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  1. Man, those look very professional.
  2. - under current owner. Take it away, auction it and send proceeds to environmental/bass protecting/etc org.
  3. I just went through the entire story and wanna say - what a great project you accomplished. There is nothing better like enjoy the result of your labor. Very happy for you.
  4. Is this for real or intended to be a joke? Honestly curious. Thx.
  5. Oh, good reminder. For tides, I use "Tides Near Me". Works really well for me, locally and when travel. Has today and week view so you can plan ahead, sun/moon times included too.
  6. Any updates on progress?
  7. Yeah, swellinfo departure blows. As an alternative, I use Windy both as an app on mobile and on desktop. I would provide link but you know the drill
  8. I'm not in NY. I'm sure you would have to register a trailer anywhere if it goes on public roads. I registered mine.
  9. Didn't want to sway you in terms of where to go, but BPS was where I went. The salesperson was really helpful and knowledgeable. I went there an hour before closing so I had no problem to get someone and have a long discussion. p.s. Good luck with your procedure.
  10. I would also suggest to go to a store and play with both devices. UI (user interface) is different from one device to another and you could find something you like better or dislike at all.
  11. Do you know how much your kayak weight? are you comfortable to put in on the roof? After I bought my kayak I realized I barely can put in on my vehicle's roof - I went with large and heavy yak and note, my car is not as tall as CRV. So, after one trip with a kayak on the roof, I realized I need a trailer, found one on CL, installed a tow bar on the car and off I go. It's not that portable solution comparing to rooftopping but I can live with it.
  12. Just last weekend I started rushing myself and forgot a wallet with leaders in the car. Realized that when got almost to the destination and had to pedal back. I'm not rushing next time.
  13. I transport my Predator on a trailer. If I do the distance, I rig at the launch site. If local (under 5 miles or so and no highway driving) - I do it home.
  14. I wear progressive and went with 7" touch screen unit and very happy with both size and performance in a wet environment. Haven't been fishing in the rain yet to see how it would work. For my phone, I use insulated pouch/bag/container made of clear flexible plastic tethered to the pfd vest. Picture quality is not affected in most of the cases and the touch screen is responsive too.
  15. Pardon my ignorance buy why it's important to mention that fish is "loaded with lice"? I've seen this more than a few times. Thank you