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  1. It’s incredible just about anywhere in Alaska but Kenai Peninsula/Katmai are incredible fishing for sure. The sockeye runs are so thick “walk across the river on their backs” is a reality and not just phrase you hear a guide say in Pulaski Ny Once you’ve seen what it’s like in Alaska it makes you wonder what all the Atlantic salmon and shad runs were like here long ago before we developed/industrialized/stocked etc.
  2. Glad you had such a great trip. It’s such an amazing place I actually got depressed when I came home. Fishing my little local stream...
  3. I had the privilege of living in Sitka for three months in the summer and the fishing is as good as your photos show. There are days up there where it’s like being in a discovery Chanel show with all the wildlife but then it will rain for two solid weeks. If you had clear weather you had the trip of a lifetime I bet. Do dozens and dozens of eagles still live in the giant spruce across from the fish packing plant? They would fill sky in the bay like crows when the plant would wash all the guts out to sea.
  4. Out back in northern CMC 4:00 am till 9:00. Couple of large blues all on SP but I didn’t eat em cause I didn’t have any avacado with me (hot sauce helps too I’ve heard) saw a couple fluke caught
  5. I'm only a yeah ahead of you in the salt but I can tell you the most important thing I learned about fishing jettys other than appropriate footwear is to Keep your head on a swivel. Even when it's calm out a random wave can impact a jetty and wash over you or cause you to lose your balance. Also, when you do get hit with a wave it's important not to over react. If you get soaked so be it. I watched a guy try to jump out of the way to avoid a soak and he needed up falling, got beat up and broke his rod. Good of luck
  6. While I'm new to surf fishing I've been trout/salmon & bass fishing since I was a kid. Doing what you can to prevent harm to the fish is important but keeping yourself safe is #1. I watched a budy of mine try to get a rapala out of his dogs nose once. He ended up with one treble buried in the meet of his hand and the other in the tip of the dogs nose. Most painful thing you could imagine with all the thrashing about. He ended up with some permanent damage from it. If that dog had been a blue flish the first thing he would have done was kill it to stop it from tearing his hand to pieces. Keep yourself safe and that provides you with the oportunity to safely release the fish. Use your foot or gripper or whatever technique works best for u and does the least damage I say.
  7. Fished with my dad Out front MonCo from 10-2 while the Mrs. Went shopping got one fluke and one short bass. Met a fellow SOL'r Bryan from PA. Good luck with the fly. Water looked great but fishing was poor
  8. Out front MonCo 3-7pm first skunk of the year for me too. Couple guys and only one reported catching anything.
  9. I tie flies almost every day and was going to tie a bunch of these up but couldn't decide on a hook selection? Anyone have a personal preference or does it really not matter at all. I use all white teasers I bought last season with a built in swivel and I catch almost half of all the dinks i catch on it.
  10. I fish for smallies on the fly every chance I get. If you tossing big streamers then an 8 wt is fine but you can have a blast using a 6wt rod with floating line and tossing foam block head poppers. You would be amazed how they explode on those things - white is best imo
  11. Skunked in the bay from 5am to 8 in MoCo and then went out front from 10 - 2. No bass but got a keeper size fluke on a hbkins(released).
  12. Fished out back this morning from 5 to 8 and missed one. Lots of fishermen and few fish caught
  13. Caught 8 schoolies and my first keeper (released) out front at a popular spot in MonCo yesterday from 1pm till about 9. SP, metal, teasers and swim shads. Everyone else was fishing clams but not catching. Heading out back this morning to try on the fly
  14. All the streams in my area are stocked full of fish and the cold weather has helped keep the fishing pressure to a minimum. Picked up 17 on Sunday and lost at least as many. Fished yesterday after work and picked up another half dozen or more. Streams are all at a good level too.
  15. I can't figure out how to post a pick. But we dropped a 100 ft tall Beech tree on top of my buddies Toyota Tacoma. Lesson learned - just keep fishing