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  1. Okay, much helpful info from everyone and I thank you. This is a new adventure for me so I'm trying to get it right while being on a tight budget. I have another question about scupper kayak carts. I've seen these range from $59.00 well into the mid $100.00. is this an area where I can cut back on cost and will the less expensive ones still get me from the car to the water without issues and are they all pretty much universal fitting "adjustable"?
  2. oceanAddict, loading or loaded? Haha! Anyway thanks for the info about your Predator. There is no way I'd enjoy lugging that weight around even with a cart. Just to heavy for me from what you describe. Buying new. Lifetime warranty on the boat, 4 or 5 year on the drive.
  3. Hi folks, much needed fishing Kayak info needed here. I've never been on a kayak, but love to striper fish and can only do it from land. I've seen so many areas I'd love to fish, but can only reach them from a kayak so I'm biting the bullet and will be getting one in the next few weeks. I think I like the Old Town Topwater 10.6 PDL series. At $1.999.95 I can afford it. It weighs about 70lbs stripped down which is something I like. I'm 63, 5'6" and about 155lbs so dealing with anything heavier than that could be a nightmare for me. I just got off the phone with Old Town and they told me for the fishing I want to do I probably should step up to the Predator because it handles better in chop, current, wind than the Topwater does. They also said the Topwater is more for fishing lakes, ponds with not much chop or wind. The Predator is so much more money than I want to spend. So I guess I'm hoping maybe someone here might have experience on a Topwater PDL and could tell me the pros and cons. I wouldn't be using it to fish in the ocean, but I was hoping I could use it in the bays, rivers, marshes and estuaries and I know that even in those areas at times there is current, wind and chop. Is Topwater a good Kayak for this type of fishing? Thanks in advance for any info you might share with me.
  4. Sweetwater, yes it looks exactly like the material the line guides are on the rod.
  5. The line guide is a gray plastic and inside the line guide is black plastic or what pretty much seems to be plastic. I took the reel to Bass Pro today to match up other saltwater reel line guides and they are all what seems to be metal. None are plastic. That's why now I'm just trying to get info on the furthest casting mono.
  6. Nevermind, I just checked and the inside of the levelwind is made of plastic. Braid would eat that up in no time. Guess I'm back to mono. Farthest casting mono anybody ?
  7. Roddy, I have a question. I've never used braid on a conventional so I was wondering if the braid cuts your thumb when you're in a cast and you're thumbing the line to prevent a backlash? I know when I use mono my thumb is always touching the line on a cast. Just wondering if it's a big deal or not. Thanks
  8. Not sure how long braid "Fireline, Suffix, Power Pro" has been out, but my Shimano Calcutta 251 is an old reel. Does anyone know if the plastic guide on the levelwind is going to get eaten up from the braid or if it was made for braid application?
  9. Thanks Sweetwater.
  10. Tailslap, I have a question. In your opinion does #50 braid cast further than #12 or #14 mono? If not, then I gain nothing by switching to braid except the lack of stretch which I like.
  11. Damn it fishhappy, you're right. Now it's all coming back to me. This Shimano is my first and only baitcaster and when I started getting the hang of it many years ago I decided to change to a lighter mono. Not sure what strength but probably close to a #8 or maybe a #10 and my line kept getting snagged in that space between the spool and frame. That's when I may have gone up to a #15 and that took care of that problem, but created another by the lack of line I was able to get on that spool. Looks like I'm back to square one, but thanks for reminding me about this.
  12. Sweetwater, so far today I've heard a few times in this post good reviews about Fireline. I'm probably going to give it a try and see for myself how well it works for my set up. I would think #10 would give me a little over 200 yds on that reel which should be fine for the surf. Is the breaking strength more than say 15 lb test mono?
  13. MaxKatt, yeah that's what I'm thinking. I've never noticed my fluorocarbon leader having any effect on any top water I throw. Sometimes "like today" I think I over think things. I've been using the Vanish for my leaders for the past couple of years. Not one complaint.
  14. ThrowinPlugs, I use mono when chunking.
  15. Okay, here's another thought... How much does fluorocarbon, because it sinks actually effect the action of a top water bait like spooks that needs to be on top of the water compared to mono which floats? I've caught a lot of stripers on top using fluorocarbon and to be honest I've had a lot of slow days using it as well. Just talking top water. I mean how much can a 3 foot, 20lb test fluorocarbon leader keep a spook type bait from staying on top? Yet, I'm always hearing about how it effects the bait's action.