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  1. "I don't want to" go back to scooping the poop. This is your problem. I am also self employed and had to lay off my laboreer. But " I don't want to" loose my house or customers so I am the laborer. It sucks big time but I have a family. Go scoop some poop and make a couple bucks. Once you're back working you will feel better. This can't last forever. (Unless you die)
  2. But wouldn't that make half of it downhill? Dumbass.
  3. I'm your huckleberry.
  4. Please don't laugh at the black ones. If you do, he's already won.
  5. I'd like to show er my rod.
  6. I could never get my kimber to run with my own magazines.
  7. I have the same reel and love it for carp,catfish and inshore bait fishin. Never noticed any flex.
  8. My next setup is going to be an eight foot avid surf with a 5000 stradic. Back bays, calm surf, carp, catfish and double duty as a drop shot- scum frog slinger when the ponds are thick and nasty. And jetty tog slayer.