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  1. Uni to uni improved clinch
  2. How do you rig the drail? Braid—>swivel —>leader —> drail—> leader with hook?
  3. The best way to learn is to go out there and fish. Take note of everything around attention to what other people are doing. Over time you will find what works for you in the areas you are fishing. Read as much as you can, watch videos, talk to other fisherman and over time, you will begin to figure things out and catch fish. All the advise above is great. I would also suggest you go on youtube and search "surfcasting 101". Good luck!
  4. Was fishing my VR 50 this past weekend for albies. Was distraught/upset when I started to hear a squeaking noise during the retrieve. Thought it was coming from the bearing where the handle meets the knob. The squeaking was intermittent...I tried reeling in quickly....then slowly but there was no rhyme or reason to the cause/source. Eventually, I realized that the reel was not squeaking....but that the noise was the wind whistling through the holes in the rotor/spool. Felt like a dumb-ass...but glad it was not an issue with the reel.
  5. Just saw this on another site. A chance to get involved....... From Ross Squire : I received some troubling news that Capt. John McMurray had been relieved of his duties as the ASMFC Legislative Proxy for Sen. Boyle. This is a huge blow for conservation minded recreational anglers. NY has three representatives on the ASMFC and John was often the voice of reason and did an incredible job looking out for the health of striped bass and other fisheries. While a charter boat captain himself, John recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy striped bass fishery. In many, many instances John was the tie-breaking vote that had NY vote for conservation minded regulations. What we learned is that the NY Recreational & For-Hire Fishing Alliance had a meeting with Senator Boyle and were instrumental in having John removed as the Proxy. Your help is needed. Having NY’s vote go the way of the commercial and for-hire sector would be very bad for striped bass. Senator Boyle has agreed to meet with us on Wednesday, October 17th at 7PM at the Babylon Library – 24 Carll Ave, Babylon. The room holds about 25 people. The meeting should not run for more than an hour or two. We held a similar meeting with Senator Boyle a couple of years ago and it was very successful. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. THANKS! Ross Squire
  6. There is no beach that you can drive on in Orient. I believe you have to go in person to the Southold Town clerk's office (on Rt. 25 in Southold) to get permits-at least that's what I do.
  7. Great plug in shallow water and around rocks/boulders. I have caught on one with a straight retreive, with occasional twitches, and with a jerk and stop retrieve. I fish it similarly to the way I would fish a suspending stick shad.
  8. I’m in. Thanks!
  9. I'm not necessarily trying to match the hatch. Its more about finding what the albies will hit. I have had outings where they will hit almost anything thrown at them that has some shine or moves like bait. Other times, I've been in situations where the fish are all around me and no matter what I throw-they are not interested. It is for this type of situation that I intend to use the casting egg. If they are there, and I'm not catching on an epoxy jig, deadly dick or a white slug-go, zoom fluke or albie snack, its nice to have another option. Sometimes, nothing works.....sometimes anything does.
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. I’m in Orient and agree 100%. During the lavender bloom- I make a point of not going west of the causeway during the day. Parking in Greenport is such a chit show, I make a point of going to town early in the morning to avoid the insanity. This time of year, with the Pumpkin and Apple pickers, you can’t drive west of Mattituck in either direction during daylight hours without sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Yeah-it stinks, but there are still few places I would rather be spending my time with family and friends and of course, fishing.On the bright side, the lavender bloom seemed to end earlier this year and they have opened another farm in Riverhead near Splish Splash. Hopefully, this reduces the congestion a bit as it is a shorter trip from Queens to Riverhead than it is to East Marion. Long gone are the days of potato fields as far as the eye can see and Peconic Bay scallops (in numbers). It is my sincere hope that in the future, I am not lamenting the loss striped bass population like I currently do with the winter flounder.
  12. Casting bubble seems to be the same principle as the egg-thanks. What about speed/action of retrieve?
  13. Have always used deadly dicks, small metals and more recently epoxy jigs for albies. Have been successful, but as we all know sometimes they get finicky and I would like to be able to throw a fly or teaser. Seems like a casting egg is a good way to make this presentation. Wondering about optimal rigging and retrieve speed. How much leader material from the egg to the fly do you use? Is it still a fast retrieve like you would use with a metal or epoxy jig-or do you slow it down? Do you add any twitches or pauses to your retrieve?
  14. Hopefully, if the albie action slows down people will stop coming. Also, I blame a recent celebrity fisherman moving to our area (and writing/posting videos about it) as a big part of why so many people have started showing up the past couple of years. It doesn't help that the bass bite has slowed down in Montauk and the albies (until this past weekend) were around in good numbers close to shore. Add the pumpkin/apple picking traffic and the ferry traffic to the list, and the area is getting overrun. If this keeps up, access will continue to restricted/locked down. That said, I fished 3 "well known" spots late on Saturday night and at one, it was just me and the person I was fishing with there, at the second, there was one other guy out there fishing (and he arrived via bike) and at the third it was me and a couple of other "regulars". As mentioned earlier.....lots of guys "chasing albies" sitting in/standing by their vehicles with fancy bags, VS pliers and 60lb bogas, staring through binoculars. Yes, there are a good amount of hard-core guys out there putting in the work, trying to get fish.....but there are also a bunch of folks out there looking to show off their gear and pretend to fish. If all those guys went home-we would be better off.