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  1. bladder cancer risk with actos increased in patient's with hx of/or active bladder cancer, no increase in risk has been shown otherwise. worsening of congestive heart disease is biggest issue with actos. did you try building up metformin, 500mg once daily for week or 2 then 500 mg twice a day for week or 2, 1gram in AM, 500mg pm for week or two up to 1g twice a day? this can help. also realize the goal of A1c of 6-7% is ideal but they are starting to re-think that a bit, so eat right, stay active and if you don't get to exactly <7% on A1c don't sweat it too much
  2. Some days r just better than others.
  3. Nice ! What does he have?
  4. Should require cop bullets to b .40 cal or greater. Improve odds of optimal outcome. In regard to this thread, try not to let a bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Almost without fail when cops shoot it involves some bonehead who refused to follow simple commands.
  5. Great for bream too!
  6. Great dog and gun and day. Jealous I am.
  7. Yes they get 10 cents for every pill they Rx. And they faked the moon landing those icehole doctors.
  8. Great! Appreciated.
  9. yeah the vinegar thing seemed to knock back the dollar weed infestation i was/am having
  10. so the bigger a guy's hands and feet the bigger his unit, same hold true for womens? and would that be good or not?
  11. they are amazing, didn't think i was gonna get any, too cagey. i started adjusting color in processing and looks like it did weird things to my backgrounds, oh well. i am shooting sitting on front deck of my center console, wish i had power poles, couldn't get anything laser sharp.
  12. They sound fantastic, nothing better than insane topwater busting fish and 10lb of fish in a kayak can be all kinds of challenging. To me that would be worth a 3 day trip to pursue them exclusively. Do they prefer warmer weather or shut down in high heat?
  13. He was playing in rolled up carpet