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  1. Awesome!!
  2. Planned technique is also a consideration. The 14000 has a high gear ratio 6.2:1 which is really designed for popping. The 18000 is similar at 5.7:1. If jigging is the planned technique, a lower gear ratio is better like the 4.4:1 of the 20000 Just my thoughts
  3. Tackle World (formerly jigging world) Nexus. The 7 footer is rated 1-4 oz. $140 on their website
  4. I’ll take it at 315 picked up
  5. Happy Birthday Tim!!
  6. Overrated thats what I tell my boss
  7. I think a slot limit makes sense. Allow the young to breed a couple seasons and save the big breeders. Perhaps 28-34”. Closed spawning season, duh
  8. I saw a video once where the captain would keep a banana tied to the t top. If the fishing sucked, he’d throw it overboard to eliminate that excuse. Funny enough, the bite turned on after ditching the banana
  9. Thanks!
  10. I'm a big fan of Fisherman's Supply in Point and the Reel Seat in Brielle.
  11. Sounds cool. Congrats. I'm curious how acid wrapping affects castability. I've only used them for jigging or bottom fishing, and never really casted with it except just pitching away from the boat. Does the acid wrap layout have any effect on casting distance, positive or negative? Good luck with the rod.
  12. Usually just swim trunks for me, or Columbia PFG shorts
  13. Not sure where you’re located, but a boat dealer on Rt 35 in Point pleasant Nj carried them as of last summer. Haven’t been by in a while
  14. Just ask Marty
  15. I'm not sure of the food stroage ones. When I bought one of these plano boxes, the guy at the tackle shop asked me "you getting this for your gulp?" I wasn't, but assume they can be used for that. They're not cheap though, like $30+ for one box. Plano does make less expensive ones though, called Liquabait storage.