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  1. Well then, exactly who in the gov't is running this vast conspiracy? The players keep getting changed around. 8 yrs of Obama and the FBI and IRS were weaponized against conservatives and that is being rooted out. How could such a huge secret with so many players be kept hidden? How exactly do you time crazy arabs flying planes into multiple buildings which were expertly pre-wired to blow? Logistically challenging, at least for me. And then everybody inivolved is content keeping their mouths shut. All makes perfect sense.
  2. wow, a shrimp with wings, very cool
  3. On plus side is the meme thread..also advice on scoring hash helpful
  4. Yankees. Not the baseball team.
  5. My beach sorry to hear, hoping for the best.
  6. My old setter pretty well played out after a hard morning fishing dog style. Nothing like a beach where your dog can free roam.
  7. did you know they misspelled both gullible and paranoid in the dictionary?Those bastids, what are they trying to do?!?!??!?
  8. sounds plausible, how hard could it be to wire two buildings the size of wtc towers to blow perfectly and keep it hush hush, i think he's on to something here, anybody got some IM Haldol?
  9. there is no benefit of lantus over the older long acting n-100 etc and lantus and levemir both way more expensive but somehow the new meds became ingrained in rxing practices
  10. wow they are staying green long time this year, my bro lives in Gillette, he said they were getting a lot of late snow this year
  11. gimme $20 worth of whatever he's drinking! u can kinda see it
  12. funnyier than hell!
  13. btw not really cw RA or gout, likely old age
  14. its a long way from your heart you'll be alright.