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  1. Come on Mr. Tim, that was just good ole fun. He said "dumb ass".
  2. If your hauling or towing the rated maximum for the vehicle, you do not need 80 psi for vehicle weight alone. I keep my 2500 utility body at 50 psi. Much softer ride and faster air downs/ups. When I have a heavy load to haul or tow, I up the psi. Besides driving around at 80 psi will bounce your beer flat in no time.
  3. It's a 3 piece now is all I'm saying. Used to be easier just to buy a new top half for $35.00 then sending it back for warranty. I got a top once on a salmon steelhead rod in 2 days. Didn't have to go through the hassle of shipping it back and waiting. Not sure of how it works now that they changed the website. Used to be able to do it all online, now I believe you have to call. Was it a 3/4 -4 oz or the 2-6 oz ?
  4. I have one of those three piece mojo rods too. I ordered a new top section and when it came in I spun the reel seat off trying to get the broken top section loose. It is now in 27 pieces. Nice Blue.
  5. I thought the movie sucked balls. It was boring and they only said "cocksucka" one or two times. I was hoping for more than a sentimental drawn out final episode. Figured after all these years they could have come up with a better story. Still worth the watch though. I
  6. To be honest this is my daughter. Pretty sure she stole my weed.
  7. I agree. Adults can do as they please. I just believe that family structure is very important in a child's development. It seems as most non college bound, kids these days see this as the norm and have no problem having multiple children with multiple partners.( 90% of my laborers, most HS graduates) I only pray my daughters don't get caught in this. They may be knocked up now for all I know. Just saying, hope for the best, God bless, and buckshot cures all.
  8. Sad time we live in. This is now the norm. I am striving to teach my daughters better. High school-college-married- children(in that order) Just like me and my parents. I don't understand how in this modern culture with do many medical advancements and new devices that unwed & underage pregnancy is so high. I am drunk now, so if alcohol is the reason then I shall say " well played"