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  1. Alberto's pop from sudden shock, FG is the way to go. Use it from 10lb fluro to 10lb braid up to the heaviest tackle I use
  2. Seiglers had a lot of problem, pro gears are a bad ass Penn upgrade, to out it simply.
  3. Tippers follow pompano. I watched waves of them pushing Pomp's down the beach all last week. Goofy jigs are the most fun, for straight meat on the table 15lb fluro and gold #2 kahles with fleas. Some days there past the 3rd bar, all depends on what beach to fish as others have said.
  4. All white bucktails at night under bridges, walking the beach early in the morning ghost, green back or blue mackerel xr14. Get a some GT ice cream for topwater.
  5. Drink at least a gallon of water and practice intermittent fasting, eat a few crackers in the morning to kick off your metabolism and eat a healthy meal at night. Dropped 130lbs that way, make sure you keep your protein intake up and take multi vitamins. Before I was pulled off running due to ankle issues, I was taking in around 50-60 grams a day and dropping more fat weight and gaining muscle. Time to fork out the money for the high dollar shoes and start back.
  6. Be careful with edibles, sometimes they mean shrooms and not weed
  7. Penn spinning reels are now famous for drivetrain and pinion bearing problems, I'd junk it and get a Shimano. I use to have a full run of them, now I'm down to my last one and it's on the replacement list.
  8. I despise Bass pro for the most part, but their power stick surf spinning is very good bang for the buck. Around 100-120, closest you will get to a $200 class rod for the money.
  9. Water proofing a Z series is a touch redundant. Just like a bailess slammer, Penn feels theres not enough of a market. The left factor less of a market than more bailess, the only market is NE surf casters and Cobia fisherman to the South for the most part. Therefore you buy a staal, or stick with what ya got.
  10. Good quality rollers will be fine, older rod I would worry about the gap.
  11. There's always going to be a trade between tourque and speed. I do a good bit of bottom fishing my way, and use a fathom 25 or 40 whenever I can use braid. Pump and wind, as long as cod don't shoot holes like grouper do you will be fine.
  12. Bang for your buck, get a battalion. I moved the reelseat up on both mine, throw great. Won't trust them with my 10 bangers, but 8 and a bluefish or mullet head works just fine
  13. I agree on bait fishing, all of my large poppers and jerkbaits have been refitted with singles. Either way you split it, hooks down the gullet aren't good for fish.
  14. I fell off a sea wall into about 15ft in December down here wearing waders, at about 1 in the morning. Don't wear waders. Better to be wet and cold than dead. Got lucky that night, haven't been back out on it in waders since. Flight plan is another good one, anytime I run my boat or go wading I let someone know when I should be back. I don't want to suffer, seen to many people go through that but I plan to put steel in some more fish before I go.
  15. You know, all these arguments get brought up and guys are still throwing plugs with a bunch of trebles. We don't have ocean run stripers down here, we have schoolies in the river. All I use is single hook artificials. Once everyone starts fishing single hooks and practicing safe releases, then you can re visit this argument in 5 years and look at the difference.