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  1. You know I just realized you said you tied them. I thought Joe tied them.
  2. But I would mind that either. I will probably be the only one there with a neck brace (had neck c-spine fusion in December). If anybody sees me don’t worry I won’t bite. My bark (looks) are harsher than my bite at the moment.
  3. Yup. That’s what I had. 2 door sport. Just can’t remember the year. Think it was an early 90’s. I do miss it. Thinking about it your probably gonna make he hunt one down now. Had a ‘95 $ ‘96 Chevy Suburban. Like them to. Never had any issues getting stuck. Not as good as the explorer sport though.
  4. Got confused with the 8 count as I thought they were multiple pics of the same longer flies. Thought the 8 count included the black flies. Offer $80 shipped cv for the all the flies above and $100 for these and the 2 black flies below. How long are the flat wings anyway?
  5. Will do. Wish I could make it to Marlborough, but i wouldn’t go more than a day (it’s there the Fri-Sun) and I’m about 4 hours away 1 way so it’s a bit much for me to do alone right now. I looked him up and came across a couple of sites that sell his flies. Don’t know if it’s his site with direct affiliation, but they look good. I’ll look more into it. Thanks. The pics you posted look good. It’s 7 flies by my count correct?. What are you asking for them ? Also Wouldn’t mind seeing some of those Flat Wings if your selling ?
  6. Sorry to here. With todays technology I wouldn’t put too much thought into malfunctions or such if that’s what worries you. If a qualified Doctor recommends it then you need it. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Best wishes and speedy recovery.
  7. Ok. Thought he did. Let me know. Thanks.
  8. Yeah. Seems the storm is gonna make it nasty out there. Wish I still had my Jeep or my explorer sport. Even the vendors will probably be late.
  9. That’s cool good to know. Thanks. Can’t wait to see them.
  10. @KironaFly Sure thanks. So far I would like those 2 long flies I saw pics of.
  11. Came across the other wtb thread for 8-10 inch flies and got me interested in them. Don’t want to hyjack that thread hence we are here in mine. @KironaFly I’m interested in those 2 long flies mentioned in the other thread and also possibly some others. You mentioned some other larger fly offerings from Razzle Dazzle? Anybody else have any please post. Thanks
  12. Recoil. PM me I may have a case brand new for it. Otter box. Have to double check because I think the 5s and 5c fit differently. I just saw it while going through some stuff the other day. Hope I didn’t toss it. If it’s for the 5s I’ll throw it in the mail tomorrow.
  13. I’ll take this. BYW Does it come with that tackle box ?
  14. I like that Sudsy. Based on the vise it looks to be like a mini slim popper. Nice work one the others as well.