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  1. That's not a knife, that's a spoon.
  2. I've caught them on rattle traps and pilchards on seemingly open sand beaches, always near submerged rocks, down in Dade.
  3. Did they sell? Seems like there was no other interest.
  4. Offer $30 shipped
  5. I'll stick to my offer, if things change let me know and I'll pay promptly. It's a gift for my younger brother who's just getting into the sport.
  6. How about $100 shipped for the lot via PP?
  7. Great, I have some xflock so easy enough to verify. I'll take it, PM sent.
  8. I'll say I'll take it, assuming I can get an answer to the following question, and take the meetup coordination to PM. However, the blank appears unmarked, is there anything denoting it as a 1505 slingshot? I'm not an expert in these and want to be sure it's what I'm getting.
  9. Looks like I edited the additional questions as you were responding, is there anything there? What part of Queens? I'm in the Bronx for a few busy days, conveniently nights are probably the only time that would work. Any chance you could meet on this side?
  10. Where are you located and what times are most convenient to meet? Is the blank marked and/or do you have a build receipt?
  11. Any chance to meet up with the rod in Manhattan or the Bronx tomorrow? Can take it for asking with cash.
  12. I paid ~150 for the Team Daiwa 12' spinning rod on Amazon, can't recommend it enough for heavy surf bait fishing. I use it with a Torque 9 spooled with 65lb braid. Has plenty of backbone and launches big baits with ease.
  13. Yep, a year. I am happy enough with the reels and not sure how I lost one of the handle screw caps, but because they are interchangeable I swap the one I have between my 5000 (jigging reel) and my 8000 (big-toothy-critters-from-the-beach reel).
  14. I ordered a handle screw cap for my BG last April, still waiting on it. Even called a few service centers directly and they don't have it either.