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  1. Got few small ones in the Canal past on Sat
  2. A good day for downwinding
  3. Free to go. Last call before it goes to CL vultures. Lures /plugs trade/donation is still welcome. Available for pick up in Winthrop, MA or Burlington (workdays).
  4. " The round 6” hatch cover used for small storage on the PDL-drive unit is not 100% water tight so you may see water in there depending on the paddling conditions." I was pretty pissed to discover that as it "looks" like watertight storage -with locking mechanism and tight rubber seal under the lid. I always getting water there. And I should thank Riddler for his review and follow-up where you warn about rusting prop's nut. I greased the are to the extreme and put a coat of automotive undercoating spray on top of it. Planning to remove it at the end of the season, to check it out.
  5. Hey there: I recently bought it online but it's too short for my Predator, and since it was shipped from people's republic I didn't even bother to try returning it. I think it would be great for 12-14' , Predator with rudder on is a bit over 14' Here is the link: https://www.tomtop.com/p-y2971.html Same very light blue reflecting color. Do you have tin lures, epoxy jigs that you don't use or don't like? Let's trade Anything else from the fishing department? You name it. Not looking for material gain, just wanna make it more interesting. Thanks
  6. Awesome rod. I got one, then a month later another one.
  7. Feel better that I'm not alone in that misery lol. Agree that quiet time was pleasant and beneficial, but some action would be cool too. Also funny experience: around zero five hundred times Maritime Academy stadium all get lights up and few hundred young voices united in a rebel yell. Reminded me my boots days, soo good not to be part of it, lol. And they continue strong until I left, almost about an hour later. Never been in the area on workdays, curious if it's a usual routine or I was treated with some special event. Was thinking about people living around as these voices echoed from structures and were pretty loud.
  8. Hey there, just curious if anyone was out fishing tonight (Thur to Friday) and how did it go? It was not my night as I had a new reel and twice got a bunch of "wind" knots, lost the magic swimmer etc. Not a single bite. Granted, I have no bike and stayed at the same spot for 3 hours but still left a bit disappointed. Tried swimmers, top water, pro tail jigs - nothing...
  9. I use side mounted transduce as mine is too big to fit into the dedicated cutout in the hull of my Predator. I use a Scotty transduce mount and while I was skeptical at the beginning as it looked flimsy it works OK for me.
  10. Today on WBUR: http://www.wbur.org/bostonomix/2018/08/23/worcester-red-sox-other-stadiums
  11. Does anyone know and can suggest a cooler that is "long" but not overly bulky/spacious. I have a basic 40 or so qt cooler and when I have a fish in 30 in range it barely fits and should be U-bent more or less. Another desirable feature would be one-hand operated latches, similar to what Otterbox Coller offers (first pic). Or Lifetime 50 (Wallmart sell those, second pic). I actually bought it this summer but returned as it leaks from lid seal and few other issues. I would call it "imitation" of a good cooler.
  12. 1. Divorce 2. Fishing Kayak
  13. Interesting. When I was fishing BSB I almost always was getting smaller fish on metal - vs bucktail and minnow teaser on dropper loop.
  14. I was thinking to pair to pair it with 10 ft rod to use on canal, and perhaps try surf fishing for bonito?
  15. I was planning to go with Tsunami Shield 5k. Would it be up to the task?