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  1. Going to pass. Thanks for offering tho
  2. Preferably looking for a higher end bag. Thanks for the offer tho!
  3. I am going to pass. Looking for something nicer.......
  4. Post a picture if you can
  5. Actually If no one wants to trade within a few days I will contact you with a a$king price....
  6. Probably not. None of the 5 he made where ever sold so a price is hard to come up with. Would rather trade for another nice bag......
  7. This plug bag was made by a fella on here that goes by the name “numbskull”. 1 of 5 made. This bag was very well built with quality materials. Definitely a very unique and bulletproof bag. Fits lots of big plugs...... I would like to trade this for another plug bag preferably a 3 or 2 tube ( I don’t need to carry that many plugs).... will add cash on my end for something very nice if needed.
  8. Brand new mini Wadd. Any interest?
  9. I will buy the big blue habs
  10. Fishing
  11. What about the second pink.
  12. WTB Habs needles new or used.