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  1. If I hook a tuna and land it from shore then I’m killing it and having fresh sushi for dinner! Epo can kiss my Ass
  2. Too many geeks/ nerds on here.
  3. Close it all.
  4. That’s a salty pencil popper. Killer plug!
  5. That’s not a moratorium.
  6. The sharks a every where. Bay side and ocean side. Thousands of them! The feds are watching!
  7. Sad story. Make em like the tarpon! Game fish Go eat a flounder you pricks !
  8. Mabey shoot me a message then. If you forget then no problem. That’s a while from now. Thanks for the offer. Probably will be interested if nothing else comes up befor then!
  9. Thanks for the offer but I have decided that a Lami is the only thing I want.
  10. Looks nice but it’s alittle bit out of my price range for a used one.......
  11. When where you going to be on the cape? How much are you looking to get for it?
  12. 32 is cool with me.
  13. Could you do the olive and pink one for 30?