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  1. Fishing reels aren't winches. Guys were blowing side plates out of the vsx series on tarpon in Florida. Best bang for you Buck is gonna be a daiwa bg with braid. Right rod and you will be in the ball park. Distance isn't everything
  2. Just went to a cat 4, heading straight for me. See how this one rides out
  3. Torque has a floating spindle, Abu is solid one piece. Bearing upgrades and different lubes will give you some results. Don't buy ceramics. Get some good quality ABEC 5 or 7 SS bearings, lube with a few drops of rocket fuel and hit the field again. Once you master it, look into TSI lube. What pound line are you throwing? 17 to 20 is a big difference.
  4. Abus out of the box are child proof, like avets. Good reel to learn on, then get you a real screamer. Slight side to side knock is what you want, no rubbing.
  5. I'll tell y'all an albie trick. Not sure if y'all have cigars, but any small baitfish will work. You can chunk them just like real tuna, then jig in the slick or drift baits. I'm looking forward to chaing shrimp boats in November and December my way catching albies
  6. People in florida call falsies Bonita. They also call true bonito northern mackerel so take that how it is.
  7. Still in the jack family, very good eating.
  8. I'd give Shimano a call, far as I know reel is still in production
  9. Google e replacement parts
  10. Just another good reason to dive with a bang stick
  11. I use both seagaur blue and pink label because I get it in 100yd spools cheap. I use the yozuri for 60lb and up, not sure if pink vs clear really matters
  12. Little late, but I fished a few rock piles near Madison last weekend while visiting people, limit of nice porgies with many more thrown back. Lost one bass on a jig.
  13. I personally haven't had many problems with power pro, but at the same time for plugs I have gone to spider wire camo. Alot of shops don't know how to properly spool braid, I'd check that as well
  14. I catch most of mine on structure like pylons, have picked them up in the surf fishing fleas and shrimp on deeper cuts and washes fishing for whiting. If you can find rocks or pylons, fish close to the structure in the deep holes and Eddy's the current washes out.
  15. Best eating fish your gonna catch in the surf. Pretty white meat, all they eat is crustaceans