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  1. Hi guys, I have 2 tsunami shield 4000s and like them, but both have been giving me issues. I was able to open one with the tool provided and found that the main gear is completely toast, most of the teeth are just completely flattened. On the other one, it is not oscillating, but I cannot get the side plate off to save my life! So 2 questions: any tips on how I can get that side plate off? It is just locked on there I cant budge it (the other one took as lot to get off too but eventually I got it). And second, is there anywhere to buy replacement parts for tsunami? Thanks!
  2. Hi, he passed, all yours
  3. Alright I'll do 60, that's lower than I was really looking for but I dont even use the reel anyway. PM me.
  4. Can you do $65?
  5. Got it, sorry was busy today and just saw it.
  6. Alright I'll do that, pm me your info. Thanks!
  7. Gonna bump this for one more shot, let me know if you have any trades, I'll take a $20 gift card for it to a fishing store
  8. I was gone for the week in the adirondacks so never got a chance to update this, I'm back so $5 off all the remaining reels. Quantum energy ptic sold all others still available
  9. Yes, I didnt even notice it had a screw missing, I'll put another one in I have a bunch of other shimano baitcast reels in pieces. And yes I forgot to post it had a crack in that spot on the side plate, it has 0 effect on the reel.
  10. Yours, and I will post some better pics of them tomorrow, they are the 3 together in the one picture below the 2 quantum spinning reels
  11. Need to clear the heard, I have a ton of reels I have that I am looking to sell. All prices are shipped PayPal, or I'd do venmo as an alternative if you wanted. Casting reels: Like new in box shimano caenen 151 baitcast reel. Used maybe 3 times but I use mostly righties so it's just sat. Left handed, 6.3:1 gear ratio. Spooled with 30 lb braid. $70 shipped. Shimano Citica 200e, right handed. The original drag star broke and was replaced with one from a different reel which works excellently. It also has a Curado 300e handle on it so it has bigger knobs. $75 shipped. -EDIT: I forgot to mention that the right side plate has a crack in the bottom, it does not effect the reel. The missing screw has been replaced.- Shimano Castaic CA-200. Right handed, in very good shape for its age. Classic reel. $55 shipped. Browning Midas right handed 7.1:1 gear ratio baitcast reel. Reel is in great condition. The original handle had a knob break off and the handle was replaced with a long shaft handle from a skeet reese reel. $40 shipped. Pflueger Asaro right handed 6.4:1 gear ratio baitcast reel. Bought this one used, only used it once myself, just taking up shelf space, $45 shipped. Lews Laser mg baitcast reel, right handed 6.4:1 ratio. Spool has some small nicks on the left side, still works. Nice little starter reel. $30 shipped. Spinning: Quantum Energy 25 PTIC. Great reel, has a new spool on it with 15 lb braid on it. Comes with a second spool that has some paint chipping on it but still works. Reel shows some outer wear but works awesome. $65 shipped. Quantum Energy Inshore size 20. Reel is in excellent shape, very little wear. $70 shipped Pflueger president size 20, dave genz light bite and Frabill ice hunter reels. Both are small ultralight size reels perfect for an ultralight rod or for ice fishing. The president has seen a lot of use mostly the ice fishing, while the frabill and Dave genz are like new off a combo I bought this winter. $35 shipped for all 3. I also have a bunch of older quantum baitcast reels I can sell, I believe old energy but they have wear and dont have the names visible on them. $30 a piece, $75 for all 3 shipped.
  12. I have a $25 fandango gift card that's been sitting in my wallet for a long time and I'll probably never use. If you havent used fandango, it's a website that you can buy tickets to movies in theaters, they have a ton of locations available to get them, you can go to and see if theaters by you are available, they have Bow Tie, AMC, Regal, etc by me. I almost never go to the movie theater, and my brother began working at a local one so I can get steep discounts and free tickets there meaning I really have no need for it. Id love to trade it for a $25 gift card to Bass pro shops or cabelas since I have other gift cards I can use there, but I'd trade it for other gift cards like Dicks Sporting Goods or another sporting good store if i had to. Otherwise I will sell it for $20 shipped or $18 paypal and I'll send you the code so you can use it (you'll have to trust me, i wont use it, i get free tickets already theres no value in me using it). Thanks!
  13. Sounds good, yours. I'll send a pm
  14. Gonna give this oke more bump at $80 shipped firm. Thanks.
  15. No problem. Cant see dropping any lower than 80. Thanks for the interest