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  1. Would you consider splitting? If so, I might be interested in just the plier sheath.
  2. Small Gibbs Danny and the small (slope head troller) deep diver are great plugs!
  3. Sounds good. I’ll send pics when I get back stateside
  4. I have a 2 Tube Gear up with one season of use I would throw out there. Am currently away on vacation-but could get pics up on Wednesday or Thursday when I get back. Can the strap on your bag still be reattached/used? Sounds like you removed the rings that the strap clips on to?
  5. Used to use this until I found a rotary vise at a yard sale. Worked well
  6. I did my best to stay on top of mine-but my last pair got so rusty-so quickly, I gave up on them. Unless you are willing to regularly rinse, clean and oil/lubricate (almost after every use) then I think there are better options out there.
  7. In in! Thanks for the chance.
  8. Sorry man-I would have as well. I managed to get a last minute pass from my wife and was able to go.
  9. I went today. Great lecture/seminar on back bay tactics. As usual, Bill also told a bunch of funny stories-he’s an engaging speaker. Well worth the hour drive in each direction!
  10. I have had great success with the split tail jig strips....they are my go-to trailer. Not sure how you tested them...but here is a video of the various sizes/styles in action. I noticed no decline in fish/hits when I switched over from pork several years ago.
  11. So if drags are the same-then this new rash of "problems" with VSX reels-is nothing new? This makes me wonder, though, why I haven't heard these complaints in the past. I have a VSX250 that I have been fishing for a couple of seasons....drag has never been a problem.
  12. Hypothetical question: If you were looking to purchase a used 150 Van Staal reel (all things such as condition/age/use being the same), would you go with a VS or a VSX? Until recently, I would have thought going with the X was a no brainer. Thinking now, i’d rather deal with the potential of hourglass line lay and less finely tunable drag than week drag. Is the drag on the VS significantly stronger than the VSX?
  13. White bucktails....and more white bucktails
  14. Have you looked at the new Danco Premio pliers. They seem very nice and depending on what size you want are in-or close to your price range. They come with a leather sheath, lanyard and have a lifetime warranty.