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  1. He just didn't quite do the math on this one
  2. despite my best efforts couldn't get dof really good on this one, f13,flash, had the 100-400on
  3. Didn't realize he had a fish until I cropped it
  4. His opinion on taking his pic without permission first
  5. Man, I was supposed to be there mid-April. Damn commies ruined my trip. Heres on from lake osborne last year
  6. Don’t believe I have ever seen that before. Outstanding! And another great pic.
  7. i'd swear the top one looks like he has a fish in each foot.
  8. No. You? Routinely fish murray or Broad at Alston
  9. thanks. not macro, 100-400 at 400mm with flash, sony on a7riii.
  10. yet another bee pic. about the only thing in my yard these days
  11. That really tall guy to right in pic looks like he’s ready to go down with the lighthouse.
  12. Not venomous. Leg span 2-21/2” full extension. Maybe up to 3”. He/she was gnarly. First one I’d seen.