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  1. Out front OC today, 1/2 way down outgoing tide, south wind picking up, got one rat today in an hour of fishing. Good start to fishing the surf for the season.
  2. I sent my reel to the customer service repair place in Florida. Got it back today. Only took about a week or so. Drag works now. We’ll see how it lasts. Their service seems good. They paid for the return shipping cost. Mike
  3. Bump for the rod.
  4. Deleted post.
  5. I finally called the warranty phone number provided in the reel manual. I couldn’t tell the name of the company that answered the phone but it wasn’t Bimini Bay or Tsunami. They did say they do the warranty work. The guy that answered the phone didn’t sound too sure of himself. He told me to mail the reel to them and Cameron will resolve the issue. I would send the reel to an address in Odessa, Florida. I haven’t sent my reel in yet. I wanted to check here first. For anybody that sent their reel in for warranty service, did you send it to Florida? Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks for all of the information, everyone. Has anybody cast both a moderate action Mojo, 9’ and a 9’-6” Airwave Elite which is fast action? Vastly different feeling rods I assume? I currently use a Tica 9’, moderate-fast, rated 1/2 oz to 3 oz, which seems kind of stiff to me when throwing bucktails and plastics on the lighter side of the range. If I buy a new rod I don’t want it to be similar to what I already have. Looking more and more like the Mojo, unless I decide to spend a little more and look at an ODM DNA or a Black Hole Suzuki. Also have to check their actions. I’m trying to stay around the $200 mark, not $400.
  7. You beat me to the question! If from the beach, how large of a kastmaster? Slow retrieve I assume? Jig it like a bucktail for fluke?
  8. This rod will be used for striped bass and bluefish. Cast off of a sandy beach, distance isn’t the most important thing. When the fish are around, which hasn’t been too often, they’re in relatively close. I most often use bucktails up to 1-1/2 oz, small soft plastics, sand eel imitations, SP’s and plugs no heavier than 2 or 2-3/8 oz. Don’t pencil pop much but seems to not be too easy with my current rod.
  9. Thanks for the replies. More things to consider than I thought.
  10. What are the advantages to the different rod actions? I know a moderate rod bends more toward the rod’s handle than a fast action rod. However, how is a moderate or fast action rod more helpful to a fisherman? I assume a moderate action rod loads up more than a fast action rod using same weight plug. Does this mean a longer cast? Is moderate better for fighting a larger fish? Or is fast action ? Right now I use a 9’ Tica rated 3/4 - 3 oz in Ocean County, NJ surf. I think it’s mod-fast or fast action. I don’t think it loads up much within the lighter end of it’s range. I’m thinking of getting a rod that is moderate for the spring. I’ve never casted a moderate rod, though. Currrently looking at airwave elite, lamiglas insane surf, st croix triumph and mojo, maybe ODM DNA. I also see a used lamiglas Ron Arra 9’ but think it’s fast action. All of these would be 9’ range.
  11. Me, wife and 2 kids (15 and 12 at the time) stayed at Melia Paradisus Esmeralda in Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen in November 2017. It was really nice but I won’t go back to Mexico. I read too many articles about the drugging and illegal booze. I tried cancelling the trip and switching it to the Caribbean. I than read somewhere that the Bahamas is the sexual assault capital of that region. Trip to Mexico was paid so we took a chance and went. Resort was awesome, staff was great, food very good. Resort was in a crappy area of town though. We did a guided tour with just our family, 2 guides and another family. That was great, also. Went to Mayan ruins, dived in a few cenotes and then ate lunch at a restaurant on the beach, on the sand. Everybody was eager to please us as visitors to their part of the country. My son and I then went on a panga fishing trip with Capt Roberto Navarro about 30 minutes from our resort. Took a cab to the marina. The driver spoke better English than people up here in New Jersey. Anyway, we caught a few amberjack. Jigging from about 300 feet deep I think. First time I ever did a charter like that. I think the captain is a pro for Black Hole rods. While in the boat, probably a half mile from the beach, a horn blew real close to us. All 4 of us on the boat turned around and there was a Mexican navy or coast guard boat very close to us. The crew had machine guns, hand guns and cell phones. My worst nightmare was just about realized! We tied up to their boat and two officer-type guys boarded the panga. They checked the captains paperwork. They fined him for not having a jar of sand on board to help put out a fire and also because we weren’t wearing life jackets. We put some on and the military boat left. Pretty exciting. So the trip was pretty great. However, we won’t do it again. Too many stories out there about lawlessness in Mexico. Why risk it? If we do a similar trip we’ll choose the Keys or somewhere close.
  12. Thanks. I only caught fluke in mine so far, no screaming drag there. I’ll follow up here when I find something out.
  13. Was browsing YouTube and saw this video. Different conditions but probably lessons can be learned for NJ.
  14. Hey Pma531 - If you don’t mind me asking, how did this end up? I have a 4000 with the same drag issue now. Going to call them tomorrow. Thanks Mike
  15. Northern OC just after first light until an hour after. No bites or signs of life.