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  1. I have the Labrax AGS 106M. It may be more sensitive with fishing, but I would need to try comparing them again. I didn't end out using that rod a lot because I am paranoid about breaking them. They seem fragile.
  2. Glad you found the video. The problem with their claim is that this isn't the same knot that they use in the actual test with the IGFA. The IGFA version of the GT knot uses a double line from a Bimini knot. Doubling a line does make a knot stronger just like the "improved FG knot." Also, the other thing is that the tests which gave the "100%" rating is for 30lb braid and 50lb mono. This video fails to mention that with light braid, it may not give a 100% rating. The whole 99.5% vs 100% is BS to me. Lines will break with variance so they are just averages not absolutes. To me, the GT and PR are just tied. I wish they listed the slim beauty knot in the IGFA and another knot test. Maybe, the minor difference with fewer turns makes it much weaker. The important thing I learned from their test especially with the many FG versions was that skill is important with knots like the FG or even the bimini as an article stated.
  3. I have been knocked over by a 6ft wave and my Certate survived. I don't intend to let it get wet often because I am more worried about the sand than getting wet. I doubt mag seal would do well with a lot of sand.
  4. I'm assuming your browser history was cleared because you can look there for the video you watched.
  5. I used the float bobber method on a pier in CA. I have also used a Mepp's Flying C 7/8 more inland to catch a 15lb King Salmon last year. I have seen steelhead being caught and released from the rocky surf on YouTube last year also which is very rare.
  6. All the JDM Seabass rods that I have are fast action. I would personally recommend the Shimano Dialuna. The Encounter is a new rod but it looks like a slight downgrade from the Dialuna.
  7. For those who use stocking foots, I put a polypropylene sock around the stocking foot which reduces the friction with my sandals. So far they look like they are holding up well like new.
  8. Even if you are "immune" to the coronavirus testing positive for antibodies, you still need to be careful. I saw a report in South Korea of someone getting sick a second time six months later.
  9. Unless the virus suppresses the immune system like HIV, then tests might not be able to detect antibodies until 6 months later. I think the body ramps up antibody production by maybe 5 days later. I have read about a new mutant strain last week. I wouldn't know if they are able to test for various strains of the coronavirus which could be the problem. Rumor was a month ago that there were 8 strains. The flu has hundreds or thousands of different strains which is why the flu shot doesn't always work. I'm just guessing so don't listen to some random guy on the Internet.
  10. On the west coast, I cast either a Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 5/8 oz or a 1 or 2 oz Carolina rig almost exclusively. In Southern California, light tackle is the norm but their waves are so small compared to where I live. Sometimes, I try to cast a 3/4 oz or 1oz minnow lure when the 6ft+ swells and wind are stronger.
  11. Also, you want the 250nm wavelength ones not the black light versions which are 395/365nm.
  12. I ordered some after seeing a Yahoo article saying that the coronavirus dies easily with sunlight. The ones from A***** are around $100. I ordered through a Chinese website so I need to wait a long time to get them. Some say you need 10-30 sec of a 3W device which I doubt. I intend to use a 30watt lamp for 15min to disinfect masks, etc. From some of the bacteria culture pictures of before and after with some 3 or 5W wand devices, I saw 1 minute to 2 minutes will kill 90% of the bacteria. 99% kill rate will need to be more so 5, 10 or 30 min?
  13. I personally saw two 27inch stripers this weekend. I saw a YouTuber just post a video of him catching 20-27" ones also. Seems like the stripers are here at the beach and the Delta from what I see on FB. Looks like a good year to me.
  14. When I first created this account, I needed moderator approval for every post. After that, I remember posting YouTube links without needing approval. I need approval for every link even YouTube it seems. It isn't a big deal. I used to take the time to find links and it is easier now. To OP: You need to go to the county websites to check if you can fish. Don't trust what you read here or FB.
  15. As of May 1st, the CA gov closed down Orange County beaches but they will fight it in court. I think LA county is now open. I don't want to post any links because I think my profile is on probation. On this site, the WC forum only has a few visitors. This is more of a EC site. Try facebook groups. I'm not near Irvine.