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  1. Sweet! That’s exactly what this looked like. Did seem a couple miles outside the 3 mile line. Probably looking for SB poachers
  2. Just looked up that class. I see they carry planes as well.
  3. Oh cool. Looked like a fighter was sitting on the deck, so I assumed it was a carrier
  4. Anyone spot it? I saw it cruise by Long Branch around early afternoon. Have seen plenty of cruise ships, tankers, container ships, etc pass my window but never an aircraft carrier. Cool to see.
  5. ^^^This
  6. Jigging World (now Tackle World) Shogun series MH looks like it would do the trick. I don't have this particular rod, but have others they make and am pleased with them. Shimano Torium is worth a look as is Daiwa Lexa 300 or 400 if you want to stick with the baitcaster style
  7. So I had an “aha” moment. I remember when I got the reels filled with line, I wanted to test the accuracy of my line counter. I wasn’t sure if wire line would measure differently than mono or braid. So in one of my more genius moments, I laid out a decent section of the wire, measured it out, and retrieved it back in. Only problem was, I did that with a good portion of the line dragging along the driveway. I think that was the moment that I f@&$’d myself. That probably created multiple nicks in the line. I make myself proud sometimes.
  8. The wire itself just broke. I call it separating because it didn’t feel like a break. When a line breaks, it’s usually under some sort of load and the load releases. Here, the line literally just parted in two. It even happened with the reel in free spool as I was pulling out line to retie. A guy at the tackle shop I use said that you only lose 3 feet depth per 300 feet of leadcore compared with wire. So, while for every 300 feet of wire you get to 30 feet down, you get 27 feet down for 30 feet of lead core. Does that sound about right?
  9. I bought a jointed from the river site by accident. Thought I was ordering the non-jointed. Tossed it for the first time then other day, and man, does it have a nice wiggle to it. The joint definitely adds some action.
  10. I’ll double check, but I’m pretty sure it’s Tony Maja monel.
  11. What is the sink rate of lead core thanks
  12. So what do you do if you detect a kink or nick? Cut off that entire section? I haven’t kept extra wire on the boat to add extra line for that kind of situation. Any experience with leadcore? I hear it’s easier to work with, but does it get down in as predictable a way as wire?
  13. I have 2 wire line rods. At the end of last season, while letting out a bunker spoon the line just separated. No snap, not under any major strain, just paying out the line. That time, I was lucky. I had my hand on the line and was able to save the spoon. I didnt have have a problem with the other setup last season. Today I’m out, and the other reel’s line just separates. I lost 2 spoons today. While trying to retie, the line just separates in my hands. Is this his typical of monel? Did I get a bad batch? I can’t imagine that to be the case since it was different spools on each reel. I was soooo pissed!!
  14. Did it put up a good fight ?
  15. Did your pizza get cold?