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  1. That one tube with the bucktail loops looks awesome! Props on that design! I can see that thing packed with needles and bucktails!
  2. Fake news. There’s no sharks out there! None! All sun fish sightings! Swimming to sand bars and rocks is a amazing and safe way to catch big bass! Tight lines people!
  3. First beachmaster fishy’s of the season for me
  4. Have a guy out back selling high grade marijuana and it’s a go!
  5. Here is my Tacoma. 9 10 and 11 foot lamis. Resting on some shellfish bushels because I’ve been doing a lot of clamming recently but usually just rest them on a big storage bin filled with wetsuits and waders.... inside the cap is the way to go. Super stealth. I don’t want anyone to know I’m a fisherman
  6. Stripers online and Facebook
  7. Be or used. For 7 in pliers
  8. Be or used. For 7 in pliers
  9. You guys r totally delusional
  10. 3oz ss needle fish
  11. Not surprised. I got this and others on cape cod. Good luck with your search.
  12. Believe it or not I bought this reel from a fella on cregs list for 425$ cash. Reel was never used. Mint condition. Sometimes you get lucky! Keep your eyes peeled on cregs list!
  13. Keep a eye on your local cregs list. I’ve bought a few absolute gems from there for under 500$
  14. Off retreat