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  1. Not the result I was expecting.
  2. Correct. I have to agree with you on this one. It's science.
  3. There's more murders in almost every big city every week but nobody cares. Only the crazy white guy gets national attention.
  4. Criminals and murderers break laws. It's that simple. You can't outlaw everything because of Criminals. Dui. outlaw alcohol and cars. Overdose. Outlaw drugs OJ Simpson. Outlaw high end kitchen knives made in Japan 911 outlaw airplanes and towel head pilots Dead children. Outlaw Abortions and pitbulls. Suicide. Outlaw country music. Happy black folks. Outlaw menthals. Jimmichanga. Outlaw free speech, The desire to piss excellence and Four Lokos. And grammar and that spelling thingy and oh that's enoughs
  5. Covid vaccine " at least now after all the mutations " It's like paprika sprinkled on your plate at a restaurant. Does it do anything to help the meal taste better? NO. Does it make you feel better because they tried? YES. Bunch of tards.
  6. Well it's not like they changed the definition of vaccine. Oh wait.
  7. Congratulations Tim. How many years? 14 happy years for me. 20 total years.
  8. I wish. But no. Just a racist nut job, hope he gets the needle. He should have studied more in school and went on to become a doctor. He could have aborted thousands of black babies but he set his sights too low.
  9. Hunter Biden spotted last night in a hotel in Philadelphia. He just heard the Liberty Bell Had crack in it.