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  1. I am reasonably certain most people that own RVs and snowmobiles are not using them to make a living.
  2. It is not the fishing. It is gathering in large groups to do it.
  3. We appreciate your sensibility. Happy to have you back when this crap is over with.
  4. I do not mind paying a little bit more at a small shop. I like supporting small and local businesses as often as possible, and not just for tackle or bait. If it helps, think of the extra few bucks you spend there as an investment, or paying for other services. You cannot call Amazon and ask for advice on what the fish are hitting in your area. You cannot go into a Walmart (at least, not in my experience) and trade stories with the associate about the trophy fish you put back this morning. An employee at Dick's is not going to front you the cost of a couple of clams or some extra line because you have been a loyal customer for years. To me, that is worth paying an extra two dollars for an SP Minnow.
  5. I have seen people use very thin line to cinch around skin tags to get them to fall off.
  6. You can find sub-$100 Costas on sites that specialize in older styles or models. I found a pair of Blackfins for $99 on Sierra Trading Post's website. Before that, I wore Typhoon Mariners for years. Excellent polarization for the price, but they pick up fingerprints and smudges like nobody's business.
  7. When I lived in Florida, I saw people driving everything you could imagine on the sand. Old muscle cars, new sports cars, beater sedans, even Harleys the riders were probably still making oversized payments on. Money cannot buy brains.
  8. It was all I used for a long time. Then, in the last year or so, I started having problems. Wind knots (which I kind of attribute to myself; cannot say that was the line with certainty) and break offs. Two different rods/reels, two different weights, two different batches of line. Break offs for no reason. Very disappointed that the line that was so good to me for so long is now letting me down. Switched to J Braid and have not had a problem yet.
  9. This is fantastic. He should do one every year; there is certainly no shortage of dimwits taking their cars on the sand.
  10. Honestly, that was my thinking, too. But none of them stuck around; they all cruised around following the birds, then took off north. When the birds got closer, I could not see any fish feeding near the surface, and the gulls were not feeding very aggressively. Looked like the were just following something and making a half hearted attempt once in a while. It was weird.
  11. I was there a little after that. There was a guy in one of those off-road mule vehicles stopping in between every two guys. He was intentionally stopping right next to us, even when there was room. I left after an hour or so; too crowded, nothing biting.
  12. What make/model? Do they come with the mounting hardware/locks or is this just for the cameras themselves?
  13. I counted 11 or 12 boats where I was in OC this morning. None of them catching anything.
  14. Creekside Outfitters in Waretown stocks Jigging World rods now, including the Shadow, if you want to get your hands on one in person.
  15. I did a lot of freshwater fishing when I was a kid. Including opening day of trout season every year. The local sportsmen's club organized a children's tournament at the local stocked pond, and arranged it so the kids could help. F&G would fill a bucket with trout and hand it off to a kid. Kid runs to the pond and turns the fish loose. After the fish were in, everyone started fishing. Kids under 13 only, if memory serves. Every year, without fail, parents would pick trout out of the buckets by hand and either hook them to send them out for the kids to reel in, or put them directly onto stringers. Always disgusted me, even that young.