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  1. I’ll take the Musso yellow/red or white red if available. Looks like the white was taken and I guess the yellow/red pending ??
  2. I’ll take this.
  3. Offer $80?
  4. Pass. GLWS
  5. Interested in the voorhie and the tbone if you split.
  6. Seconds if it should fall through or if you have extra.
  7. Did this work out. Maybe interested. Have. Zee22 and other stuff you’d be interested in.
  8. Seconds On the off chance it doesn’twork out.
  9. I’ll take this
  10. I’ll take this.
  11. I’ll take this shipped
  12. He asked an opinion on those 2 reels and I would choose the avet with 20lb drag over the shimano with I think is 16lbs of drag I also would choose the avet with the MC instead of the shimano cent. braking. I own 2 avet raptors because of such. One SXJ and one MXJ Personally casting from shore I prefer spinners but that’s just my preference and what I’m used to.
  13. Both nice reels. Comes down to your preference so try and go to a shop and check them both out if you can. I would get the avet has it has the addition of the MC. Both about the same weight with only an once difference. The Avet has slightly more drag at 20lbs, more line cap and more bearings so should make it more smother, but also cost a bit more at around $60 or so difference unless you can find used so that’s a factor as well. You should be fine either way. Good luck and have fun on the trip.
  14. I catch and release.
  15. Ok