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  1. I have this new with tags and still in the plastic, looking to get $120 picked up in 10464 or 06830.
  2. I have a 7xh Nexus, rated 3-8oz, that's new with the tags still on. Looking to get $120 picked up in 10464 or 06830.
  3. Original gear sleeve? If so, any rounding? Is the new dog stainless or a second one?
  4. How about $400 for the bottom 4 sirens and the SA?
  5. Is that hook rash and rust on the belly of the SA? Are the bottom 4 sirens new or used?
  6. I'll pass, thanks.
  7. How about 250 excluding the sorry charlie? (Since you seem to have another buyer)
  8. How about $320 shipped for this and the sirens?
  9. $160 via PP?
  10. Yankee Capts halfway ledge trip is a great experience.
  11. All stock internals?
  12. Ok, sounds good, will follow up on Wednesday via PM to confirm and get the exact address.
  13. Great, is there a good time for me to come to you on Thursday or Friday?
  14. Are you available Thursday or Friday? Will take it if it's mechanically sound.