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  1. State waters extend out 9 miles on the Gulf Coast.
  2. Wow, the closest I see them down here is just past the first sandbar (~70+ yards out from shore and the sharks are visible because I'm fortunate to be quite high up while scanning the beach). Probably wouldn't be that crazy to be casting off the bar while at low tide and then walking back to shore to land it, right?
  3. In the SE I've been doing well on snook with large, natural colored paddle tails attached to black flare hawks since the mullet showed up in October.
  4. Looks like a great excursion, but that's only a proposed rule at this point . I've been trying topwater for the blacktips in Dade with no luck yet, plenty of jacks though for cut bait.
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. Definitely no Paypal? I'm interested in the 525 and would need it shipped to FL.
  7. If that's $40 for the lot I'll take it. Please PM me your address.
  8. I've used the newer red/black 10' and 12' spinning Ugly Stiks for shark fishing down in Florida, neither are great for horsing them in (too noodly) and it is definitely more of a lob cast to get out the bait with a sinker (again, noodly). I haven't tried the 9' model, but I found the 10' to be the better rod as it gave the fish less leverage and I could cast it better than the 12'. I've since switched to the 12' Team Daiwa spinning rod and couldn't be happier, it's more expensive than the Ugly Stiks but it's a stiffer rod that lets me consistently get a big bait+sinker out ~60 yds.
  9. I'm in
  10. Miami Dade is showing signs of red tide now, Haulover Beach was closed today.
  11. I recently picked up 2 new-in-box (parts, manual, reel bag, blue velvet/plastic stand, and even the reel grease!) Penn International 6's with some peculiarities. They are both October 1980 production models, but the manuals in the boxes are different. The reel with the lower serial number ("Reel A") has a manual that doesn't even show the Intl. 6 (it shows the 12H at the low end) while the other ("Reel B") includes the 6 as well as the 12 and 12W. I assume they ran out of the earlier manuals since it was getting towards the very end of production for these reels. Furthermore, Reel A's box has a sticker on one of the ends that was placed over the gear ratio information that shows 3.5:1 and, after testing both reels, they both have 3.5:1 ratios. Odd since these are supposed to be 4:1 reels but I've only come across one other reference online to the exact same type of sticker on an International 12 box - so not sure what's up. Anyone have any more insights into these? I'm not exactly sure what I have.
  12. Looks like a yellowfin mojarra, and that "permit" looks like a pompano.
  13. Not seeing mullet down in Dade yet, but plenty of smaller pilchards (getting gilled in a 3/8" net) and what look like the same-sized pompano or jack crevalle.
  14. I'll take this, PM me your Paypal info.
  15. I haven't seen any mullet yet but there are some huge schools of jacks and lots of snook running down the beaches in the last 2 weeks.