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  1. Out front OC at sunrise yesterday. 3 smalls, 12” - 18”. One on a point Jude pojee, 2 on gulp eels! Biggest fish was a few hours after sunrise on the eel I put on the teaser. Had to leave to buy a Christmas tree.
  2. I caught 3 fish yesterday in 3 hours after sunrise. 1st catch - On a 1 oz diamond jig with the gulp eel slid up the hook as a trailer. I cut off the tube. Wasn’t having any luck with the diamond jigs with the usual tubes. Had a teaser on also, fly type. 12” fish. 2nd catch - On a point Jude Pojee, 2 oz I believe. Same teaser above. 12” fish. 3rd catch - on the teaser but I slid the gulp eel onto the teaser hook. Lure below was a 3 oz diamond jig with tube. 18” - 20” fish. All fish were caught roughly an hour apart each. For reference, I caught 3 fish last week, same sizes as above. Location was about 2 miles away. No gulp eels. Maybe they work!
  3. Anybody try Gulp eels this time of year? Buddy at work gave me a container. Might try them on a jig head tomorrow morning in place of an Ava. Mike
  4. Reel sold. Rod still for sale. Mike
  5. Ok thanks, reel goes to Catchg22. I’ll get a shipping quote today and let you know. PM to follow.
  6. I’ll consider shipping if the buyer pays shipping costs. Reel is in the box.
  7. Price reduction. Abu reel - $100 Penn rod - $90 Thanks Mike
  8. I just bought this setup about two months ago. Wanted to try bait fishing with a conventional reel for this fall run. Used it about five times and two of those were just practicing casting the conventional reel. I’m just not as interested as I thought I’d be. A fish hit it once but spit the hook. I have a plugging setup I instinctively go for when I fish. I’m in Ocean County and would like to sell this locally for cash. I will drive an hour or so to meet up if needed. Abu Garcia Blue Yonder Reel - 7000 size, magnetic brake, spooled with 20 lb mono. $150 Penn Battalion Rod - 12’, 6-12 oz lure rating. $100 Thanks, Mike
  9. 1st thing I built out of college was a shed. Went from eng. school to construction. I built mine on thick patio blocks. Use the 6x6’s. Good base for the rim board. Without the runners, I think you’ll find your rim boards won’t sit level because the blocks won’t be perfectly (dead nuts) level themselves and with each other. The runners will help even all of that out. Pressure treated for 6x6’s and joists.
  10. I bought a Penn Spinfisher VI bailless today, size 4500. Weighs 12.8 oz. Waiting for the delivery. Seems like this might fit the bill based on what your’re looking for. Can’t speak to matching it up with the rod.
  11. Thanks. Seems like all the reasons are good ones. I use a Battle II that I allow to get splashed. Don’t take very good care of it. It’s doing weird things now. Spins in reverse sometimes, gets really hard to reel sometimes. Then it goes back to normal. Guess the good reels are worth it. Not time for a Van Staal for me but maybe a Spinfisher or Slammer! Thanks Mike
  12. I was just checking out the BST threads and I see several Van Staal reels for sale. Why do so many people offer them up for sale? I started surf fishing last year and am trying to figure things out along the way. I just assumed that a Van Staal is the “ultimate” reel and possibly the goal to buy for fisherman. Mike
  13. OC this morning, 4:45 - 6:45. Both sides of high tide, plus sunrise. Birds in front of all of us for about 10 minutes, juuuuust out of range, of course. I felt confident, though. Big skunk-a-lunga-ding-dong. Thought I’d try to beat the super cold, windy weather coming today and tomorrow. No luck.
  14. Ha, you got me; misplaced modifier. Somewhat similar, I lost my sunglasses in the surf on Sunday. Hung them in the front of my waders, first cast caught them with my hand and they flew into the water. Of course it was brown water and they immediately disappeared. Gone forever. They lasted me 2 years. Cheapos from West Marine. I then found an old pair covered in barnacles laying in the sand when I left the beach.
  15. Good idea with the hat! I’ll need to do that if I ever catch one!