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  1. When I need to carry 2x 13ft rods with a bucket and all my gear. I have a backpack, a waist bag and a cooler lunch bag for the bait. I use a rod pole carry shoulder belt which I replaced the neoprene rod ties with gym ankle velcro belts. The rod sling helps me free my hands for the bucket. You can tell I carry a lot of gear when casting 8oz lead. I can't walk far though.
  2. I personally feel that after the fg wraps there should be one half-hitch and then a hard cinch down on the fg knot to fuse the braid and cause the fluorocarbon / mono to curl in a spiral. The strength in the fg is in the "Chinese finger trap" phenomenon. After the fg part is set, you can do this J-Finish perhaps without the half-hitches and have an incredibly compact knot. I would need to know it if can withstand hundreds of passes through the rod guides. In my experience, the rizutto finish slips with time so I usually have an alternating half-hitch about half the length of the fg with reliable results. A half-hitch finish seems wider than the J-Finish from what I can see.
  3. A buddy of mine thought of a new way to secure his FG knots. It is basically an Alberto knot with FG style wraps to secure the FG knot. He is not sure if the half-hitches at the end are necessary. I personally think the FG part should be cinched down first before starting the Alberto-like finish. Can anyone with the proper equipment test the new technique strength-wise? Also, is there anything like this already out there?
  4. The TX-4 fits and I have that Certate.
  5. They cast well. They are popular in SoCal. The surf has been too rough so I haven't been able to test them a lot.
  6. I got some Charlie Graves tins there a few days ago. They have Black Hole and ODM rods. I think Marque had some good taste in gear and you can't find these at most tackle shops. Glad to see it back.
  7. I would join a group on facebook called "West Coast Surf Fishing." Most of the members are from SoCal. Halibut is not a common catch but I see a few posts a week of people catching from the shore in SoCal. Sea bass is the truly rare catch down there. I think most of the regulars around here are from NorCal (San Francisco Bay Area) not the North Coast. One from SLO and one from WA or OR. If you really want halibut, Santa Cruz county has some with shore fishing about as much from the LA/OC area. Your best chance would be boat fishing from the San Francisco bay. Striped bass and perch fishing hasn't been great lately so I would stick to SoCal with your UL setups using 2" grubs, gulp sandworm, Crusteaz on a <1oz Carolina rig or Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110. The surf has been more dangerous around here in NorCal also.
  8. I was just about to say that you are tying it wrong.
  9. With the Saltiga, you are paying a premium for some lifetime service and warranty. I doubt that the actual parts including R&D do not justify the cost of the Saltiga over the Certate by much.
  10. If you look at the German, '21 Daiwa catalog, there is a new Fuego, Excelor, Legalis and Airity.
  11. There are other new reels from Daiwa. It is just that the Certate SW was the only one I am excited about. Caldia LT Freams LT Basara Steez A TW HLC Tierra A IC Kohga IC
  12. I have the 10'6" Dialuna and a 11' Lunamis. IMO, you can't balance a rod with such a short rod end. I use 3k sized reels because I just want lighter for casting. I'm using a new JDM trout rod and they are meant to be cast with one hand with an even shorter rod butt. The length of my 11' Okuma rockaway before the reel is the same as the 10'6" Dialuna so imagine you are actually using a longer rod compared to other American rods.
  13. Translated Text: The large-size CERTATE SW finally debuted as a pronoun certate of tough spinning. At the heart of the tough MQ(monocoque) body is equipped with a large and thicker G1 Duralumin taff digigear. It demonstrates high durability and smooth winding comfort. The ZAION air rotor combines strength and low inertia at a high level to support high-response jerking and retreating with a nimble and powerful winding. Magsealed's high waterproof performance ensures long-lasting initial performance. Drag performance is a new generation drag system that is more than 200% durable than conventional ones. Drag click sound is a big sound specification that resounds. Lc-ABS, which demonstrates flight distance and excellent trouble-less performance, greatly changes the cast feel so far. The casting-based high gear model uses a high-grip egg knob, and the jigging-based power gear model uses a lightweight round EVA knob. DAIWA TECHNOLOGY Technology MagShield A waterproof structure that shuts out the intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a wall of oil with magnetism in the gap between the body and the rotor. Since the body and rotor are non-contact, light and smooth rotation is maintained for a long time while maintaining the initial rotation performance. Many of the causes of rotational noise are the invasion of salted ganes and foreign objects. Of course, there are cases where it occurs because it is dropped into water too much, but except in such cases, the rotational noise rate of the magshielded reel has greatly decreased. Moreover, this ratio is appearing in the data as a big difference as time goes by after the appearance of magshield. This means that the longer you use it, the more effective it will be. In other words, it proves that the dustproof and waterproofing capability of the mag shield is at a very high level. Certate SW is used for the main shaft part. In particular, a mag shield ball bearing is mounted on the line roller part. Monocoque Body Conventionally, spinning reels support both ends of the drive gear with the body and body cover, and fix it with several screws. From this structure, with the aim of further improving accuracy and rigidity, the monocoque body was fixed by removing the body cover and screwing a high-precision plate directly into the body. This improves gear support accuracy and improves rigidity and airtightness. In addition, we succeeded in expanding the size of the drive gear to the limit by utilizing the space previously taken by the screw. Monocoque body means MONO ( one ) - COQUE (shell). The all-new shape, symbolizing the toughness of a single shell, breaks the common sense of reel construction. Certate SW considers its light weight against the background of its sufficient rigidity, and achieves the optimal best balance with an eye on targets in medium size (8000-14000) and large size (18000). ATD(オートマチックドラグシステム) Atd A new generation drag system that works smoothly and continues to work smoothly according to the pull of fish. In large spinning, a setting that suppresses drag force decrease during fighting. Both were developed with the goal of being able to focus on fighting without worrying about drag settings. CERTATE SW has significantly increased the number of drag washers (carbon) to 7 medium sizes and 9 large sizes, thoroughly improving drag MAX and thoroughly pursuing durability and heat dissipation to withstand the sprinting of large fish. In addition, a large drag knob is adopted, and the knob also realizes a large and comfortable operation. G1 Duralumin Taff Digigear G1 Duralumin Taff DigiGear combines strength and light weight. The gear size is about 12% increase in the outer diameter of the gear and 55% increase in thickness compared to the previous model. Large diameter gear that can be made because it is a monocoque body. The tooth surface shape is also large, and the meshing with the pinion is smooth. As a result, silky rotation lasts and powerful winding is demonstrated. Left: The hyper digigear that has been installed so far is hard and has excellent strength, but it is heavy. Right: The G1 duralumin taff digigear (ultra-high strength aluminum) combines strength and light weight. ZAION Air Rotor All sizes of ZAION air rotors realize low inertia (inertia) and weight reduction. As a result, the first speed in the handle rotation is light and the retrieve with good response is possible. LC-ABS (Long Cast-ABS) Abs II's philosophy of reducing contact resistance is intact, and smoother line emission is achieved by pressing the contacts in front of it. The effect of the ring part going forward made it difficult for the line to get on the ring, and improved the flight distance UP and trouble-less by about 5% more than the conventional ABS II. It is a next-generation ABS spool that realizes LC (= LONG CAST). Handle knob The handle knob corresponds to the L size. The high gear (H/XH), which is the main casting game, uses a high-grip egg type. Firmly grips, pursuing the ideal shape that is hard to get out of the hand completely. Eva round type is adopted for the power gear (P) which is the main jigging. With a shape that is easy to control, it achieves both operability and stability of gripping. Tough Air Veil "Air veil" has greatly improved lightness by making it hollow structure. In addition, the unique line slider shape greatly reduces the tangle around the bale. "Tough Air Veil" thickens the wall thickness of stainless steel material and increases strength by about 4 times, and has about 13 times more durability by the same weight than titanium solid material. In addition, by eliminating the step with the arm lever part, line trouble is greatly eliminated. (The bale return method is manual) Rotor brakes By braking the rotation of the rotor when the bale is opened, a mechanism prevents unexpected veil return due to the steering wheel moving due to shock during casting. New number system
  14. As of our breaking news, DAIWA has announced 21 Certate SW. This is for bigger saltwater game fishing, with the size variety from #8000 – 18000 with multiple gear ratio. Aluminium Monocoque Body with fat large drive gear, with ZAION Air Rotor is like 20 SALTIGA body + 15 SALTIGA rotor. This model will be released at March, 2021 and only 18000-H will be at April. Daiwa Japan - '21 Certate SW
  15. You would probably need to look outside the US unfortunately.