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  1. It can be effective especially in low light or dirty water. I was just doing that this morning with a double barrel popper and a clouser. Probably not as effective in the surf, I was doing it in an inlet
  2. If you're impressed with it, that's all that matters. I have a couple OBS lines (and an Airflo Sniper, and a few SA Titans). They work well for some of my rods, cast like crap on others (slower action rods). For fishing off the SUP/kayak, I find they work well. I've had some tangling issues, but not terrible compared to some lines.
  3. Ok - I'll PM with payment details
  4. If you're looking for a shorter head line, I like the Scientific Anglers Titan. Sierra Trading had them pretty cheap last time I looked.
  5. All lines sold except the Scientific Anglers WF10F: Scientific Anglers Saltwater taper, sharkskin...WF10F- $ 25 shipped 350gr, 38' head...
  6. That works I'll PM in a bit with payment details
  7. Sounds good, I'll PM you with the payment details
  8. The first 4 lines are used but in good shape. The Airflo has never been casted...I think it's an older line that was discontinued Scientific Anglers Saltwater taper, sharkskin...WF10F- $ 25 shipped Scientific Anglers Striped bass WF9S - 1.5-2IPS sink rate - $ 25 shipped Cortland Quick Descent Sink Tip, 325 grain - $ 20 shipped Rio Outbound Saltwater WF8F - $ 30 shipped Airflo Multi Tip WF8 - includes clear intermediate head, sink 3, and sink 7 - $ 30 shipped
  9. Sierra Trading Post usually has some decent deals...I picked up a pair of Costa's there for under $ 100 (they're usually the 400g lens, not the more expensive ones) and also a pair of Smith's that I use for lower light fishing.
  10. Yeah, I definitely make sure to coat the threads over top of the dumbbell, because once they start fraying, you're a lot more likely to loose the dumbbell. I add a bit of head cement behind the dumbbell, as well as between the dumbbell and hook eye.
  11. I don't have any pictures of tying with the bucktail behind the eyes, if I have time this weekend, I can tie some up. What are you using for a head cement? In your pic, the top clouser doesn't look like it had much head cement on it. I use Loon Hardhead, but I know there are plenty of other options. A few coats of that should help durability as well.
  12. I second the Real Eyes. You can find similar generic ones on the auction site, or you can also buy them from Allen Fly Fishing. I rarely have issues with losing the eyes, unless I hit something with the back cast or a fish tears it apart. I tie them both ways (tying the belly over the eyes, and tying it behind the eyes). For tying the bucktail over the eyes, a good amount of figure 8 wraps, along with several wraps behind and in front of the eyes to keep it in place. Watching some youtube videos may help get you some ideas.
  13. This thread made me laugh. I get the same complaints from my wife. We have a 21 month old daughter who has way too much energy. She behaves much worse for my wife than for me since she knows my wife gets frustrated when she doesn't listen (smart kid).
  14. I've visited Steamboat quite a few times and have yet to fish the Yampa...hopefully next time I'm there. This was the first time I've brought the fly rod to CO with me. Steamboat is a cool town though, my buddy has lived there for 7 or 8 years
  15. I have an Outbound short WF9I/S6 (375 grain), lightly used...35 shipped Also a Cortland quick descent 5.5IPS sink rate/intermediate running line, 325gr - $ 20 shipped If you're looking for 350gr, sounds like Kirona has you covered.