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  1. Does anyone eat and enjoy canada goose? Had it as kid, can’t recall. My old man hated it but he also badmouthed duck which done properly is outstanding.
  2. Gives you another source of pain to take your mind off what is hurting.
  3. Not yet. Did have a Tiny Tim looking individual recently tell me he wanted it officially entered into his record he identifies as a woman and i was like ok yeah sure whatever. I don’t think the hospital has added new pronouns for the record regarding identification. Probably gonna happen though. Med staff from techs, therapists nurses md’s etc all seem to have fair population of the, er, kinda woke crowd so seems inevitable. Plus all med societies have gone full woke, effn nauseating.
  4. Get you a Phallic Bistro& Cafe t-shirt
  5. Wow, price looks good. Heard everything there was crazy expensive
  6. Pediatric case in the pic. Is this the current one in Mass.?
  7. Lyle Alzado syndrome. Kidding.
  8. Oh hell yeah! Just an off the cuff remark. Sometimes they do sport that light sideburn thing though. This is a likely exception…smokinest thing on the planet i I would say.
  9. Center island, 2 levels, backsplash has 2 outlets, higher level with barstools for impromptu eating and drinking. Seamless granite messing with you visually . Actually you can make out the lip of the upper level
  10. Highspanics tend to be a tad hirsute.
  11. All that work and money and probably gonna off itself at some point. 20X increased incidence of suicide in this population.
  12. Stupid thing wouldn’t stay label side up, had to prop with outlet cover and backsplash. Happened to have it last night. Not giving up day job for food blogging. Was good though. Gotta try making some myself. Did a brisket for Mother’s Day. ‘Twas righteous.
  13. Here you go. Bought at butcher shop. Frozen, reheated and still fine eating.
  14. Not sure how the 2 correlate but look at the neck. Oh and no to the dick part. I am worn out with crazy effn people. Seems madness is winning.