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    Retired NYPD, currently owner/operator of a screen printing & embroidery shop.

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  1. Penn 700 sold to wiretap. G/M 402 still available, will entertain trades.
  2. I can split it with you at $45.
  3. Price drop Spinfisher 700 $50 shipped G/M 402 $20
  4. Ok
  5. Sort of the SOL equivalent of a peeping tom or in this case a peeping prican.
  6. Penn 716z sold to Hager23. Penn 700 and G/M 402 still available.
  7. It’s yours.
  8. 1- Penn Spinfisher 700 in good working order, some paint loss $60 shipped. 2- Penn 716Z in good working order, small paint scratch near emblem $60 shipped 3- Garcia-Mitchell 402, paint on spool looks like someone attempted to touch it up, it needs some work, when drag knob is loosened screw on top also loosens, or can be used for part $25 shipped. Paypal or
  9. It will be $23 with no fees incurred because I’m paying with my existing balance. It’s basically $23 cash.
  10. Very sorry for your loss.
  11. Can you do $23 shipped Venmo?
  12. Where are you located? Do you take Venmo?
  13. I’d be interested in the lil guy if you decide to split.
  14. No problem, good luck.
  15. $20 shipped.