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  1. 9’3” is rated 3-5 oz while the 9’6” is rated 1/2- 3 oz. I have the 9’6” as well as the 10’6” and I highly recommend it. Good luck.
  2. mwhitt80, god bless you and your family. My three are now 33, 28 and 25, I swear I don’t know where the time went. And although we are very proud of the productive adults they turned out to be, I often miss the days of a crowded and loud house.
  3. Very funny stuff! But honestly, cherish these days.
  4. Thanks VSsteve I’ll give that a try
  5. I found the same results as ThrowinPlugs. I had a very difficult time getting it to dig and when it finally would it was tough to stay in contact with. Meanwhile the Northbar darter dug in immediately and got great action.
  6. Plug
  7. Parrot
  8. I saw this reel on line. It’s a Compaq Cadillac. Beautiful reel
  9. A Mitchell 306 was my first reel and had it for a long time. But I absolutely love the look of the old round ones like these.
  10. Mark, I’ll give that a try but it looks brass colored. I’m wondering if maybe the medallion was replaced. Thanks
  11. Booze
  12. Thanks for the response dockviewer, I though more were made also. I keep hearing the number 400 mentioned. Does the book make any mention of the medallion colors of the blackies?
  13. Picked this reel up at an estate sale and I am interested to confirm if it’s authentic. Spool is black plastic, paint in textured, not smooth. Paint loss shows no green paint underneath. The medallion is brass, should it be silver? Any information would be appreciated, thanks.
  14. Bombers
  15. Closing thread.