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  1. some strong ideas, appreciated. banging his wife would require escalating my etoh intake significantly to drown the lingering mental imagery and the beer bill is already punishing. construction business is what he has. didn't know if anyone had sued anybody over a thing like this. start trashing him on reviews online but he probably could delete them. started out being friendly with the guy but now he has the whole neighborhood on his ass.
  2. lol. noted.
  3. on how to inspire my neighbor to cease and desist on running his business out of his house. It is zoned residential. There will be close to a dozen employee vehicles parked in his yard daily, semi-trucks delivering all nature of supplies, material piled up in back of property, dumpster must be 25yds from our bedroom and they were there at 5:30 am this week. We have called zoning commission, they gave him an extension until January to move but he has already told them the dumpster is for his personal use. I guess I will look into getting an attorney if zoning commission is toothless which I anticipate they will be. Anyone had an experience like this and what was outcome?
  4. Used to get calls from Indian sounding folks who would use names like Matt Dillon (literally) stating they were from the IRS and would serve a warrant if the call wasn't responded to...never could figure out their angle especially being so retardedly obvious. called them once got a guy told him he sounded more like a Sanjay than a Matt, which let to exchange of a lot of bad words. I mean how could this ever work?
  5. My boss lady’s husband is growing it and I have a casual shirt from Orvis made of it and it’s a nice product. Had it for years.
  6. U clearly love fishing more than me and I didn’t think that was possible.
  7. Was unable to download multiple exposure app to camera. Plugged it into Mac, Sony site says first download this app to then get apps for camera. Couldn’t download any of it. Tried going wireless with camera, that didn’t work. Anyone else have this issue? Also thinking of investing in a7riii, any issues with it? Thanks.
  8. Appreciated. One last thing, will be using vrbo. Do you strongly recommend lake ida over Osborne or are they fairly equal in fishing quality. I have found a house on the water on Osborne. Transportation not an issue but nothing like fishing out of the backyard.
  9. got that in the back of my mind after watching a few vids on clown knifefish.
  10. ok thanks for the input. looks like i am gonna do it.
  11. How bout lake Osborne north of there?
  12. Beauty. Looking at it now. Peacocks would be Awesome as well. Enough water could fish it multiple days.
  13. Sounds good. What do the knife fish hit? They look awesome.
  14. I was just researching it a couple weeks ago but we have decided to return to Icefields parkway. Renting car and picking own sites is way we would do it as well. Thanks.
  15. appreciate your input