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  1. It is amazing if you don't have to drive through the surrounding areas. Otherwise, it's cluster****. I have to leave the house at 5:50 to get through before it paralyzed until 10 am. I was relieved when Amz didn't pick the site.
  2. I'm on the market and it's insane. Last time I bought the house at the market's peak and not going to repeat this mistake.
  3. Hiring in Boston rose 4.3% last month from a year earlier, according to the latest LinkedIn Workforce Report
  4. nope. I had a cart for my canoe in the past and def wanted to have something more permanent and stable.
  5. I bought c-tug tires but haven't used them yet. I also added some quick mod to legs to make sure wheels are always in most outer positions (basically increased axle track).
  6. 1. They were PITA to take off when yak in the water. PrPDL is heavy and wheels being air-filled have positive buoyancy, so either you have to take legs/wheels off on the shore and then pull the yak into water sliding on hull; either (if you roll yak far into water so it floats) you have to struggle to push inflated wheel deeper into water to release the leg from the mount (or try to turn yak one side up). Once I was in rush to launch in the surf, so I jumped into yak and start paddling out to move away from a concrete wall. Then I realized I forgot to take wheels off. Ruined my session as I could barely move with wheels below water. you cannot take these off once you are in the yak. 2. being soft tires these make yak side roll more . I once rolled yak when one of the wheels went over the brick laying on the sidewalk.
  7. swing by if you wanna see it before making holes but it's not rocket science really And here is real life picture. I'm really happy I went with boondox. PrPDL is very nimble on the water and a whale when back on the land. It was my first year of kayak fishing and you can imagine how many things I had to buy - landing gear worths every penny I spent on it.
  8. As I said in my original post I saw some bowing in those plates but nothing I would call worrying. I live in Boston so we rarely seeing high temperatures that could affect black plastic more. I also don't keep wheels on the yak all the time so there is no tension applied to plates. I'm sure replacing these plated with others made of something stronger (stiffer plastic? aluminum?) would solve this issue but at least for me this is not an issue.
  9. These plates screwed to factory installed hardware inside the hull. it's like metal plates placed in form before they pour/pump plastic into form, they are not exposed on the inside of the hull.. those black plastic pieces will give way before stress would be transferred to the hardware molten it. These pieces are relatively soft, well, so if you put wheels on and leave kayak sitting on wheels these pieces will bent, especially if exposed to sunlight. Remove wheels, legs and in a day or so, they get back to original shape. I actually like this as it shows that the torque is not getting transferred to the hull. - kind of safety weak link Keep in mind, Boondox clearly states this is "landing gear" and not intended keeping the kayak on wheels long term.
  10. Here are a few pics of my setup. as you can see I managed to install the crossbar such way that I could fit the milk crate behind it. Note plenty of clearance with wheels down and plenty of space near rear rod holders with wheels up. The last pic also shows how I hook up the crate to the yak. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. I have a Predator PDL with BoonDox gear. I remember I spent countless hours comparing different options on their site as they have multiple setups and not a one specifically for PrPDL. Then I read that all newer sets in 2018 have longer legs. I eventually bought a set from one well-known kayak gear dealers in TX as they sent me a nice welcome coupon. If you search on their site for "Boonedox Landing Gear Kayak Wheel System w/ Sand Tires " - this is the one that would work on our yaks. Yes, I got the Sand tires and honestly, I hated them so much that I bought a pair of C-tug wheels. But this is a different story. BTW both wheels would work with longer legs. Another point to consider is where you going to install the crossbar holding legs in place. After watching all videos on the subject and contacting a couple of posters I decided against drilling the hall because of: 1. it would void your warranty 2. one YouTuber who installed it this way replied saying it cracked the hull eventually 3. the place where you would install mounting plates inside the hull has rudder cables passing there I installed the crossbar on rear mounting plates It has some drawbacks too: - far from the center - losing space on the mounting plates - rear hatch is basically split 1 to 2 portions and it could be a limiting factor for some. Positive: 1. no issues with warranty 2. No chances of a cracked hull 3. if mounting plates go - $30 or so to replace both. I managed to found a position where I can fit a milk crate behind the bar. Another benefit of this position - wheels are resing on the hull and far from you. Let me dig some pics
  12. Hi there, Past summer I bought Tsunami Shield 5000 and used it few times. Last time I noticed it makes kinda "clicking" noise while I crank it and I can feel on the handle that it's not one smooth rotation but a bunch of individual steps - like you rotate the shaft of step motor if you know what I mean.. I made a quick video and posted it on youTube, can someone take a look and tell me if I too paranoid or it's a legit reason to request repair/replacement. youTube video p.s. btw, how to embed the video into the post here?
  13. Hi there, We have a fam vacation week upcoming in February and going to stay in Hallandale Beach. Should I bring a rod for surf fishing so I could try my luck right in front of the hotel? I assume that boatless access is not very easy in the area, am I correct? How about these canals, not sure if this is a proper name, cam I fish there? I looked on Google and don't see obvious access points, except Haulover Beach Bark, but looks like fishing is prohibited on jetty accordingly to signs visible on google street? Would be glad to hear any suggestions; feel free to PM if feel it's not public info Thank you
  14. Hi there, Between work family etc I haven't noticed it's already mid-November. Crazy. Was wondering if the season is over and it's time to put yak in a storage. Town boarded beach access already, but I still could use boat slip. Didn't have a proper season closure on the yak if you know what I mean On another hand, I could go to a lake, but that would be the last reserve