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  1. Thanks alot!! Very interesting i did experience some wobble on retrieve with the ultegra but nothing to be concerned about. for me its quite important to get a really good slow oscillation and line wrap to further my cast so at the moment the shimano xtc ultegra ci4 is in the arena.. im prepared to look overseas for a good reel also but im rellying on people like yourself with your reviews. i also wash my rods and reels religiously and have never had any magnesium corrosion issues. I have played with wuite a few greases and found that the penn factory frease is very good and lasts years although i use the blue yamaha marine grease and i flood my bearings with a special nano armament sythetic oil. Just like new after that. I also picked up a small trick of lining the entire teeel case edge where it meets the other case with marine grease and then i will place grease on the screw threads to seal. This helps alot with ingress of water.
  2. Well i was looking and looking and i went and tried the daiwa ballistic rod and found it too stiff and fast for my liking... i almost settled on a nitro messiah but it was an overhead and then i found a 13 foot crucis elite surf i think its called. Seems pretty good for now... so bow im in the market for a new long cast reel as i had a slight accident thenother day at the beach and lost my entire serup rod and reel to the ocean.. i have and am pretty happy with the shimano ultegra xtb ci4 long cast but is there anything better out there right now. Im hearibg good stuff on the new penn long cast but hear its heavy??? your thoughts please
  3. Yes i dont have the time or money or will to do the custom build thing. i just want a factory go to rod
  4. Thanks mate, i already have 12 foot rods and want aomethjng slightly longer so perhaps that daiwa ballistic tournament aurf is the way to go im 6’2” and a fairly big guy if it helps with the debate
  5. Sounds great i also see they have the tournament sensor surf.. noe i just got to decide between zziplex, st croix, centuary, daiwa, tica, and that new shimano surf casting blue coloured rod... i just cant decide but i want something that isnt too fat down low, something sensitive enough but not like a glass rod, something that with decent power will flex and give me a good cast.... something already tried by others i guess as i cant go buying rods every month.. alot to digest and choose from
  6. Hi Dan, appreciate that. Im time poor at the moment and havent thrown a line in ages.. i am in the south west of sydney..
  7. My problem is i am wondering if there is a go to brand that stands out i guess i hear of zipplex, tica, assasin, st croix and so much more.. but is there a particular one that is the ants pants of rods
  8. Yes i am in aus.. i use a flourocarbon 20lb leader because most species we get off the beach unless its a ray, shark or jewfish are not that big... its extremely rare for us to get a legal (30cm) snapper from the beach in nsw atleast unless your off the rocks. Hence the smaller leader.. yes i agree with the comments about the rods, reel and line and i will invest in these clips my rigs are normally patternoster setup. Ok the cast may be between 70-90m.. although saying all else like reel and line and technicque is good id like to get a 14 foot rod but just dint know which 1
  9. Hi all im hoping to get some advice on what to get.. i currently use my shimano ultegra. 14000 ci4 with daiwa j braidx8 (50lb)to about 5m of fc rock flouro leader (20lb) and T this up to a MH penn prevail 12 foot rod... i am now after a 14 foot rod to get ultimate distance.. (im aware casting technique is vital) problem is i want to explore the range before i make a decision. I dont want the old style thick but glass rod but a more nodern thin type... i want tk be able to cast my bait more than 90m like i currently do and want to get the hardware to help me do it.. somive been looking at the daiwa tournament sensor surf.... The tica shizen, the shimano surf leader ultra and i dont know of any other than those.. i do keep hearing teally good stufd about the st.croix mojo surf and legend surf but they are 12 foot or close to... im wondering about these and will they be better than my penn prevail or not.. thanks Ivan
  10. Awsome review... i am an avid surf bait fisherman in australia and im always chasing the longer cast to get out past the last breaker.. i use a 12 foot penn prevail mh, a daiwa lateo (almost 11 foot) and im tryling a 3 piece crony (very good also) both the crony and daiwa use the 5500 ultegra ci4 xtb and the penn the ultegra 14000ci4 xtb. after a year i found no sand inside but i did find the grease washed out and the gears fairly dry. Infact i replaced bearings with spares from shimano.. i normally wash my reels under the hose ad soon as i get home from my trip.. i also have been experimenting with different greases and oils and have found that the optimal oil to use is a new age synthetic nano oil the best grease which does not slow down the speed of the reel is yamaha marine grease with a nice viscosity... it sticks to anything and will not washout in salt or fresh water... a big tip is to also NOT apply grease to the bearings themselves only oil under pressure or needle into the very small gap between the bearing seals.. the inly grease applied would be a very small amount to the seat area where the bearing resides into... id love to get a shimano aero technium although as far as i know this was never offered into the australian market..
  11. Hi guys, ive been following this forum for quite some time now and i feel i now need to tap into the knowledge of some. i do alot of surf fishing in australia and currently have two setups for bait fishing from the beach... i use: penn prevail 12 foot medium heavy with a shimano ultegra Ci4 14000 braid to fluorocarbon for the larger species such as mulloway daiwa lateo 11 mh with a shimano ultegra Ci4 5500 braid to flouro (love this setup) i manage to cast about 70 metres maximum with the daiwa and less with the penn stil trying to perfect the pendulum cast) i have been eyeing a replacement for the penn and the mojo surf looks like it.. the only problem is there are none in the 12 foot range in australia and there are many variants of handle and i dont want to go spending money to et one shipped when i dont know how it feels or handles.. i dont care about the colour design(could have been better if you ask me) but i really want to know is it as good as what people say it is? i want a 12 foot so i can cast further and it gives me that little bit more over the 11 foot daiwa.. any opinions or comments cheers Ivan