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  1. Here is a good guide.
  2. I know guys that throw 8+oz on the beaches. I just casted 5-6 oz last weekend on a 4ft swell. I have 12+ft rods rated 8oz MH Fiblink and Team Daiwa 16oz H rods. I would recommend a Beef stick, Sealine or Ugly Stik paired with a 6k or 8k reel.
  3. One reason, I haven't talked much about the Ballistic is that I know Penn & their employees hang out here. I have been told that "customers" just don't know how to read a website correctly when I and another were complaining about a Penn conventional with distance surfcasting on this site. Haven't bought Penn ever since then. The Ballistic beats the Stradic almost stat vs stat unless you want a high gear ratio. The Ballistic also go up to a 6k size. I would recommend changing the reel handle knob. There is Gomexus, but I like the Piscifun version on Aliexpress. Also, check out the 2018 JDM Caldia LT. I think it is just a Ballistic in a different color & a different handle knob on the 6k. If you want a light rod to match a light reel, Shimano & Daiwa are dominating that area with 4-6oz rods that are 10-11ft. As good as handmade rods may be, I love the manufactured beauty found with these reel seats & rod handles. If there is a custom rod maker that can do this, let me know who. That is the 2018 Shimano Exsence Infinity at 4.65oz. I like the rod handle & reel seat. I have the Shimano Dialuna 10.5' at 6.2oz with a Ballistic LT 3k at 6.5oz. I saw TackleAdvisor's Steez AGS rod review. I want to try the AGS guides with a Daiwa Labrax 10.5' & 6.9oz shipping in about a week.
  4. There is a website called ********.com and Ken Jones' xxxxxx. I think you should start with what fish you want to target and go from there for starting gear. Removed link to fishing website per rules. Surf Hunter
  5. Absolutely don't get the squall 30. It has no mechanical braking system like it says on the website other than a weak spool tension. It is a boat reel. Penn shills on here will say it is your fault for not reading the website correctly. Squall 15 & below are distance casting reels which I am guessing are a UK 525 Mag3 copy. I like my Daiwa Mag 7HT ST. You should figure out if you really want a surfcasting conventional vs spinning first. All the distance casting records are on conventionals but they have a learning curve and need a specific setup like a 20lb braid. Not sure about 20lb braid & sharks though.
  6. FG knot with the Rizzuto finish. I also use superglue on the braid end of the knot instead of burning the tag. Just tried the Rizzuto & glue this year but I haven't had mysterious break offs yet.
  7. I think Daiwa is dropping the ball with their magseal marketing. They talk about 60 yrs of innovation and nothing about how waterproof it is except in this video. Here is a video of a Daiwa Exist in 1 or 3 hrs in 1 foot of water. If Daiwa doesn't get itself certified, I hope someone will put some reels through a similar testing like the IPX categories.
  8. 11 lbs drag or 5kg. http://www.daiwa.com/us/contents/reels/millionaire_7htmag/index.html We have similar situations. I got a Squall 30 and backlashed incredibly badly with 30lb mono. The Squall 30's spool tension doesn't help much & there is no other magnetic or centrifugal brakes....so useless. I tried installing magnets when the magnets got clumped together on the 1st tryout, I decided to get the Daiwa 7HT Mag Super Tuned since I had 2 Amazon gift certificates. I am using .38mm braid right now also. I've read in this forum that you should use Carbontex drag washers for the non ST version. http://www.smoothdrag.com/
  9. Since we are talking about the 7HT Mag, what are some websites that offer parts, replacement or high end preferably in the US? I already have the pinion support. These are the websites that I have already found: BlakDogTackle UK Jim's Reel Shop UK Mike's Reel Repair US
  10. I tried to email customer service about getting the upgrade but they never answered me back. I was willing to pay for the part also. Feel like trying other brands with my next reel.
  11. Most will probably say 11 ft is adequate. I think I would consider a MH rated for 2oz like a 1oz to 3 oz. For throwing 2 oz, part of the energy comes from the rod like a MH. Throwing 4 or 5 oz and above would mean a different setup I think. I know they use 15ft rods for 5oz throwing in the UK. They also say 20lb braid with a shock leader for this setup. If you are on a budget, I would just get a new rod. Ideally with enough money, a lighter reel like a 4000, line lubricant, maybe 15lb braid with the drag setup correctly. A thinner braid cuts through the air and water better. Also, consider a good surf casting conventional reel. All the long distance casting records are on conventional reels but they have a high learning curve. Try this also...don't throw but use the left hand as a lever to let the energy come from the rod. In the thumbnail, you see the bend in the rod. This is definitely not a heavy rod. Using the core and whole body was also good advice.
  12. I don't mind the length of the videos. Using a time stamp table of contents or splitting the videos into parts might help. I have learned a lot and I think he is one of the few out there that know what he is talking about listening to his reasons and thought process. Of course, everyone has their own opinions. I would say "smoothness" of reels is so subjective. Is it the amount of pressure needed to turn a handle, vibration during a turn? I have counted how many times a handle will spin on all my reels with a hard push. I am not sure if that tells me if one reel is smoother than another.
  13. Smoother, lighter gears...I think 1 less mag sealed bearing than the Saltist. A teardown here of the backbay. I thought he was a mod here or perhaps another site.
  14. They are nickel vs the stainless steel for TA clips. They are basically the same design except they are a little bigger and less rating. There are other companies that also sell a stainless steel version for less than the TA clip on Amazon. The shark river website sells the TA clips for a little cheaper with shipping included. I like the design but I just don't think they are as reliable as people think. I just assume a lower rating than it states and keep an eye for when it begins to deform a little. Tactical Advisors has a youtube video on this clip but I don't think he tested a big enough sample.