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  1. Thanks for this idea. SOL got me motivated to give surf fishing a try a few years ago. Still at it and caught well (for me) this fall thanks to what I learned here.
  2. I didn't catch anything either in OC this morning at sunrise. Found this on the beach, though.
  3. Got it, thanks.
  4. Thanks for all of the replies on the eels everybody. Goldy - How do you fish the Hurley? Slow, drag on bottom or just above bottom? Twitch or sweep the rod? Something other way?
  5. What size Tsunami eel? I have a pretty long one with a large hook but never caught anything on it. Same with a smaller Bill Hurley eel with straight tail, no luck.
  6. I could only find one this morning in northern OC. 22", took the teaser right after I changed from a needlefish to a mag darter. Maybe he liked the different action? About 20 minutes before sunrise. No visible first light or sunrise as it was incredibly foggy and overcast.
  7. I bought a Tsunami Carbon Shield II this summer and used it for surf fluke and late season stripers. 7'6". Great for both fish. Caught small fluke and stripers up to 24". $120, 1/8 to 3/4 lures but I throw 2 oz no problem. Fast action, sensitive. I like this rod and am set for a while. I had a Tsunami Shield 4000 reel that I used for fluke that was pretty well matched but I might drop to something smaller next year. I'm using a slammer 3 4500 for stripers now on it that came off my 9' striper rod. It's too big for the Tsunami rod but I like it better than the Shield reel.
  8. Had 1st one tonight on a metal lip. Got it just past the beach lip, keeping the pressure on it. It popped off the plug, plug came flying right for my face. Got my hand up in time to block it. Just a small pin prick in top of my hand. Got lucky. Caught two others on the teaser. All in less than an hour fishing, dusk again.
  9. Went out northern OC today at dead low tide. Fished about 2-1/2 hours no hits. Sun started setting got a maybe 14"-er on the shell e caris black/white teaser. Sun set a little deeper and got a 22" on the new needlefish and then just about full sunset, on 4th "last cast", got a 24" fatty on the needlefish.
  10. Over the summer I bought a Tsunami Carbon Shield II for fluke and small bass. Just switched to it today for bass. Caught a dink out front it was fun with the small fish. 7'-6", 3/8-3/4, $120 I think. I think it's fast action but a lot of the rod bent today. It's very light, too. I was throwing up to 2 oz diamond jigs and crippled herring with it to try to reach the birds. Handled in that fine. I used a Shield 4000 for fluke but just put a Slammer 4500 on it today. That's my regular reel for 9' rod and is a little big for this rod. The Shield fits better but could probably go even smaller for this rod with a Shield or slammer. Good luck. Mike
  11. Finally caught my first ever decent striper this morning, northern OC out front. Got 3 total, only 1 really small one. One in photo is 22" on the teaser. Also caught the spotted one. Sea trout?
  12. Skunked central OC this morning 6-10 am. 2 beaches about 3 miles apart. Might try in the rain tomorrow morning.
  13. No, didn't try that, but I'll be aware of it now. Thanks.
  14. I wrote a long report, literally ready to hit submit and it popped up. Walmart popped up and report was lost. Said f-it and didn't rewrite. Bottom line, lost what I thought was my first good sized striper yesterday.
  15. 9' Tica. Don't know model number but around $100, 1/2 oz to 3 oz. Using it with a new penn slammer 4500. Fish ocean county nj beaches.