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  1. Way to many hooks on that thing T-dog. You know better!
  2. I love beachmasters but I Wish he made more metal lips with single belly trebles. Why have a 6 “ plug with two Belly trebles that are supposed to have cut vmcs? Weak cut hooks and harmful to striped bass.....
  3. Everyone beware of this user. He threatens people after a peaceful message....
  4. I agree with this 100%. Habs are the perfect balance of quality beautiful plugs that where also totally affordable and catch fish like crazy ! Habs beachmaster and mikes are imo the top 3 kings of the plug game.
  5. T man is a surf fisherman. Not a plug collector.
  6. Kids gunna be a wicked sharpie!
  7. I feel like killing a seal would be Very hard for me to do. They are kinda like dogs that live in the sea and they are extremely smart. This is coming from someone who lives a few miles away from the seal capital and competes with them all the time too. Many talk about clubbing them here but I don’t think I have it in me. Shur they eat some bass but that nature for ya.
  8. I’m not shur what ones are late or early. I just started buying habs about two years ago. I’m 27 years old and a total Nubie when it comes to habs and surf fishing... They are all beautiful tools in the surf tho no matter what. I just noticed that there seems to be 2 different 2oz SR versions, but They All sink fast and cast wicked far! I can control where they are in the water very well. Plus all the legends that have caught cows on them. Holy ****! I have also had some epic nights with them. I love them!
  9. I could imagine! I have a beautiful eel footer I got this winter. Can’t wait to throw it this spring! All I know is I have had about 20 has sr needles and half have and are different from the other half.
  10. Here is another example. Both sr
  11. All sr. Again it seems like there are two different versions. If I had to guess they both preform identical but I’m just curious about why......
  12. Out of all the habs needles I have half of them are different. Seems like there are two versions. One is a tiny bit longer with belly treble and weight positioned slightly higher
  13. To all the habs guys. What style / version do you prefer? Any difference you have noticed in swim/catch? Seems like there are two styles of the needles.(length , weight and belly hook placement).....
  14. Thanks for the wood and the work! Hopefully will be having lots of great days and nights in the surf with your guy’s plugs for many years to come! I’ve got a nice stash!
  15. Habs and yours I mean!