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  1. Got a keeper last night! Came with 120 lbs tactical clip and split ring too ! Note my savage gear below
  2. If I take my phone with me for kayaking or other water activities it's in a waterproof pouch.
  3. I usually use my phone to check where my camera pointing (life view let you adjust it the way you want it).
  4. Yellow Hobie yak in Swampscott tonight. anyone here?
  5. After reading your reminder about new moon I spontaneously decided to go last night. Spent an hour before high time and couple hours after. Got couple of schoolies.
  6. I just received a pair of airpods (previous generation) as a FD gift and these are awesome. I used to have "wireless" headphones with a wire between them but these are def a step forward. Plus you can hear ambient noises. Highly recommended.
  7. These stickers could be obtained at your local USCG post. I emailed the self-addressed stamped envelope to them and got couple of those stickers later.
  8. In some countries the trailer is a separate category in your driver license with separate school and exam.
  9. went twice sat and Sunday off the rocks at low tide before sunset. got sckunked. does anyone who fishing from the shore has any luck during day time? so far all I caught was after 9 pm
  10. I went for a couple hours just after sunset/low tide. Landed two, lost one fish. Caught one on the very first throw lol. All 3 took CC Red Fin. I tried pro tail with no luck. whoever suggested low tide - thank you. Worked well for me tonight.
  11. I'm not sure about that haha. I went out twice after sunset, spent two hours both times - nothing. High tide and water receding. Was throwing topwater lures, swimbait. No luck so far. A lot of seaweed and boulders in the area and I thought it would produce but nothing so far.
  12. Not outdoor but ... Once I decided to save on bathroom demo and told my GC I would remove fiberglass shower stall/tub combo by myself. It was the hardest money I've ever earned/saved. He was laughing hard when I was telling him how I struggled.
  13. Just spent two hours throwing everything I had (mostly topwater), and got skunked. Came to shore around high tight and saw splashes just once.
  14. Looks awesome! Boat/yak or shore?
  15. We have mahogany (I believe) deck that was stained in dark color by previous owners. It looks ugly and I want to bring it back to original (natural?) color. I'm planning to use penetrating oil but how to properly remove whatever left from old coating? Another question - I might need to go disassemble the decking for foundation and sill plate repair. Is this kind of decking designed to be removed and put back together? I can see the fasteners in some places. Thanks
  16. We actually have two decks. Another one is made of composite and it is in much worse shape even I’m sure it newer. It flexes, has lot of splitters ( around screws). I wanted to wash it as all these fake pores collected dirt over the years and apparently you cannot power wash it.. Im planning to replace it at some point in s future.
  17. look what i found in the basement. Between Ipe clips and Ipe Oil I beging thinking the deck build with Ipe. I tas some cupping - it noticeable in rain. I’m not surprised as runoff from the roof goes directly on the deck and then stay underneath. I have to address water situation first and hope warping goes away as deck will be getting soaked less. So I think I’m gonna clean gaps between panels, powerwash gently and apply one coat of oil. It will bet me through the season.
  18. Wow, every year??
  19. Please explain. Everything left outside need maintenance. Town nearby just built a boat pier with mahogany or very similar wood and I grabbed a piece of scrap for experimenting. I was shocked how dense is it
  20. I was hoping that I could wash it without sanding. I refinished deck once but it was some basic wood. Yeah, sanding was not fun. Especially small details. I see some boards warped - sides up, I think it's the side of excessive moisture. Not really excited about the possibility to disassemble an entire deck - to get the problem area I would need to take apart everything I found a mounting clip they used. Screws are stars.
  21. That could be one expensive fishing trip
  22. I just ran across a couple of ads on CL. One is a guy selling a bunch of "Slanf Fin Radiator Covers" there are a couple that looks like yours, another one offers "vintage cast iron radiators" - they have a pic of radiator like yours, I would give them a call