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  1. I think I located the boat ramp on the North side of the river using Google Earth, but it doesn't look like there's parking for a car and trailer there. It also looks like the closest you can get to the dam on foot is at the boat ramp.
  2. Wow! Really? Nevermind I'm good. Just was trying to find a few different spots without getting mugged. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Wow! Really? Nevermind I'm good. Just was trying to find a few different spots without getting mugged. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. I'm from Southeast Mass and every year I hear about big stripers making their way up to the Lawrence dam gorging themselves on shad, herring and alewives. I've Google Earth this area and have zoomed in to see any access point that I could give it a try, but just can't see where to get close to the dam. I'm going to take a ride there this week and was hoping for any information as to where I can get a few casts in. Thanks
  5. Such helpful information. Thank you all.
  6. I need some advice about the use of a tube lure. I recently bought my first kayak so I'm new to kayak fishing. I'm going to stay inshore and not venture out into the ocean. Mostly tidal rivers and bays like the York river in Maine and close to the shore in Great Bay. So I've noticed from videos kayak fishermen catching some nice stripers trolling a tube lure, but they seem to be in the ocean. Since I'm a newbie at this I was wondering if any of you have had any luck trolling these inside or if they are mostly for ocean use. Thanks
  7. Riddler, check this out. My 3rd trip to the lake and I push off the shore and get about 20 feet out and I have no steering. Paddled back in to see what's wrong and the plastic "whatever" holding one of the steering cables is gone. 40 mile drive to the lake and I've got to turn around. Called Old Town and they are mailing me another. Brand new boat and this happens. Anyway, I still like it and so doesn't everyone else.
  8. Nice catch. What did you get that one on? Tried zooming in, but still couldn't tell.
  9. Jump on it. So far I like it. A little heavy for me when I put it on the roof racks so I'm in the market for a small trailer.
  10. Best I could do was $1799.00 in Salem, NH.
  11. Thanks for the heads up Riddler. Hopefully I'll stay dry.
  12. It does seem to be very sturdy. I like that.
  13. I took mine out yesterday for the first time with no wind or chop and all went well. At the end of the day on my way back to the launch it got windy and choppy, but all went well. It is a tug for sure. I have never been on a kayak so I have no clue what it's like to be sitting high or sitting low. Probably a good thing. I found the hight to be no probably. Hope to it stays that way.