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  1. Possibly interested in the Genesis. Was is built for a specific reel? If not, what did you have it paired with? Are you ever in NYC? Thanks
  2. Would you do $25 immediate PayPal?
  3. Purchased a 705Z yesterday at a tag sale. Was breaking it down to clean up and lube and one of the bail assembly screws snapped of at the head in the rotor. Never had this happen before. Can I drill out...or is there another way to get it out without damaging the threads? Maybe its a lost cause at this point and I’m better off just finding a new rotor?
  4. Thanks man-but that’s more than I’m looking to spend. A buddy saw this and gave me an old no-rattle black over white-so I’m good to go. Going to close this. Thanks again!
  5. No worries man. I'm interested....let me know what you want for it. Thanks
  6. Hey man-wondering if you are still looking to sell this? Thanks
  7. That looks good to me. Rattle or no rattle? Price? Thanks!
  8. Looking for black/white or black/silver SS bottles. Rattles or no rattles. Let me know if you have any.
  9. Well-since the right side is gone-I’ll take the left side.
  10. I’d like to offer $40 immediate PayPal for the circled bottle plugs.
  11. Just sent an email to the members of the NY delegation. Used the ASGA letter as a guide/template. Thanks fo rkeeping this issue out front. I encourage everyone to contact the ASMFC in advance of Thursday's meeting and to support ASGA however you can.
  12. Eel jug made out of a 1 gallon mayo container. I’ve been meaning to make one for a while now-but haven’t got around to it yet. Google “chariots of eel” for instruction on how to make one. There are also a couple of videos on YouTube
  13. Do you know the maker of the top two bottles? Also, what is the weight of the loaded Northbars what are they loaded with? Thanks