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  1. I'd like to fish that plug.
  2. I only use 2 piece surf rods. I put them in the bed of the pickup on the floor. I have 2x4 dividers across the floor that I screwed split foam pipe insulation on to protect the rods when they lay across them. The bed has a folding, non-rigid tonneau cover. Security wise it isn't the best. However, I don't have any fishing stickers of any kind on the truck that invite people to be curious about what is in the bed. Makes it easy to stop at a store with gear in the bed and not be too concerned about theft. 1-piece fluke rods fit diagonally across the bed.
  3. In. Happy new year. Wishing for peaceful fishing for all.
  4. Central OC, middle of outgoing at sunrise today, only fished for about an hour. Nice wave action, a lot of lettuce in the water every cast. Light north wind. Skunked again. Will give it a few more trips than hanging it up. Nobody else caught around me, a few guys out but that's it.
  5. How do you fish the Sluggo? I got a personal best on a rigged Sluggo just reeling it slowly, maybe a twitch or two.
  6. Thanks, everybody. Was hoping I didn't miss it. Looking to give them a try.
  7. Does anybody know when the new SaltX II rod will be available? Also, the more affordable version of the new rod (forgot its name). The Fisherman magazine had a video on the rods with the Tsunami rep about a month ago.
  8. I'll make this trade if you can figure out how to ship. I'll PM.
  9. Can you post some photos? Here are some photos of the genesis. I'd consider shipping, just have to deal with the logistics. Also, what's the butt to center of reel dimension?
  10. Ever in NJ? I have a 1-yr old genesis 9'.
  11. Skunk this AM in OC. Out in dark into first light. Had about 30 minutes left to fish before leaving for work. Unfortunately, had to leave earlier than that due to nature calling. Touch and go there a few times! Worst feeling in the world.
  12. 5 hours this morning in OC, not a bump. Guess I picked the wrong starting location, 2nd, and 3rd location. It's getting old. Next time I'm going to just fish with the crowds, which I try to avoid. I run and gun, but get the gun part wrong.
  13. Central OC in morning after sunrise, same place at sunset into dark. Both on the outgoing, skunk both sessions. Lots of people both sessions and all locations. Try again tomorrow.
  14. Ha! No vortex today, no fish caught today. I like these and the Al Gags paddle tails. I read that whole string about the expensive vortex paddle tails.
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