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  1. 56055440632__9CC3B6C4-B8BA-41D9-9E38-51DB2F3AC0B2.JPG (2359.3 KB)
  2. Easy drive to Stave Springs trail head. U park at trail head. In feb u might stick to more standard rte then. Icefields is is even more mind blowing than Zion, Bryce. A must do if u love majestic scenery hiking etc. amazing place.
  3. Btw if u r a little adventurous consider getting to observation point via east entrance Stave Spring trail head. We saw 6 people more or less in 5 hrs of hiking. Sadly did not complete the trip but I think we could have. Nice to get away from maddening crowds.
  4. Outstanding. U ever been to Icefields Parkway?
  5. I think it was just on east side of tunnel, shortly after coming out. I want to go back. Hope you can make it to Bryce as well.
  6. Approx 1” across. Impressive considering.
  7. That is one of their egg sacks in my post above, bottom pick. The other I hadn't seen before and wasn't aware the spider was in the pic until tuning up in LR.
  8. top one very interesting and appears to be the crown tipped coral mushroom by my very recent 45 second in depth research. nice pics