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  1. Yeah but not as much as eisenhour and wilson. So there.
  2. Just sorta epitomizes the lefty state of mind thanks to our beloved Obama. Speak first think never.
  3. well if looking for hardest hitter, fighter, jumper go catch a few peacock bass u might change mind, the sound a double digit fish makes slurping up a topwater plug is unmatched. so my vote is peacock bass.
  4. nope, would recommend getting a lawyer to assist, my house was FSBO
  5. Rickman, well deserved and congrats, awesome pic.
  6. And in the end Mueller may just walk away and say nothing, no closure, no exoneration, no justification of the consumption of considerable resources pursuing this. Fascist libs wasting everything. Unfortunately it is a propaganda war now, tough to beat with demagogues on majority of media outlets not to mention entertainment and education systems starting from K1 thru and escalating to post grad.
  7. then throw in the crap that the voice recognition dictating systems create. gotta give it them, that handset is well built cuz i have slammed mine against the desk so many times and it just keeps ticking. couple of things have been knocked off of it but never used them anyway
  8. should always shoot to kill, likely the person getting shot has been a liability to society up to the point of being shot and certainly will only pose larger liability surviving being shot for the rest of it's life.
  9. do you have a website? would like to see your work. oops, didn't go to next page, very nice.
  10. he moved to Joisey. ROCHELLE PARK, NJ (Gray News) - A man attempting to burglar a New Jersey home fled when he woke the victims, but he didn’t make it far before accidentally getting into a police car instead of the Lyft he had ordered.
  11. yeah but should medicare care other than to know patient was burned? the extent of burn injury and thickness of injury is all that really counts. just wondering to what nefarious end all of this data collecting is leading to. but that is a helluva story, will just stick to my paddles, avoid becoming yet another stat in the epidemic of kayak and canoe fires.
  12. didn't think this was political and i will look for riding lawnmower related burn code, they got if for snowmobiles so lawnmowers oughta be rep'd as well.
  13. This is a very small sampling of options your doctor has thanks to our federal government when trying to enter a diagnosis for your visit should you burn yourself somehow. Canoe or kayak fire?WTH? What pinhead thought this should be an option? Why would medicare care if it was a canoe or kayak fire? I understand data mining but this is a stretch. Just how many canoe or kayak fires have there actually been do you imagine? I was just looking for burn wound left hand, but no after scrolling through about 250 options couldn't find it, might be there hidden amongst options like burn caused as consequence of squirrel activity or something. Computers are making the world a very dumb place.