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  1. USA 200 still cracking then in. My favorite possession
  2. Plus canal fish don’t count.
  3. Problem with the canal is that it’s been way way to easy to catch and kill a monster bass. Last time I was there over the summer a old lady in a dress next to me caught and killed a 46 pound bass. Walking back too my car I must have seen over one hundred dead cow bass on the bike path. It really bummed me out. I don’t think I will ever fish there again. Too many kooks
  4. Dead fish don’t count!!!
  5. Fg all day.
  6. Sorry bro. Did not mean to offend you lol. I hope I did not ruin you night lol
  7. 160$ for all?
  8. I caught fish last season on a super strike needle fish worked like a pencil on top during the day. U can actually get them to dance back and forth pretty good. I’m shur wooden needles would be even better
  9. Thank thanks for the info!
  10. Legalize world wide. If marijuana smoking offends you then you have serious mental problems.
  11. Firstlight tackle jigs
  12. Great and helpful info. Thank you !
  13. Cape cod trout and herring eater. Early April
  14. Catch trout and catch trout eaters