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  1. $160 shipped for the Ghost Hunter 450?
  2. Dry Tortugas in December
  3. They were made by Everol, fairly timeless reels. Check out the ***********ociation for more info.
  4. I figured out the diamond jig, Bridgeport used to make this style.
  5. @IslandSurf Thanks, is there any obvious mark that makes it a Gibbs? Here are two closeups of the eelie's lip.
  6. I picked up these plugs awhile ago, the green/silver/white plug is 7" w/o the lip and 59 grams while the Danny is 6" w/o the lip and weighs 66 grams. The tail end of the green/silver/white plug is totally green and the tail end of the Danny is unpainted. Any ideas on the builders? The top one looks like it could be a Pichney. I also got this diamond jig recently in a lot, took a picture because it looked different and have since caught a few nice snapper & grouper on it. Any idea who makes this shape? It weighs ~8 oz. Thanks!
  7. $36 shipped for the lot?
  8. I'll do 55, I'll send a pm.
  9. How about $50 shipped for the lot?
  10. I'll take this if you accept Paypal. Thanks.
  11. I would check to see who owns the waters and go from there.
  12. The secret weapon for my club's 6lb test tournaments, still unused with everything in the box for when I want to compete.
  13. How about $30 shipped for the lot?