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  1. It can, and will. Mono just as much as braid. Easier to just throw them under some warm water and let it soak through, than deal with it later. Alot of my rods have K guides, so I'm already used to routine cleaning .
  2. Tournament and fishing casting are two different things, I can pound over 200 consistently on the field with a fathom 15, 8oz, and a 1509 rainshadow. Fishing, it changes with the conditions. I hate over magged reels. Friend of mine I fish with has two MXL MCs, mag turned to one full pendulum still won't fluff. He's no champion caster, but they kill me. Seen two sieglers that had issues with drags burning out, sticky drag or no drag at all. They may have fixed it, but just like Avet for that much money I don't expect simple repetitive problems. My old daiwa 30 is geary, screams like a banshee on whatever bearing set it's on, and still keeps licking. I had two fathom 15s, down to one, 525 GS with the brake cage pulled and a daiwa, plan on picking up a 15 CS and pulling a mag here soon. Have a 970 mag that I cleaned and put tsi in the bearings, shaved the mag and it's one of my best throwing reels for bigger fishing, just don't like to take it out.
  3. Seigler drags are trash. Way to many people think that they should be able to cast and not have to thumb at all, if you can you have to much control. If you don't blow up occasionally, you ain't slinging. I threw a 7HT mag a bit, after a good going through it was a nice enough casting reel, but far more suited for the field. As for the squall, drog the extra change on a fathom. Haven't picked a second gen up yet due to boogered spring trips, but my first Gen was still pounding them out Saturday.
  4. I just picked up a 200 a few weeks ago, I can't say that I've seen a 150 used for it, seen plenty of kings caught on them. Most people throw 3oz jigs for the most part.
  5. Never targeted big ones, but high rising fishing whole shrimp, or big sand fleas was my ticket to eating sized fish on the pier. Off the beach, I'd look for rips and cuts stirring up and pulling out, they seem to like those best. I'd go with a small but strong and sticky sharp live bait hook on a Carolina rig
  6. #4 vmc, what I replace XR10 and some small topwaters with
  7. If I remember correctly, 100yds of 30lb mono will give you 400 of 50lb PP
  8. A big thing for me is balance. Have to counter balance the weight equally, I don't use a pole bag but have spent enough time up a pole in a belt and walking in it to have started to figure it out.
  9. Not sure about dunking, but in love with my stradics. Everything I've seen with the back bays and going back and forth about buying one and playing with plenty, seems to be a BG with lipstick.
  10. Sunday, start of shark fest 2020. Sharks slacked off, decided to free line a live menhaden on my stradic to try and get a more free swimming bait out for a king, 45 minutes, 101 laps around the skiff up over under and what felt like between the anchor line, pissed off 6ft spinner at the boat.
  11. I'd get the 4, I have a 4 and 5fk, spooled with 15lb braid it's a lethal little thing
  12. Make sure they didn't put a ziptie on the driveshaft.......
  13. Medical tape or grip tape works better, but I always have electric tape on hand so I use that.
  14. I imagine OCP and oak island pier will re open soon. Check Facebook, it's like the internet but mo bettah
  15. I'd be lost on trout without my key largos, got another one from a friend yesterday.