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  1. Lami all the way
  2. I know what bunker look like. These were slender like a killie. Just never seen one with that coloration. Maybe its a different strain.
  3. I was walking down the shoreline of a back bay on the long island sound, and I came across some smaller fish. They were about the sized of banded killifish, some being quite larger than others. They had a large pronounced black marking near their gills, something I've never seen on a killie before. Any ideas?
  4. There has to be a balance between between showing respect for your fellow angler, but still being able to have the confidence to fish where you want in a lineup or a group of guys. I've had many occasions where someone has jumped next to me and we had fish, and they were knowledgeable and respectful enough not cross lines and move out of the way and kept his line out of the water when I was fighting fish. I've also had people that cut next to you or cast over your shoulder and yell when they cross your line... It comes down to respect and knowledge.
  5. I know exactly what you're talking about... Us who scouted it after the storm will now pay with many "visitors"
  6. That would be a sweet back bay set up
  7. Has anyone been out to Moses inlet after all these storms? Curious to see what mother nature did over there.
  8. Looking for bigger ones. I'll pass thanks
  9. What does the danny weigh? I will take for $63 shipped if Jameson backs out
  10. This is awesome. I really hope they don't try to make minimal changes and jack up the price 50-100 bucks on us... Might hold off on buying a 4k until there is more info on these.
  11. I dropped about 60% of my fish after switching to single inline hooks on the back of my plugs. Mind you I was fishing a strong rip. Came back the next night with all trebles and did not drop one fish.
  12. Sounds like he enjoyed his time on the water. Rest in peace. I'm in.
  13. What LB test line do you spool your curado with?
  14. Looking for suggestions for a deep water fluke rod. Needs to be able to handle 6-8oz bucktails if necessary. I have a daiwa lexa 300HD I will most likely be pairing with the rod.
  15. $30 shipped and you got a deal