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  1. Another Ford earns her wings..
  2. Fluke skunk for me today, people baiting in back bays of cmc are picking up some nice blues..
  3. I got a little alzheimers setting in too and I laughed just as much at the second mantis joke as I did the first..
  4. Wait till the old lady hits menopause, it's beyond separate beds it's hammock in the tool shed..
  5. Some people are just pigs and I don't think they will change, I don't clean their stuff but the garbage that drifts in I bag up, besides all the plastic there's a lot of medical crap, syringes, gloves, etc. I feel it's good karma the fish gods know this and will reward you accordingly..
  6. Hey Jim,is this reel still available? I'll take it if it is.thanks
  7. Hey PB&J, I'll take your 712z for 30$, great deal for a great reel,thanks,
  8. Good one Pop Pop
  9. Good to hear from you Mick,you're the grease that keeps this place from squeaking, sol MVP no doubt
  10. 5 minutes felt like an hour, got my bad joke fix for a month, thanks again
  11. You think if they banned potato farming in America the irish would leave? worked for the English
  12. Cold nights stopped everything, but my worm fishing colleagues and me agree the majority of the fish we're seeing are nice 20-24"ers.must have been a good spawn 4 yrs.ago up the D bay..
  13. Always wanted to stop at the toppless truck stop,in n.c. near the army base I think
  14. That joke gets a MOS,(moment of silence), not an LOL, unless you're in s.c. where it means, WYMM,(will you marry me)
  15. Wear the world like a loose garment, that one works for me, thanks again Digger,bbb