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  1. 7'6" Start Stellar Lite one piece surf rod matched with a VR-50. Buy an extra spool and you are all set for heavy and light. If you don't want to do that, throw some 20 pound braid on it and you'll be fine. Are you going to be able to land a 40# bass in heavy current? Probably not...but its not impossible.
  2. Came across this today. The Barb Buddy-It sits on top of a five gallon bucket. There is then a lid that goes over it as well. Barb Buddy fits on standard 3 gl. to 6.5 gl. buckets Stops tangled rigs Prevents rusty hooks Easily clean all your rigs at once – Simply rinse and hang to dry Safe storage system – Hook holes lock barbs into place so you can safely reach in Convenient – Hold up to 60 hooks, from big game Ballyhoo, saltwater lures, and heavy rigs to small circle hooks for Billfish Space efficient storage system – Easily hang up to 6 Barb Buddy rigging lids on the back of a door (up to 360 rigs) Suitable for all types of fishing – Made from durable materials for use in deep sea, pier, inshore, or fresh water fishing
  3. Agreed-fish will hit the rear……. That said, the back hook tends to be the one that causes damage/has the potential to injure fish. I’d rather miss a fish here and there than badly injure one.
  4. Flag or worm weigh (one hook solution) depending on whether they need any weight on the back. I try to avoid rear hooks as much as possible. An added bonus is you you can squeeze then in your bag on the outside of the tubes without a rear hook.
  5. Yes-the one in my mouth is white. The yellow one is red. Its actually a white light with red tail light tape over the lens. Great stuff, you can use it to make any white light a red light
  6. Penn Z -hands down.
  7. Not really an issue. Just nice to be able to keep the light around my neck and have it stay aimed where I want. Also, its hard to talk with a light in your mouth ;-)
  8. I carry two neck lights. A white light that is on surgical tubing (the one in my mouth) and a red light on electrical wire. The wire is great as you can aim the light and you don't have to use your mouth. Its the light i use 95% of the time. I only use the white light when I have to (removing a deep hook, getting off a dicey rock into deep water, etc.).
  9. The green eyed needles sink-just not as fast. The green eyed poppers float
  10. Hey-thanks. I'll keep this in mind if no one has an XS
  11. Looking for a 10wt Colton Tradewinds XS to pair with a terrapin 1012. Anyone have one they are looking to sell?
  12. What's a bucktail?
  13. I bought my bag I don't know. I think its on the facebook order page, though.