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  1. Can you post pics?
  2. sounds good, I'm gonna pm you
  3. What area are you in, Brick? Would you do $75? can get it today or tomorrow
  4. Sure, give me a few I'll upload them in a little bit after dinner
  5. Heres some pics. In good shape, smooth and fully functioning. Antireverse wasnt working and I replaced it now works again. It also had an older style handle on it with the wooden t knob on it and I put that handle on it but I can send either
  6. Sounds good, yours, I'll pm you. Thanks! Sorry got the asking. 3500 is still available if you're interest I'll post pics. Still looking for 80 on that.
  7. Not really looking for trades right now to be honest but thanks!
  8. Bump, $80 shipped for either bg, with box and braid. I also have a pflueger president size 40, just changed the anti reverse on it. $30 shipped. Pics to follow.
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. My dad tells me the same thing all the time that if hes ever in a situation where he needs life support, to just let him go peacefully and quickly. I hope I'm as brave as you if that situation ever arrives.
  10. Also have a 3500 that I will be selling as well, but need to wait on another reel to arrive before I sell that one
  11. Would like to sell a daiwa bg 2500. Used for last summer, about 5 times, very well kept. Decided to upgrade to a saltist back bay. Excellent condition, spooled with 15 lb braid. Comes with original box. $85 shipped paypal or venmo.
  12. I have a size 40 pflueger president, just replaced the antireverse on it and cleaned it. $30 shipped. Would be a good little beater reel.
  13. 07403
  14. Alright I'll offer $30 for the lot, only because I dont think I'd ever throw those tiki lobsters to be honest
  15. If you decide to split it up I'd be interested in the kinamis