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    Fishing, golfing, repurposing various items, drinking beer and eating food that's not good for me.
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    Retired NYPD, currently owner/operator of a screen printing & embroidery shop.

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  1. Payment sent, thanks
  2. Deal is good on my end I messaged you, thanks
  3. I’ll take the 7’ Lex, the solid black stubby, the green swirl, the black under the green swirl and the black, one up from the bottom. Would you do $30 shipped for those?
  4. I thought it was good, huge selection of plug builders. Sat in on the needlefish and bucktail seminar by Jimmy Fee which was pretty informative. Overall very good.
  5. Key
  6. Throat
  7. Verdict
  8. Mortality
  9. Would you sell 1 handle shipped for $15?
  10. +1 on the Red Gills. I use them in front of plugs as well as trailing a casting egg.
  11. I don’t need a gas can but that has a very cool look to it. It needs to be repurposed and given a second life.
  12. I highly recommend it. Used to use dowels and biscuits, this is much easier. Makes very strong joints quickly. Can’t speak for the other brands, but the Kreg is certainly worth it.
  13. This is where I’m at right now, just drilled.
  14. My PayPal is thanks