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  1. Main rod is a 10' Shimano Speed Master with a Spinfisher VI 5500 loaded with 40lb J-Braid. Lighter set up is a 9' Tica TC2 paired with a BG 4000, spooled with 30lb Power Pro. Pretty happy with both of them. Working on a bait set up now.
  2. So what you are saying here is that only lifeforms that directly benefit us in some way deserve to live. That goes well beyond arrogance, and is, frankly, disgusting. The complete disregard for life that people show because they think that we own the planet rather than share it with other living things is ridiculous and shameful. Further, you have no idea what the effect would be if we lost plovers. There may be none, there may be some huge ones. Just because a species' importance in the ecosystem is not immediately apparent to you does not mean that they are worthless. If the beach closures bother people so much, they should get off their asses and do something about it. Start a petition. Call your local government and offer alternatives. Try to get a study started proving your point of view to get things changed. Pissing and moaning and talking trash on the internet only makes them look childish.
  3. She was bothered by someone displaying the state bird?
  4. I just hold the jig head up alongside the plastic to measure and hold my thumb there while I am pushing it on. Works for me.
  5. Just did a quick Google search, and CMS tackle in New Bedford, MA has them on their site. I think it is against the rules to post a link directly, but it is one of the first results to come up.
  6. Nope. Never looked, to be honest. Protest with your votes and keep fishing. It is not as big a deal as people are making it out to be. The sky is not falling because you (figurative, not you specifically) have to drive 20 minutes to fish instead of 10.
  7. So much panty bunching over such tiny animals. We have 130 miles of coastline. You can find another spot to fish for a little while, I am sure.
  8. I have never eaten one before, so I may keep one in the 32" range just to try. If I do not like it, I know my brother will eat it, so it will not go to waste. Keeping one or two a year will not make a huge impact in the long run.
  9. It was my understanding that (in New Jersey, at least) it is legal to catch them, but not legal to keep them or even take them out of the water. That is what the law means by 'take, possess, or land.' So all unhooking/leader cutting must be done as quickly as possible and in the water. Could not hurt to call F&G to clarify.
  10. Got out front for a bit this morning. Chilly, southeast wind and heavy surf making anything less than 2oz impossible to work. Got some weeds and two sand crabs. Called it after 45 minutes.
  11. Good stuff, man. I wish I had a picture of my first, but it was pitch black and I was half asleep.
  12. Have you tried an improved clinch knot? I have been using it exclusively for years, and have not had it slip once.
  13. Duplicate post.
  14. I saw bass reports on the book of faces for a week or two, then nothing. No lie, have not even seen a bass in person this season. All bluefish all the time.
  15. I use a barrel swivel as well. Improved clinch knots on swivel and clips. Never had one come undone on me, and I can pretty much tie them with my eyes closed.