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  1. Makes no sense at all does it?
  2. Yeah, those are floaters. I use the 10 inch swimmerz by Zman. No paddle tail just a straight tail. Looks like a 10 inch eel or sluggo only a little thicker than a sluggo. Caught a few with it. Awesome action when you get it moving by twitching your rod tip. Kinda like how you'd work a spook.
  3. I've seen the Zman 8 inch mag swimmer at a tackle shop last summer. Looks like a good size bait. I'm guessing this plastic one floats since all my other Zmans do. So my question is, do you fish it with jig head or a no weight swimbait hook or a weighted swimbait hook? Thanks
  4. What do you use for a jig head?
  5. Thanks.
  6. Where can I find the 6 inch sea shad in that color? I went to Bass Pro this morning and they don't have them in that size or color. They only had 5 and 7 inch and nothing close to that color.
  7. I would assume there are a few, but not like they have them 4 or 5 hours south of here. The rivers up here freeze solid once winter arrives. I've heard a few guys saying they're still picking off a few small ones lately but it's pretty slow right now.
  8. Wow! You ain't kidding. What color bomber? I'm guessing black?
  9. Because I live in NH and the fall run is pretty much over. The don't show up again until mid May. I'll be loaded for bear by then.
  10. Well, after listening to you guys it didn't take me long to put some yard work on the back burner and pick me up one at Bass Pro. I've got about a 6 month wait until I'll get to use it, but I'm already excited reading what you guys are saying and knowing I've got one. Thanks for the info.
  11. So you got a free Red Fin and an ice cream connection. Not a bad deal. I'm out 8 bucks, but I get to stare at my new lures for another 6 months.
  12. Well, I just pulled in Bass Pro and picked up a 1oz chrome and blue Red Fin. Mid May can't come soon enough. Thanks
  13. It sounds it.
  14. Are those Red Fins really any good? To me they look like one of the most useless lures on the shelf. But, some of you guys are doing well with them. Anyway, maybe I should pick me up one.
  15. Blurple SP's? I've been wanting to add Blurple to my bag, but can't find it anywhere although I may have seen it many times. Is the blurple color just the one that says black and purple?