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  1. For me it's been the Suzuki 9'6 and the Airwave Elite 8'8, Kinda favoring the suzuki lately
  2. My favorite that I’ve seen (not used myself, but a friend did...successfully) is the tampon lure
  3. Do you know if the specs (line capacity, weight, gear ratio and retrieve rate) match the current VS275XS?
  4. There you go. Rod length shouldn’t be an issue. See...size doesn’t matter I think it’s a great little lightweight reel.
  5. You certainly don't need 600 yds for the surf. 300 with a little mono backing is plenty. I'm curious what people say about line retrieve rate with a full spool vs partially filled spool. Is there any effect, or is the line retrieval constant no matter how much line is on the spool?
  6. The VR50 quotes 360yds of 20lb braid. That would be impressive
  7. From an application standpoint, I think the VR50 will work just fine. I have one on a 7' inshore rod and it handled 2-4' spinner sharks no problem. So your target species shouldn't be an issue. I also have a VR200 and it's spent plenty of time splashed, dropped in sand, and everything besides reeled under water; and held up well. From a balance standpoint, and maybe casting standpoint, I don't know how well it'll do on a 10 footer. My 200 is on a 10'6 rod and balances well.
  8. Same here. He'll get them out. I have the app which allows for direct messaging. I gave it maybe 10-12 days before messaging him. Order received just over 2 weeks after placed. Worked for me as I wasn't in a rush.
  9. Hi KilSong, I’m curious about the Challenger Bank 8’ H for tuna. The BH website describes this as a deep drop rod and tuna jigging rod. The lure rating is 4-10 oz. Is this what you’d recommend for NJ mid shore BFT popping also, or are the Cape Cod Specials better suited for that? thanks
  10. Is it also true that jet boats need to be kept out of saltwater when not in use (ie, on a lift or trailer) as growth will accumulate in the intake
  11. So sorry for your loss
  12. I have the 8'8 paired with a slammer 4500. Great set up. I haven't fished the 9'6 so can't give a direct comparison, but the 8'8 will be able to toss everything you listed above.
  13. It’s not a necessity particularly in reels designed for braid. They typically have that rubber band on the arbor. That being said, I put some mono backing on pretty much all my reels. Just enough to cover the arbor.
  14. I’ve been using Caddis waders for the past several seasons without probs (no leaks). They can be had for well under 200
  15. I had the ssv 5500 on a mojo 9'. That was my go to setup for several years. Honestly, I thought the reel was a little heavy for that rod. Maybe its just my weak hands. I think that would pair well with something in the 10', maybe 10'6 size. Airwave elites are great rods for the money. Odm DNA's are very popular right now and under $300. Tsunami Trophy's run sub $100.