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  1. omg, it's already here. crap. Gotta try to make everything ready thanks for the reminder Riddler
  2. Funny how quickly life makes turns Since I started this topic I was let from my job after 20 years. So I think Ive got my answer, at least for this season. And now I have a reason stop thinking about boat shopping and prep the yak for the season
  3. 20’. It’s in just one post up.
  4. you built it yourself? Looks amazing! is there a thread here?
  5. Well, I'm trying to present the dilemma I have in my head. and I'm surprisingly see more "pro-choice" lol voices vs kayak or nothing Just past summer I had multiple situations when I literally said myself "F it" (work), grabbed my rod and walked to the rocks for a couple hours. I think I would do the same with boat vs dealing with launching yak.... I think but who knows
  6. On another hand : 2-3 hours on rocks ( including 10 min walk both ways) vs: 2-3 hours on kayak ( including 30 min on getting to launch/bringing yak back) vs: 2-3 hours of boat fishing ( including 5 min driving to town mooring and back) - you see where I’m going
  7. Thank you for all replies. Just wanted to add some info. I have a pedal kayak, it's on heavy side and I trailer it. We live near Boston harbor, so 99 % of water time is there, not lakes etc - so no canoe for me (it was fun when we used to live near lake though). Same as MagDarter sometimes I just grab the surf rod and go to the beach instead of packing the kayak (and then someone is goes by in kayak while I'm standing on the rocks I'm mentally cursing myself). Kiddo just turned 6 so I'm far away from putting him in separate craft. Personally, I probably gonna try to spend this upcoming season utilizing yak as much as possible and make a decision after.
  8. All right, after of few years of not frequent kayak fishing I cannot take this though out of my mind. First year was fun and I managed to get out a lot, next year was crazy between work and the buying house/selling/moving. Then covid came and screwed 2020. Here I'm, debating if I should go back to yak, prepare for the season and enjoy what I already have (and I should I admit I'm pretty much all set, don't need to buy much if I'm in yak world). Or should I move to the boat game. I want to be able grab a fam and get on a water. We live literally off the beach and I'm passing mooring every time I leave the house. I feel I would be able to fish more and cover more ground an once. I also want to get my kid into it while he is still young. I didn't do good job with older one and it makes me kinda sad. So I'm hoping to get my family more into all things outdoor, even if it just sunset trip. On another hand - yak is already here and I don't need to worry about storage, winter or summer. Financially , it's not comparable too. I probably more mobile with yak as I can transport it al launch on my own. etc. Not to mention that last year self-solation on the boat made almost impossible to buy decent boat without selling kidney first. So this year will be the same. I know some of you have both kayak and boat. Some probably thought about it too. Curious to hear from fellow yakers why they still yaking, are you wanna be boaters, yeah or nah and why. Thanks
  9. When I travel with ( inflatable ) paddleboard I always check in the paddle. I called to TSA once to verify if I have and was told to do so, even it was 3-sections travel model. Fit into large case diagonally.
  10. Rushing to join my buddy and forgetting to take off inflatable wheels mounted on landing gear from "down" position. Had to stay close to shore as I didn't want to come back to shore to remove them, but pedaling with two giant floaters under the yak is not working so well.
  11. OK, thank you. Will see how it goes. Going it mostly for a "project" part, little one is really excited already to do a project with daddy.
  12. Hi there, The last storm brought a broken rod with Spinfisher V 4500. While it's pretty beat up outside I still want to try to restore it; not that I don't have enough projects lol. So I wonder do I need any specific tools for taking it apart or generic set of screwdrivers would be OK?