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  1. Larger half and halfs is what I usually use...I've been tying them with a long craft fur tail in pink and white instead of the usual saddle hackles...then white and chartreuse bucktail. I picked up this craft fur made by Fair Flies, that is much longer than usual craft fur and great to tie with
  2. Yeah, I have the S3/5/7 and I/S3/S5. Both cast nicely in my opinion and connection to the fly seems good. I'm not sure on the sink rate, but based on the experience with the Titan intermediate lines, that may be correct. I know the intermediate lines at 1.25ips or whatever they are sink much slower than the other intermediates I have (Rio and Airflo) with a 1.5-2ips sink rate.
  3. I really like the SA Sharkwave Saltwater has a 38' head I think. I have one of the Titan lines with the 33' head too in a floater (and also one each of intermediate, sink 5 and sink 7), which works great on the faster rods
  4. Where are you located? I'm not sure these will work for what you're looking for, but I still have if you're local or want to meet up (I'm in 19608)
  5. adding Salt Life stickers would make it go faster too I bet (just kidding, don't do that thaistick) Your setup is awesome you have me trying to figure out how to add a trolling motor to my iSUP. I love fishing off of it, but I rarely take it in the salt just because my kayak is much more efficient to paddle...trolling motor would make things much easier
  6. Thanks! It turned out better than I expected. I found some plans online...they were pretty vague instructions, but they listed measurements for cutting all the pieces, which was all I really needed
  7. Thanks, I put down rubber mulch in spots to hopefully minimize some of the injuries. She's already faceplanted off the swings a few times.
  8. Built my daughter a little playground has a sandbox underneath and the playhouse itself is big enough for me to hang out and have a beer while I hide from the wife
  9. Couple from this past week...first striper of the year for me Added a Bote rack to my SUP and added a rod holder, paddle holder, and cupholder Fished a pond near my work for a bit on lunch and caught some sunnies.
  10. Ok...PM incoming with PayPal details
  11. I don't want to go that low. How about $ 38 shipped? I'm covering PayPal fees and shipping
  12. Rio and Scientific Anglers lines are sold - thanks! Orvis Depth Charge is still available.
  13. Also here are the pics...
  14. That will work. I'll PM you.
  15. NRS makes good stuff and they sent me a flyer that they were having a sale...not sure when it's until, or if those are included. I have Hodgman wading socks, but I think they're thicker than what you're looking for. They were cheap and I like them for a similar purpose to what you are looking for (wearing wading boots without waders)