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  1. Do you still have both?
  2. Great reel and nice deal, I own 3 in that size and use em for fluke and stripers and they've been amazing. Enjoy
  3. If it's 100 shipped I'll take the 4000 evict
  4. Hi, I'll take this. Pm me payment info
  5. Not a problem, thanks for the reply.I 'm set on getting a GPS locking system, but right now I'll consider mostly anything as a placeholder if it's the right size It's pretty clear that motors are super backed up on production from how hard a time I'm having
  6. Absolutely, let me know what you have and the length and lb thrust. I'd prefer nothing too old but can't be too incredibly picky. I'm having serious trouble locating trolling motors pretty much anywhere
  7. Looking to buy a Bow mount Trolling motor for my boat I recently purchased. I need a 60" shaft as it's a deep v. Preferably 24v, like a 70 or 80 thrustish. Looking to see if anyone has something they're willing to part with. I'd like to get something with GPS locking like ipilot if anyone has something but would get something as a holdover till then if need be. Located in north jersey
  8. Ok ill take a look and let you know if anything catches my eye. Thanks! Yes I do, sounds good I'll pm you. Pending that sale I'll be down to 1 more spool of 50 remaining.
  9. Sounds good! I'll send you a pm
  10. Perfect sending you a message now. Thanks. Pending that sale and a deal with morning woods, I am officially OUT of 60 lb but have 50 lb remaining. Thanks for everyone helping me clear this stuff quick!
  11. I usually don't toss much big wood, I throw more slims and like 5-6" Danny or jetty swimmer style plugs are my usual. I have that same striperbite in white and haven't caught in it but always liked it
  12. Hmmm, let me see what you have then in the larger ones. I'm not much of a snap jigger, I usually throw 3-4 oz to get down but I do want to try it more
  13. Unfortunately I said I'd give morningwood 1st shot at 2 spools of 60 since we are negotiating an offer for plugs he has, which leaves me with 1 spool of 60 left. I'll give you first shot at that last spool, $40 shipped, or we can do a spool of 50 with the 60 instead
  14. What do you have in white, chart, and wine? I was looking for heavy for jigging in deeper water with the boat. What style bucktails are they?
  15. Sounds good to me! Will do. That leaves 1 spool of 60 for anyone else wanting it