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  1. Yes and No, just "people"or "everyone", the meter jumps for the fugly ones too, you got to be careful..
  2. "guys" to "ladies" still appears that you want to get into their pants, and you might be offending the bulls."people" is the sterile word now..
  3. Santa is watching you know..
  4. I'm low on 710's, I respectfully bid 50$.. thanks
  5. loudest squeek in that truck is the owner when he opens his wallet..
  6. it especially gets loud when you think about it, one good thing it does muffle all that wife noise
  7. You got it, time and attendance looking at all those dirty pics. @ the TT..
  8. I second the the T&A threads..
  9. So the Indica puts you on the couch all day and the sativa makes you reorganize your tool shed a couple times a week, what I don't get is the 14 o/o thc is 60$ an 1/8 and the 20o/o thc is 60$ an 1/8?
  10. if you and BA went on tour you would always be the lead off comic..
  11. I'm addicted to DD coffee,I think they use the same stuff the tobacco companies put in their cigs.
  12. Put in more time catch more fish, good sharp hooks,as little tackle as possible and never pee in the water where you're fishing..
  13. I'll second that, happy bday
  14. N.J. bad? first time I've ever heard this, sure you weren't in R.I.?
  15. Dom the donkey? isn't that Hanukkah Harrys ride? much more affordable and half the maintenance costs of raindeer..