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  1. I’ve done well with the Tady 45 in the scrambled egg color. You can bomb them and they flutter just below the surface like a Kastmaster but with a much bigger profile.
  2. $500 shipped?
  3. That made me puke. I like them if they’re smoked.
  4. As long as your family is happy then I don’t see why you can’t treat yourself.
  5. Good idea!
  6. Tuna seabass haddock
  7. 8’ lami GLB is a great rod for plugging.
  8. He’ll be back. I give him a year
  9. Thanks man it's a great rod and I love the moderate action on it!
  10. She works just fine
  11. Abu garcia ambassadors are by far the best casting and most reliable. If you fish hard those plastic reels aren't going to last.
  12. Great rods all good reviews I have seen on it. Good luck with it Mr Downs maybe I can try it out when I come on your boat next year.
  13. Marty you know its Zak right lol. I told you to get that cousins rod. I have the same rod they are awesome that 11" L
  14. $460 and yes but feels like a one and doesn't turn at all like other two PC's
  15. Vs300 with Ron Arra cousins 11' 1-5oz rating