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  1. Really? I just don't see that for the average striper caught on any of the FB fishing groups or even browsing the "Catch anything" thread here. I know striped bass can grow big like the delta river pic the but I thought the question was about surf fishing and not boat fishing. I can't find the source of the surf pic as the website is no longer working with reverse image search. Every time I see an EC video like John Skinner, etc on the beach, they are all around 30". I watch most of the local YT around me in California. You are right, the West Coast should have stripers as big as 30" like the EC. For whatever reason, I know we don't right now.
  2. The legal limit for striped bass in CA is 18 in compared to the EC is 28 or so inches. Stripers here don't get as big on the WC.
  3. I love the JDM gear for both Shimano and Daiwa. Shipping for rods is expensive and a gamble that it won't break in the shipping process. I love my Daiwa Labrax AGS and Shimano Dialuna for lure fishing which are 6 & 5 oz wt for 10.5 ft rods. For Daiwa, the JDM, Australian, or European gear is confusing. Some are literally just a different color (Caldia vs Ballistic) or a different name (Eliminator vs BG Nero). Then there is BG Nero Magseal vs BG Nero Saltist (no difference with Saltist other than color).
  4. SC probably said this already. I didn't want to spend more time to understand every detail. I think the offset either weakens the metal or as the split ring expands that kink or offset causes problems. My problem is that I use overrated tackle for my heavy fishing so I havent seen a split ring fail. We need a fishing tackle version of Mythbusters.
  5. All the Daiwa LT sizing is different now, but now it is standardized. My Ballistic LT 6k is like a Penn Battle 2 5k. My Ballistic LT 3k is still bigger by 1 or 1.5 more than my Shimano Excense 3k 2018.
  6. People love their Van Staals even on the West Coast. Personally, I like smooth and refined over heavy and tanky for a reel. I have been into the light reels like 7oz or less for 4-5000 sized reels. Saw this video a few weeks ago and will never touch a Van Staal. It just isn't for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtoIh4JqtsM
  7. If you like a casting technique with a name, I like the Brighton cast which is essentially an overhead cast. I like it because I just need to do slight modifications to what I have been doing for years instead of relearning everything like the Pendulum cast, etc.. These are some no name casts that I am studying right now. I like Terry Edmonds because he casts far with a spinning reel.
  8. I haven't tried Shimano Pitbull braid, but one of my friends likes it. Has anyone else tried this brand? I wonder how many know that Power Pro was bought by Shimano USA.
  9. If Penn made a 12oz rated spinning version of the Carnage 2, I would have gotten one. I don't understand why only the casting version has a 12 oz lure rating.
  10. I have the 15' Sealine and a 3 piece 13' Fiblink. I don't use the Sealine anymore as I have Team Daiwa rods now. It is very thick but casted 6 and 8oz ok for a 6oz rated rod. There are complaints about the Fiblink and broken ceramic rings. I got lucky with my ceramic rings with the shipping. I still use the Fiblink for the jetty and crab snaring. It casts 6oz well but 8oz is a little struggle for a 8oz rated rod. For the money, I am happy with it. I don't care if it gets banged up and it still working for me.
  11. I have a 2018 Shimano Exsence C3000M & a Ballistic LT 3000. The Exsence is definitely smaller. I would say at least like a Ballistic 2000.
  12. I got a new Ballistic 6k this week. I am simply amazed at how light it is just like a toy. I am afraid of breaking it like my Fuego LT. It is about the size of my old Penn Battle II 5k & half the weight. The pic has my Ballistic 3k, 6k and a new but discontinued Opus Plus A 5.5k. The Opus has a 3.4 gear ratio which will be good for crab snaring. I would say that I am becoming a Daiwa fanboy except that I am expecting a Shimano Exsence 3000 2018 which has 9 ball bearings for $227 after eBay's 15% off sale. Can't wait to compare the Ballistic vs the Exsence. I would say that I don't like the sharp spool lip edge on the Ballistics.
  13. Here is a good guide.
  14. I know guys that throw 8+oz on the beaches. I just casted 5-6 oz last weekend on a 4ft swell. I have 12+ft rods rated 8oz MH Fiblink and Team Daiwa 16oz H rods. I would recommend a Beef stick, Sealine or Ugly Stik paired with a 6k or 8k reel.
  15. One reason, I haven't talked much about the Ballistic is that I know Penn & their employees hang out here. I have been told that "customers" just don't know how to read a website correctly when I and another were complaining about a Penn conventional with distance surfcasting on this site. Haven't bought Penn ever since then. The Ballistic beats the Stradic almost stat vs stat unless you want a high gear ratio. The Ballistic also go up to a 6k size. I would recommend changing the reel handle knob. There is Gomexus, but I like the Piscifun version on Aliexpress. Also, check out the 2018 JDM Caldia LT. I think it is just a Ballistic in a different color & a different handle knob on the 6k. If you want a light rod to match a light reel, Shimano & Daiwa are dominating that area with 4-6oz rods that are 10-11ft. As good as handmade rods may be, I love the manufactured beauty found with these reel seats & rod handles. If there is a custom rod maker that can do this, let me know who. That is the 2018 Shimano Exsence Infinity at 4.65oz. I like the rod handle & reel seat. I have the Shimano Dialuna 10.5' at 6.2oz with a Ballistic LT 3k at 6.5oz. I saw TackleAdvisor's Steez AGS rod review. I want to try the AGS guides with a Daiwa Labrax 10.5' & 6.9oz shipping in about a week.