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  1. My work office facility collects small batteries (AA, AAA, cellphone etc) for recycling. I brought a box of assorted batteries and was given a roll of tape and was requested to tape terminals. I thought it was a joke, but the woman working there said it's UPS request as there are several cases trucks got of fire transporting buckets if "dead" batteries. Also, just remember the story that keyfob/watch size batteries should be properly disposed (recycled) as they are very dangerous if you have small children in the house. Swallowed batteries burn through a child’s esophagus in just 2 hours, leading to surgery, months with feeding and breathing tubes, and even death. About the size of a nickel, 20 mm, 3-volt lithium coin cells are the most hazardous as they are big enough to get stuck and burn faster. Secure battery compartments and keep loose batteries away from children.
  2. Someone from Fire Dept sad in the interview yesterday that there is a sprinkler system in place but the fire started above that. They had office space above the shop. Another factor that made it more difficult to suppress is location - end of water supply lines, means lower pressure I assume? Luckily, heavy rain around 10 pm helped firefighters.
  3. both. trust me it's an air carrier (in speed, displacement and tonnage lol). Over 13 ft, 36" wide, weight 117 lbs. USS Enterprise ...
  4. Cannot compare these two as I'm only familiar with Predator and let me tell you, while I love it on the water it's heavy and generally feels large back on shore. I'm 49, 6' and 205 lbs and it's heavy for me, especially when loaded. If you not going to the ocean, I'm sure Topwater would be great. and I would advise you not to buy a used pedal drive yak as warranty would be short (if any) and I'm not sure if it's even transferrable to the second owner.
  5. I purchased "Malone Auto Racks Malone SaddleUp Pro Set of 4 w/Bow & Stern Lines" and used it only once when I had to bring yak from the store. Then I realized it's too heavy and awkward for roof loading (Predator PDL) and bought a trailer.
  6. As open water (albeit "along the shore" open water ) stand up paddler this post made me think about leashing to kayak. The leash is considered more important safety device that flotation device among SUP paddlers. I've been falling off the boards (surfboards and paddleboards) for many years and had only one occurrence when leash tangled around my leg (and conditions were like a washing machine). And I had two incidents when I was separated from my boards (once leash swivel went and once the loop connecting the leash to the board) and I took me a lot of effort to reconnect with the boards. In surfing/ SUP the general rule your leash should be about the lenght of your board. Also, worth to mention that actual surf/sup leashes are made from elastic polymers, that prevent them from tangling. Swivel also help. So if you going to tether - use the real thing, not paracord or anything similar.
  7. I was in Florida a week ago and I brought travel rod and inflatable paddleboard and alternated fishing and paddleboarding. Hope you're having a good time down there.
  8. So was Earth
  9. Your profile pic looks familiar. Do you surf?
  10. Hey Mauru, have an off-topic question for you. PM me if you don't mind, somehow I cannot send you a message. Thanks p.s. sorry for hijacking the topic
  11. Here is another PDL owner with a rusted shear pin. Feel free to pass it to JO ppl since they "dont know why it rusted" youTube linky p.s. I better check mine too. I covered the pin, exposed part of prop shaft and the nut with grease and undercoat spray last year; will see how it held up.
  12. Hey there, I just received a fresh batch of soft baits and out of the package, they emit a very strong chemical odor. It's not surprising as these were just made recently, but I wonder how it would affect fish? Should I unpack all of them and air them out before the season?
  13. Hey, Just wanna share the nice upgrade I stumbled upon on YouTube posted by fellow Predator owner. One of the minor inconveniences of this yak is that you have to constantly (or often) control rudder's knob when moving, -it's rotating free and it has nor fixed position. I was looking for a DIY solution and apparently newer PDLs have this part upgraded. Just ordered mine and can follow up if there is any interest but the video is self-explanatory. I think this upgrade well worth $36. YouTube link
  14. TOWN OF WINTHROP PUBLIC BOAT RAMP CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION NOTICE TO BOATERS Effective Monday January 14, 2019 the launch ramp at the public landing will be closed for a much-needed replacement. The completion date of the project is June 30, 2019; however, it is expected that the project will be completed at an earlier date. While we understand it may cause some inconvenience during construction, upon completion this project will include a new ramp and accompanying pier and floats for ease of use when launching/recovering boats. The boating public will be kept updated as the project moves forward. In the interim, public launch ramps are available in Lynn and Nahant. For any questions please contact the Winthrop Harbormaster at 617-207- 9092, 0r lpowers@town.winthrop.ma.us.