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  1. Riddler, check this out. My 3rd trip to the lake and I push off the shore and get about 20 feet out and I have no steering. Paddled back in to see what's wrong and the plastic "whatever" holding one of the steering cables is gone. 40 mile drive to the lake and I've got to turn around. Called Old Town and they are mailing me another. Brand new boat and this happens. Anyway, I still like it and so doesn't everyone else.
  2. Nice catch. What did you get that one on? Tried zooming in, but still couldn't tell.
  3. Jump on it. So far I like it. A little heavy for me when I put it on the roof racks so I'm in the market for a small trailer.
  4. Best I could do was $1799.00 in Salem, NH.
  5. Thanks for the heads up Riddler. Hopefully I'll stay dry.
  6. It does seem to be very sturdy. I like that.
  7. I took mine out yesterday for the first time with no wind or chop and all went well. At the end of the day on my way back to the launch it got windy and choppy, but all went well. It is a tug for sure. I have never been on a kayak so I have no clue what it's like to be sitting high or sitting low. Probably a good thing. I found the hight to be no probably. Hope to it stays that way.
  8. There's an area under my seat where I'm sure would stay under the water line that I might do the duct seal application.
  9. Yes duct seal. I've seen videos of others doing it that way. I think I might go that route and if I do find a smaller bracket down the road and can always change it out. Which ever way I still only have to drill one hole in the boat for wires. Plus, I still have about another month before I'm probably out on the water so no rush.
  10. Bulky? They could've used it on the Titanic. I don't think I'd be comfortable drilling holes through my transducer. Wouldn't that ruin it's performance? I'm going to try to find a bracket like you have on your OT. That one is perfect. Although, I did see an alternative mounting solution on YouTube last night using 2 strong magnets. The 1st magnet you put inside the hull and the 2nd magnet on the outside of the hull both under the water line. The outside magnet has what looks like a universal mounting transducer bracket built into the magnet that looks like it would except my transducer. There's only one catch. The guy is selling them for $87 a piece and money is tight right now after buying the kayak, rod holders, Garmin, roof rack, etc.
  11. Thanks Riddler, I know you're trying to help. The bracket I have won't allow me to to mount it upside down because it's to large and the transducer won't fit. I'm going to check and see if Garmin or someone makes a bracket that is smaller so I can do it like you did yours.
  12. The bracket! have is for a transom mount. It large and looks nothing like yours. It doesn't work if I want to mount it ahead of the PDL. I'll go take a couple pictures and show you.
  13. I should've thrown it in the trash but I still have it. It's useless if I want to mount it where you did.
  14. That's where I originally wanted to mount it but the Garmin bracket puts the transducer below the hull. In this picture it's tucked up nicely away from anything that could hit it. I wish I could do it like that.