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  1. I’ll take this shipped
  2. He asked an opinion on those 2 reels and I would choose the avet with 20lb drag over the shimano with I think is 16lbs of drag I also would choose the avet with the MC instead of the shimano cent. braking. I own 2 avet raptors because of such. One SXJ and one MXJ Personally casting from shore I prefer spinners but that’s just my preference and what I’m used to.
  3. Both nice reels. Comes down to your preference so try and go to a shop and check them both out if you can. I would get the avet has it has the addition of the MC. Both about the same weight with only an once difference. The Avet has slightly more drag at 20lbs, more line cap and more bearings so should make it more smother, but also cost a bit more at around $60 or so difference unless you can find used so that’s a factor as well. You should be fine either way. Good luck and have fun on the trip.
  4. I catch and release.
  5. Ok
  6. I’d do $130 for the lot ?
  7. I’ll take this.
  8. $170 shipped? Also what’s the pink peaking out at me?
  9. $30 $40 $30 Offer $100 for the 3
  10. I’ll take lot 2 for asking then. Are they used ? Send info.
  11. Offer $80 for lot 2
  12. Forgot about this post. I had sold that Arsenal already. I thought I had it still but I don’t. Sorry. Would buy if your interested in selling. If not I’ll have to see what other GRS or others I may have that I didn’t post already.
  13. Trade 2 teenagers in puberty. One boy and one girl. and I’ll add a kicker of a grown one, male or female, with no job, not going to school, Stays home most days. Female has a boyfriend and the male plays games all day. Your choice. As a matter of fact I’ll throw in both.
  14. Who ever buys this reel I will offer a conventional star paraflex 11ft 3-9 oz for $50 extra but it would need to be picked up as I’m not shipping the rod. Rod is in very good condition.