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  1. @the3fishheads "Cove Corner" (as Fishy likes to call it), probably isn't even a mile long, but sure, whatever you say!
  2. We'll say the Inlet and leave it at that. Anyone else got anything good to share? Who's getting away from the BBQ this weekend?
  3. Today turned out to be a good day -- just took a while. Took a trip up northside to * with a half-assed plan for my buddy w/ boat to cruise cross the Sound to pick me up. When that plan fell through, I worked * for a while around 4pm. Good conditions, a handful of other anglers. Threw the bag but no hits. Packed it in and headed back towards *. VERY glad that on my way I decided to make a stop at my old stomping grounds -- *. I don't feel like I'm burning the spot here, cause if you've fished the South Shore/West End before, chances are you've fished this. Just after sunset on the popper. Obviously released to fight on another day. Interested to hear folks' experiences at either of the two places I mentioned! Tight lines all.
  4. Alright team, opening this up again -- anyone been gettin after it on South Shore so far this spring? Trying to get out next week -- will probably start in AB and work my way East.
  5. Correct — * Hoping to give it another shot soon, maybe on a cloudier day. Excited for what the fall could bring. I’m feeling good about a smaller plug. Hit me up if interested!
  6. Apologies for the long hiatus! But I was back in the AB surf this morning at about 6 to 9:30. Somewhat slow early on, but at about 8 had my soft plastic hit pretty good, then an 30-40 min later had my blue/white popper get SLAMMED. 3 feet of water, probably 25 feet in front of me. Definitely a small to decent sized striper by the feel of it. Fish popped it around, I couldnt get my hook set, leader got tangled up in the treble hook and ended up losing the fish in the wash. Tough. How have you guys been doing out in AB this summer? Didn't see much bait but there were birds working a bit further out. I know there's been fish this summer -- (I actually had a 20 inch striper swim right under me while I was throwing the frisbee in the water with my girl and her best friend back in early July, lol) but I wanted see how yall are faring. Hope its been a good one for everyone.
  7. Anyone here have any good tips on fishing *the south shore? I've had great fall run action on the Sound this fall, but each time I've been out on the jettys on *the south shore... it's skunk city... no bunker, barely any few birds, and no splashes. Beach and Jetty access (especially after Labor Day) is really not a major issue on *the south shore and I've never seen cops try to hassle anyone. Just wondering if anyone has any good tips for the beach, which feels like it should be a money spot.