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  1. New? Pictures?
  2. 7'6" has worked well year-round, even when the winds pick up, for throwing the usual suspects of xraps, spoons and soft plastics in the surf. Can typically cover all of the first trough just fine. If they're pushed up and I want to be more parallel I've waded out a bit, but am not sure if that really helps much. Similarly, not sure 3' of extra length is going to help the angle that much either.
  3. Looking to buy a few non-jointed Storm Thunderstick Giants. Been steadily picking up individual new ones on eBay for $13-16, figured I'd ask here and see if I can get a few at once and either save on shipping or get some used ones to merely save on price. Looking to buy up to 6. Prefer the white and copper colors and will take both suspending and the deeper version (the lip size tells them apart). Would buy a jointed version to try out if I can get it shipped with a regular one.
  4. Gotcha, was hoping you were interested more in the bailless feature than the increased capacity. I'll pass.
  5. It's similarly lightly used (really wish I bought the bailed version) spooled with 300 yards of 20lb Yozuri. Are you making the upgrade to get the larger capacity spool? I believe the 3500 and 4500 are the same, except for the spool size, but the bailless body weighs slightly less than the bailed version.
  6. Pictures? What is it spooled with? Any interest in a BLS 4500?
  7. Would you take $120 shipped for the SS needles and the first, third and sixth rapalas (counting from the top)? I'm assuming the swivels are all ok on the super strikes.
  8. Soak in a bucket of water with oxiclean
  9. Fyi, have something that popped up between 2:30 and 3:15. Just sharing, hopefully won't cause an issue.
  10. I have a 113H with posts, chrome spool and a lot of 65lb braid. The drag ramps up fast and is fairly binary (either grouper mode or close to nothing) but is otherwise functional. I have not used it since the last time I serviced it. Asking $50. I'm right off exit 4 in Greenwich, so pickup during the week should be easy if you work in Stamford.
  11. Looks great, to be clear I'll take it.
  12. I'll take this for ask pending pictures, assuming condition is as described.
  13. Any rust? Any accidents?