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  1. Received $30 via PP and it says will send rest of payment with confirmation. What do do you mean ? Thanks
  2. PayPal or other ? If PP send to perez11208@optonline.net If other let me know so I can PM address or other info.
  3. You don’t like the braid that’s fine. The price isn’t including the braid, which as all know should theoretically add another $30. As stated in my previous post I offered up what was the lowest I’d take. If it’s not what you want then it doesn’t work out. Offers are withdrawn. Good luck with your search.
  4. Nice !!!! Thats a huge plug. Nice GRS as well. Is the G2 used ? Looks like some pointers and such but could be cause of zooming in with phone ?
  5. Sorry No thanks. I believe I priced them accordingly. The lowest I’ll go is 400 for the gold and that’s only cause some on the black in a couple of the letters have faded as you can see in the pic and because I don’t have the box and all.
  6. Believe it’s 30lb. Good to go.
  7. No surfster or weasels. These are slims.
  8. Sorry. No other medium slims except that purple next to it.
  9. $450 each Only black reel has the box and packaging. Excellent condition. Can work something out if you want both.
  10. $210 for both lots ?
  11. $100 for the lot ?
  12. Nice grab. Like that silver bottom. Offer $70 for the other ?
  13. Offer $70