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  1. One of my absolute favorites.
  2. These were a gift. Unfortunately very disappointing.
  3. Please don’t remove me from your page for submitting a beer from Trader Joe’s. But this stuff is not bad at all. And at $6 a six pack I was willing to have to throw it out if it sucked. It did not.
  4. Zero Gravity makes some pretty good beer.
  5. I grabbed a four pack of each. Haven’t tried the Focal Banger yet, thanks.
  6. Vacationing in Stowe Vermont and our hotel is about 100 yards from The Alchemist so seems like a no brainer. Hoppy Topper is much better than expected.
  7. Picked these up yesterday. There from Stone, very light and only 4.7abv. Bought them on the cheap and pretty happy, great summer beer.
  8. I enjoy craft beer but never had any desire to brew my own at home. I’ve always felt there are so many to choose from in the beer distributors I go to, why waste my time. Well this past Christmas I got Craft a Brew as a gift. It makes 1 gallon of beer and you can buy the different beer recipes for $15 each. I’ll be giving it a try in the next day or two. If all goes well I may continue.
  9. Rocky Mountain
  10. Saw them in Costco myself and thought the same thing. If there still there next trip I’ll grab some more.
  11. One thing I forgot to mention is the guy that actually produces these belts Luke Znosko. He responded immediately when I had questions about the belt. He was very helpful and just a real good guy.
  12. Bought and used it this past season. I find it to be very comfortable, easy on and off and it’s great if you need the back support.
  13. Fire
  14. If you split I’d be interested in the top one.
  15. Good to hear that’s closer to me than Lakewood. I hit Last Wave this summer, good place.