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  1. I will take it Thanks
  2. Funds sent Thanks
  3. Hi Snook Will take #1 purple surfster 7300
  4. Sure Will send 200 pp
  5. K Also sent you a PM with address Thanks
  6. Thanks for the CC surfsters

    New 7400  $75

    New Yellow 7300  $60

    Yellow 7300 with rust in lip $50

    Total $185


    Eric Johnson

    7 Shapen Way

    Oceanport, NJ 07757



    Please provide PP address

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dead Duck

      Dead Duck

      sure  will send 200 pp shortly

    3. SnookFly


      Sorry - PayPal was wrong - correct is 

    4. Dead Duck

      Dead Duck


      Payment sent


  7. I will take the 2 yellow 7300 and the new 7400 (first plug on top in pic)
  8. Bob I will respectfully take these for the asking price of 70 if you will honor the price you posted
  9. ?? Bob Your offer post says $35 each
  10. Offer $65 for both ? Only shipping to one address
  11. Lets pick on NJ - maybe not Market hunters in the late 1800's/early part of 1900's used Punt Guns - large bore and very long guns that were notched into the small boats they floated on. These slowly floated to rafts of ducks - typically divers like Broadbill and Canvasback These home made large bore shot guns - up to 2 inches in diameter and a lb of buckshot - sprayed these swimming rafts and killed dozens of birds with one shot which were then shipped to city restaurants. Punt Guns were outlawed in 1918. This method was used primarily in Maryland in the upper Chesapeake around Havre de Grace area. It was also used in the Susquhanna River in Pa, Pamlico sound in NC, NY, Mass and Barnegat Bay. But Maryland was the center of this prior to any regulation
  12. Blue and Black Marlin
  13. Posting a location for pickup might help
  14. It might be in the textbooks However there is not much emphasis from academia on our past and the "American Experiment" Middle school and High School educators could learn a lot from Mr Bigdeal Just my opinion
  15. Much more of this needs to be taught in our schools Unfortunatley I believe curriculums seem to be following a different path in our schools