell?
  12. Offer $150 shipped for the lot. BK NY
  13. Damn. Been busy and couldn’t respond quick enough. Wish you would have given me time to respond.
  14. Too far to be worth it unless I was up there anyway for some thing else. Offer stands. You could ditch the packaging to make shipping in a small flat rate ?
  15. Offer $ 120 fees covered?