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  1. Brian mentioned Great Outdoor Provision Company in Raleigh...I stopped there a few times and I thought they had a better selection of flies that would work for redfish compared to Bass Pro. If you go there, the Flying Biscuit Café is just around the corner in the same complex, good food and bloody Mary's. If you make it to the Wilmington area, Intracoastal Angler has a decent selection of fly stuff and are pretty knowledgeable. Most of the flies I've used haven't been huge, at least for fishing in the back bays. Size 2 or 4 clousers worked and shrimp flies. This isn't my fly, but I've tied some similar to this and they work well. Pretty simple to tie. Sometimes I'll tie them with a lot more flash in the tail (copper/gold)
  2. My uncle lives pretty close to Raleigh, I'm down there once or twice a year. A lot of great breweries and restaurants. Wilmington area beaches are 2.5 hours or less, an easy drive on I-40. I've fished the surf there a bit...other than a few bluefish haven't had much luck. The better fly fishing is in the back bays (out front on a boat/kayak is good too). I can give you a few places to check out on foot once you have PM access, but a kayak/small boat gives you a lot more opportunities. One day soon I'd like to do Cape Lookout in the fall. I'd recommend checking that out as well. If you can, a few guided trips would be good as well. As mentioned, Brian and Sarah in Cape Lookout/OBX, and there are a few in the Wilmington Area. I usually fish with Allen Cain (Sightfish NC), but there are a few others as well that are good.
  3. Where in NC are you located? I've fished southern NC a bit (Wilmington area)
  4. Selecting bucktails/trimming to get the fibers you want also plays into how the fly turns out. I prefer tying clousers with bucktails that have softer fibers. Some I've used were just too stiff and I couldn't get the fly to turn out nice no matter what I did. My clousers still don't look nearly as nice as Stonefish's, but they're getting better. Bears Den should be able to hook you up with quality bucktail if you don't already shop there. Even ordering online, they have been great about selecting bucktails if you tell them what you're looking for.
  5. From the reels I've used, I would suggest Danielsson or Colton. I like my Allen reels also, but I think if I had to choose one of the 3 I mentioned, it would be the Colton Terrapin. If you have an issue, they are in PA and should be able to take care of you probably faster than Danielsson would since they are not in the US. I use all of my sealed reels in the surf, but I service them regularly and try not to keep them submerged for too long.
  6. I have a cheap-ish board from Amazon. It's a Z-RAY FS7 11' inflatable. I'm not even sure if they still make it, but it's way nicer than I thought it would be. It seems pretty tough, but I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable beating it up off some rocks. I mainly got the inflatable since it was more convenient...I really enjoy fishing off of it, but if it's choppy/windy, I prefer the kayak. I think for fishing out front I would prefer a board like the Botes posted above. Here's the Amazon picture, I don't have many pics of it. I bought a 12V compressor to replace the manual air pump, definitely saves a lot of work.
  7. I've never cast a Helios 1, but the 10wt Airflo is 400gr I think, so you may find that the 10wt line would be too heavy. I agree with BFD though, fishing the 9wt line first before buying anything else is a good idea.
  8. Thanks - I used paint markers from the craft store. I bought an assortment, the stores around here (Michael's/AC Moore) usually run a sale of half off a regular priced item every few weeks, so they were pretty cheap. They seem like they should work well, but I guess I'll see how they actually hold up in the salt. Yeah, gator blues and I'll toss them for stripers too (if the bluefish don't shred them first). These were all tied on 3/0 Gamakatsu hooks, but I think I'm going to do a few more once I get some larger hooks.
  9. I've been snowboarding most weekends (although rather be fishing if I could)...otherwise I have been tying flies and trying to stop my 1 year old from destroying the house You could always fish for trout...I was planning on doing that this winter but still haven't gotten around to it.
  10. My local shop (TCO fly shop) is good. Otherwise I buy from bears den or FlyFishSD (free shipping at 30 bucks and they ship fast)
  11. Just did a run to the fly shop so I should be good for some flies. I already have some tied up so I'll donate some of those if I don't get enough completed on time
  12. Might be a dumb question but...60 each or for all 3?
  13. Dont mean to hijack show in Lancaster PA? I thought that was in March unless that's a different one
  14. What's your budget? Orvis Clearwater reels look decent and are cheap, but I haven't used one so I can't comment on durability. Ross Cimarron 2's are on closeout most places and can be had for $ 150...I picked one up for my 8wt.