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  1. Thanks again Mark, enjoy the new fly rod
  2. Colton Tradewinds XS 10wt...9' 4 piece rod, includes rod sock and tube. In good shape, used a couple times but mostly a backup rod. Great rod but I have too many 10wts $150 shipped
  3. Bump...dropping prices by $5 for each line Wulff Triangle Taper Mono clear intermediate, 10wt, new - $50 shipped Rio Outbound Short WF10I, green/clear; new - $ 50 shipped Hatch Tropical Intermediate WF11, new - $ 35 shipped Hatch Tropical Intermediate WF10, used once - $ 29 shipped Cortland WF10I, new - $ 25 shipped Rio Aqualux WF11I, used, light cracking but usable - $17 shipped Scientific anglers amplitude creek trout WF4F, used - $ 29 shipped
  4. Wulff Triangle Taper Mono clear intermediate, 10wt, new - $55 shipped Rio Outbound Short WF10I, green/clear; new - $ 55 shipped Hatch Tropical Intermediate WF11, new - $ 40 shipped Hatch Tropical Intermediate WF10, used once - $ 34 shipped Cortland WF10I, new - $ 30 shipped Rio Aqualux WF11I, used, light cracking but usable - $22 shipped Scientific anglers amplitude creek trout WF4F, used - $ 34 shipped
  5. You got it. I'll pm you with PayPal details
  6. Teton Tioga 10 fly reel, used but good shape. Backing and Wulf Triangle taper 9wt intermediate fly line included. $ 140 shipped PayPal
  7. I use a Colton CRG II for smallmouth, no complaints. Some of the Allen reels are nice, although I don't think they currently make the Trout series.
  8. That works for me. I will PM you the address. I'll package it up tomorrow and then send it out once the money comes in if that is ok with you
  9. No problem, thanks! Dropping the price to $ 125 shipped
  10. I measured the spool...the specs I posted above are close. Actual spool diameter is around 3 5/8" width is 1 3/8" or so but the actual surface width is around 1.2"
  11. Yeah I'll measure when I get home this afternoon but I think Magnum was the large arbor version. From a google search specs should be 3.75" diameter and 1.2" wide but I'll let you know for sure
  12. Sight fishing bigger bluefish on top water earlier this on the way home...and a bass off a bulkhead
  13. I'm in, thanks Drew
  14. Couple albies from a trip last week
  15. I have one of the maxcatch predator rods in a 10wt as a cheap backup rod...I bought it 4 years ago or so so it may be different now. No issues casting or fighting fish. The reel seat and guides are definitely not the best...cork isn't too bad considering how cheap the rod was.
  16. Yeah...its not ideal as far as managing the fly line in the kayak, but it definitely gets me into more fish (even though kayak fish probably don't count )
  17. Spent a week on vacation in south Jersey...plenty of bass, both on foot and in the kayak. Good amount of weakfish (nothing huge, probably all 16 to 20") and bluefish. Tried getting my daughter on some snapper blues but they weren't cooperating
  18. First fish on the two hand rod...and a few other decent fish on the single hand rod
  19. You can usually find some on the auction site. I picked up a few recently. There was a shop selling 460gr airflo intermediate shooting heads, think they were around $15. Like Herb said, wulff has the Ambush in higher weights. You're right though, I was looking for shooting heads to try out recently and I wasn't seeing much in the higher weights Hardy has one...Rocket head system. 37' I think, plus extra tips. I know Streams of Dreams fly shop had them...I bought one recently and they shipped me the wrong one, which was 417 gr.
  20. As far south as Cape may...I usually fish between LBI and Cape may county. I have a 6wt BVK that I use for freshwater...I think I have one of those cheap Outbound short lines in a 6wt. I can see how the BVK handles that.
  21. Not sure what area you usually fish...or how soon you're looking to get a new line. I fish south Jersey a good bit and have an 8wt Outbound short intermediate you could try but not sure on my schedule. Theres also a guy on the auction site selling a bunch of Outbound short lines. I bought a few off him last month (actually bought that 8wt line from there) Alternatively, you can get a knock off Outbound short on the auction site too...think they go for like 20 each. You could probably try a 7 and an 8 and then pick one. If I remember right, they were only floating lines, but maybe a good way to decide before dropping the money on a Rio
  22. Couple kayak fish from last night...was pretty excited to catch a few weakfish.
  23. All lines sold and shipped out...thanks SOL
  24. Rio Outbound Short WF9I; clear head. No front loops. Both are used, one has a spot where its missing a bit of coating on the running line from a snag (core isn't exposed). $ 25 shipped for the first one, $20 shipped for the one with the issue mentioned above Rio Outbound short WF8I...used probably 5 times, great shape...$40 shipped Cabela's WF10F/, $25 shipped Cabela's 400gr Sink tip...floating running line, 8 to 9 ips sink tip. New, $25 shipped