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  1. Joe makes great plugs! His magnum walker kills (its like a doc but made of wood) and I have had days where the only pencil the fish will touch are his. I also fish his glider regularly and have had good results on his wobbler (which is a lipless swimmer).
  2. Picked up this jointed Danny a couple weeks ago. Can anyone tell me the name of this color way/pattern? Also, how do you tell if it’s from an old or newer run? Thanks.
  3. Ok-let me know if you change your mind
  4. If you’d split, i’m Interested in just the rod. How much shipped to 10024?
  5. Style 2 Bulletnose jig heads from The Leadpot. They all come with SOLID 8/0 short shank Mustad hooks (even the .5oz) and are inexpensive . You can get them from a .5oz to 2oz. Some zap a gap and a cable tie and you are in business
  6. Love Zeno. My favorite "Zenoism" is the one about catching fish on "your gradmother's spoon" when the bite is on. He goes back to that one over and over. Also, his podcasts with Campo were fantastic
  7. I was just about to suggest the same thing but you beat me to the punch.
  8. I'll take this
  9. Thanks. Guessing garage builds….?
  10. Picked up these two plugs at a yard sale yesterday. At first glance, I thought it was a Gibbs bottle and trolling swimmer. Turned them upside down…through wired-but no swivels. Instead, round mental hook hangers. Did Gibbs make them like this at some point?
  11. Is that damage on the bottom right corner or just dirt? Can you please post pics of the back, bottom and sides?
  12. Best advice I ever got when starting out was to find a couple of fishy spots near home and learn them inside out. Fish those spots at different tide stages, moons, wind directions, early, late and often. What you gather learning those couple of spots well, will help you identify and better fish new spots in the future.
  13. Google maps is your friend.
  14. Its just like fishing....get up at ungodly hours and put in your time and you will be rewarded. Here are a few more of my scores from this summer
  15. The craziest part is, I got them both this summer at two separate yard sales.......The eelie came from one sale where I got a box of old plugs.....The bootleg came from another sale where I also got a bunch of stuff that also included a beat up old mini Musso bottle.