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  1. Cool-GLWTS.
  2. $25 for the pair?
  3. Thanks Huy. If things don’t work out with Surf Rasta-I’ll be back to you.
  4. Sounds good. I’d be happy to make that trade. Darter, Needle, Metal Lip, Top water? let me know what you what you would prefer. I’ll shot you a PM and we can exchange info.
  5. Thanks-but I’m looking for a VS sheath.
  6. Looking for a new or used leather sheath for the 6” VS pliers. Anyone have an extra they want to sell?
  7. Payment sent-thanks!
  8. Offer $40 for the pair-immediate PP. Thanks for considering.
  9. White Bucktails 1, 1.5 and 2oz Sp Minnow bone or black/blurple Mag Darter bone or black/blurple Pencil Popper collor doesn't matter so long as it is white on the bottom 2 oz diamond jig with green tube for sand eel runs Deadly Dick or Epoxy Jig for when the albies show up
  10. I don't think the paint on the jig head really makes a big difference. When I tie my own bucktails, I put two coats of hard as nails on the thread followed by a coat of clear five minute epoxy.
  11. I have had some success with the 7" and 9 " Slug-go SS which I believe are more commonly used in freshwater fishing.
  12. Was gonna suggest the Lil' Doc as well. One of my favorites.
  13. Thanks-GLWTS.
  14. Would you split out the AH Darter? If so, how much?
  15. Payment sent.m-Thanks