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  1. Hi Bob, Where are you located or are you willing to ship? thanks
  2. Go for it. I had the 9' Mojo 3/4-3. Sold it. I thought it was too stiff for me. Got an 8'8 Airwave Elite and love it. Fished it a lot this fall. I'll probably pick up the 9'6 this year despite just telling my daughter on the way to surf day that I don't need anymore rods. I didn't say I didn't want anymore...shhhh!
  3. I'm with the others as far as going neat on a nice Laphroaig, but in this day and age of mixology, there are some nice cocktails out there. Try a Drunk Uncle
  4. I was curious too so looked it up. Light Medium Tactical Vehicle Seems like overkill to me but it's 4x4 so don't see why it wouldn't work
  5. Haha. Got it Didnt realize you wrote Belford. I automatically read Bedford, as in New Bedford Mass.
  6. Jewish lightning - haven't heard that one before Weren't they based out of Gloucester in the Perfect Storm? A quick google search says it is the Crow's Nest in the movie, which is still there.
  7. Haha. Gotta love unsolicited advice
  8. Just curious if there are any bars along the NJ coastline that serves as a regular hangout for fishermen in the region. We see views of such establishments in Montauk in magazines and on TV, and in the movies in places like Gloucester Mass.
  9. I can probably make it there. Gives me an excuse to check it out. Have never been.
  10. How was the Bud N Marys accomodations? I've travelled to Islamorada a couple times solo (a couple other times with family) and thought about staying there. Did you rent a houseboat, or one of the other accomodations? Curious to know how the experience was.
  11. When and where is the himar flea market?
  12. Sorry. Never saw this before. Still available if interested.
  13. If you look up, the topic is about deep drop reels. Mwahahaha. Just kidding. I do agree with your earlier post though, about not needing a specific rod and/or reel for each species. That was why I started this see if what I have would serve me well if I venture out on a tile trip or two this year. I was trying to figure out if I’d be miserable using my current gear or whether it would be at least good enough.
  14. These two posts are very helpful. Thank you. So, why would you not want a higher gear ratio, or the higher inches per turn that the higher gear ratio provides? Say, upper 5’s or 6:1?