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  1. Makes sense thanks
  2. Relatively new to kayak fishing. Getting a little more comfortable with each outing. I have a Future Beach SOT kayak that I bought an upgraded seat for. My question is, are there any universal elevated seats that I could use on this kayak? Thanks.
  3. Coop
  4. Sorry for his loss, condolences to Tim and his family.
  5. Have the 9’ used it all of last year, bought an airwave elite so now it’s my back up. But for the money it’s an excellent rod. Good luck with it.
  6. Sorry to hear. My daughter recently went through the same thing with one of her German Shepherds, same exact symptoms. Vet told her the dog didn’t seem to be in pain and that she still had some time. Billybob is right, they pretty much do tell you themselves when it’s time. We had to put her down about 5-6 weeks later. It’s the absolute worst. You hate to see any pet owner have to go through it.
  7. Penn 716Z and a Penn 712 Greenie. I would describe both as excellent condition. Let me know if you’re interested.
  8. Fire
  9. Legal
  10. Smoked a couple of 3” pork chops, hot sausage, potatoes and heads of garlic. All came out delicious.
  11. Three
  12. Critter
  13. Lecture
  14. I’ve had one for 3 years. I now use it as a back up. It’s a great rod for the price. But like crazybellringer said, it’s a plugging rod.
  15. I’ll take them. Do they run true to size?