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  1. They’re real. The reason has to do with the upgraded components - much better than the crap stuff on the old ones. Reel seat with a lock, k frame guides etc. It was lami’s answer to people only buying the blanks and then customizing a fully built rod with their own components, now it comes w them but drove the price point to that of century, ODM etc
  2. Bite was great yesterday just as the sun went down. Caught a dozen or so between on the outgoing tide and with all the white water around - things finally felt fishy. The size of these bass was rather shocking too. Every single one was over 20 inches with two nice keepers in the mix. I guess other guys I've talked to have noticed the same thing, they're significantly bigger as a whole than the late April/early May bass we've seen before it seems. Worth the wait I suppose
  3. I had the same thing happen to me last year. I caught two shad on a crystal minnow out front during the spring. So bizzare. Then again I also caught an albie on a 8” pencil in September when they were feeding on bay anchovies. So yea, I’ve decided fish are weird.
  4. Keep at it Pm me if you want some tips or want to talk about where you’re tossing. Yep, had some of the same luck. Not 40 but more prevelant. Chasing bait all along the front today - it’s fishin’ season men!
  5. I found this guy in some pretty heavy surf, really couldn’t believe such a lil guy was hanging there. Queen cochair on a 3/4 head. And believe it or not it was the spot I went to last on my way home. Good luck thought tomorrow, let us know if you hook into one
  6. First striper oceanside this evening. They’re here!
  7. This is a great topic. While I agree that technique catches fish, it’s not all that hard to pick up all the information you need nowadays on the internet. Any yahoo can get a rod from Walmart and learn where, when and how - instantly. Doesn’t mean everyone catches, but there’s a greater number of people fishing now simply due to how easy access of information has gotten. That has effected the sport negatively in some ways. Some positive ways too though. I’m not that old and I see more people disrespecting fish than I’ve ever seen. And I’ll say it’s at least partly because it’s not “fishermen” fishing. I live in in a very touristy area and in the summer I see it every single flippin’ day I go. Yea, I blame the internet and technology for that. I’m happy more people can enjoy fishing now, but only the people that don’t bounce their bass off every rock on the way back in (or fish in my spots ).
  8. That’s a great idea. I don’t usually use a swivel but I am right now, trying tomorrow!
  9. FG. Death to swivels
  10. Sounds similar to what we've all been saying for the last two weeks lol
  11. Nice! The black paint was a nice touch Guess I'm going out tomorrow.
  12. Probably 50. I use 75 for my mainline too. Awesome, thanks for the insight. I honestly don’t change em out much, but this helps for sure. Never had a problem tying them direct though, but it’s a pain sometimes. Can’t believe it took me this long to figure out a quicker system to change them. The old, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” saying I suppose
  13. Anyone use small TA clips for teasers for spring stripers? I use em on the main lure but always just tied direct for the teaser. I now realize I could just be using a small TA clip to change out teasers quickly. Just wondering if anyone does this.
  14. Very cool! What state?
  15. Beautiful day, still no luck oceanside though.