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  1. As a follow up I ended up calling zeebaas.... left a message and about 10 minutes later I got a call back from Ron.... told me to send reel in and and they will figure it out this week. Impressive customer service. I also think it’s very cool to be able talk to the people who made your reel and also send your reel in to the same shop it was built.......
  2. Very nice of you. I will look into it and Mabey I will have my brother message you.
  3. Your the man! I won’t bother you on your camping trip. I’m going to call them tomorrow. Reel is on a cut down 1201L which I believe I’ve seen you post on here. Incredible combo! Hopefully I can get it sorted out because again I was really enjoying fishing it.....
  4. It’s a real shame because it’s a absolute joy to fish intill this happend. These where my fist fish on the reel also and fist fish of my season.......
  5. Having problem with my zx22. Operates great until I set the hook on a fish. Last night Right when I set the hook It immediately locked up, took some force to crank handle free and made a popping noise..... after that cranked fish in totally fine. Today I set the hook on another fish and it made a crazy clicking noise.... sounded and felt like the gear was skipping or something.... cranked that fish in fine after the initial hook set too. Happend on another fish too. Again operates absolutely flawless expect for when I set the hook. All fish where like 20”ers. Any ideas??????
  6. Can’t wait for stripers to show up!
  7. I’m definitely gunna once I take some pliers to that swivel. Or Mabey the young plug god TMaN can rewire it for me....
  8. It’s a sick freaking plug! Cowboy jr painted up kinda like a cow. I’ve done well on a different color one. I just thought this was so cool. Just such a buzz kill when I say no swivel hangin down lol
  9. I still love beachmasters. I’m just fing pissed! Bobby u betta get ya shiiiiit together!
  10. True. I got it online so did not get to examine the plug. I’m just saying. Your all exited to get a cool plug in the mail and you get it and you can even hang a damn hook from it?!?! I’m a fan of Bm but I just don’t understand why a plug like this would even leave the BM shop. I’ve had multiple like this.
  11. I just don’t understand why the builder would put out a plug like that??? For like 50 clams too.
  12. I don’t understand the love for beachmaster. I think many of them are junk.... look at this cowboy I just got. You can’t even hang a hook on it lol. Not the first one I’ve gotten like that either..... what a hack job.....
  13. Recently got this commando belt pouch. Fits a Plano waterproof case perfect that will hold some some cigars, my phone and Mabey a few nips perfectly!
  14. Bass ass purp Mack color on it