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  1. Fantastic!!!!
  2. Check out what happens 7:30 into this video......I've lost fish on these and on the type the OP shows....(either opening or bending out). Have yet to have a TA or TA style clip fail on me.
  3. I picked up a couple of packs yesterday as well. Worried that this may be one of those products that is better at catching the fisherman than the fish. That said, I can imagine drifting these is current the way you would a bucktail. Durability may be an issue.
  4. Anyone fished these?
  5. 1 oz white bucktail with a white split tail jig strip.
  6. Don’t really need one-but at that price I had no choice but to pick one up
  7. I was out wet suiting on the North Fork one night this summer. Guy next to me had a bass on a stringer that he had decided to bleed out in the water (not a good idea!). All of a sudden there was a big splash and two dorsal fins protruding from the water right in front of him. Turned out to be two 6-7' sand tiger sharks going after the bleeding bass. The guy with the fish gave one a shot in the nose with the but of his rod.... and they backed off. I had been standing in water on a submerged rock about knee deep. As soon as I realized what was happening, I scurried up to a higher rock. Scared me to high heaven....but, I was out at the same spot the next night.
  8. Are Dragontails still available? Where/how do you purchase?
  9. 9'6" Black Hole Suzuki
  10. Count me in as well.
  11. I use old school case logic style CD wallets with a paper or cardboard divider in each pouch so I can double up. It’s nice to be able to page through the binder and chose the rig I want to use then close it up and put it away. I try and find the ones that use Velcro closures and not zippers.
  12. I’m counting on finding one on the cheap when Mr. T has his yard sale.
  13. There is a spot/point that I like to fish in the Spring that has a piling/channel marker at 12 o'clock . The area has a lot of current and people often get their bucktails and plugs hung up on the marker. It is not reachable from shore.....but can be accessed by boat. I often stop there on my boat on my way out of my marina and harvest what I find on that piling. Its good for at least 10 bucktails per year....I've also grabbed a mag darter, a bomber, swim shads, and some jig heads with various soft plastics from that piling. I have to admit a few of the bucktails I harvest each year are ones I have lost to the piling while fishing the spot at night.
  14. Cool-I have a few bunches of this that I got an estate sale. Never used it as I usually tie with natural deer tails. That said, its going to be a long winter-so I'll give the fishair a try. Thanks!