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  1. Good afternoon, I’m 5’7 175lbs would it fit me? Thanks in advance?
  2. Looking for fellow Jetski fishermen to fish with. It’s always safer have that second jetski out there with you. I fish North Jersey down to Atlantic city. 99.99% is saltwater fishing. Thanks and Tight lines!!!
  3. Nah I’m good thanks…but they are for sale!!!
  4. Now for $3500 for both local pick up
  5. No worries here brother been ocean for long time. I know the law of the ocean!!! But I’ve been out on my boat and I see other boats run through the pods. You have knuckle heads everywhere!!! Tight lines brother and don’t throw lead too expensive lol
  6. I’m reaching out to see if anybody else fish off of a Jetski? I’ve recently purchase a Fish Pro and I love it. I want to start going off shore 10-15 miles. But I don’t want roll out there solo, having that second Jet Ski could be a life saver. Tight lines!
  7. That’s for the answers!! Let me ask another question what weather/waves are you turning boat around or just not going fish offshore but may still fish inshore? Obviously serious weather but what are some things that you hear that makes you go nope I’m not going offshore today?
  8. Probably a dumb question but I’m a small boat operator and I’m trying adventure out further like example mud hole. What winds usually produce a flat sea? I always thought west winds, any help is greatly appreciate it. Tight lines!
  9. July 15 went 5-7 miles off of LBI. Caught couple ling, limit out on sea bass and caught tons of short sea bass and two short fluke. Pretty good day!
  10. These kayaks are 2018 Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game 2 with a custom **** electric motor on them. - 45lb Minn Kota Saltwater electric motor (installed 2020) - Multiple speeds, turn knob throttle with (3)reverse and (5)forward - Motor Lift kit that lets you raise the motor while in the kayak - Steering is controlled by the peddles - Kayak’s have a side anchor/drift anchor attachment - Garmin Fish-finder - These kayaks have visible signs of usage which is to be expected. There are NO leaks. The kayak weighs approx 70-80lbs. The motor can be removed is not required for function. What is included: - Kayaks - Garmin Fish-finder - Motor - Fishing rod holders - Paddle’s - Batteries What is NOT included: - Lifejackets The motor will require a few adjustments to properly work for you, I will provide the instructions on how to make those adjustments. They are a great fishing kayak and the motors only makes it better. The weight capacity of these kayak are 600lbs. Please, serious inquiries only. I am selling these kayaks because I no longer have the room for them. Asking price $4000
  11. Copy that just private message we can discuss possible meet up locations in seaside
  12. Seaside is a better drive for me I could meet you Sunday at seaside if you want? Also what’s the reason of selling the kayak after one season of use?