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  1. If I could still pull my puddin I would..
  2. Your right BA knock knock jokes befuddle most tavernites,one question,baby Conner crawled in there due to the blackout?
  3. Good to go Charlie, thanks again,bbb
  4. I grew up hillbilly white trash ,and beans,frank's and fried potatoes brings back memories.. nobody in my family missed that Saturday dinner.. now our Saturdays are hometown buffet only..
  5. Morning Charlie, I'll take the 712 for 40$ shipped, thanks,bill
  6. I'LL take the 712z, thanks
  7. Typical swamp gas appearition reflection of moonlight,booms?,dump trucks clearing their tailgates upwind.nobody's making contact with anything,let it go..
  8. Thanks Digger for raising the flag everyday,bbb
  9. Like doing and matching your wifes family.. and if you don't think that's bad, You can't see the forest for the trees..
  10. Ok I'll say it, FRANK WHO? (the original frank joke)
  11. Pubes is a side dish for a real man, wait till their careless with their monthly,no hygiene bye-jean..
  12. Like pushing dental floss at a Willie Nelson concert..
  13. Bella femmina, always clean shaven, you can bring this one home.
  14. imo in-line circle hooks, best thing ever happened to striped bass. I was well over a hundred fish last year bait fishing and only killed 5or6 small ones. You might pull a hook easier but they don't miss much more than a J-hook.Off-set tear the fish up a little more.
  15. Thoughts and prayers for your friend and his family, hope he has a great recovery.