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  1. I had another thread about which conventional reel to choose for bait fishing. I ended up choosing an Abu Blue Yonder 7000 and paired it with a 12’ Penn Battalion. I never fished conventional so I’m still practicing while bait fishing with it. I fished this morning and am getting the hang of casting it. I think I’m casting pretty far now vs my other setup for plugs, a 9’ Tica with a Battle II 5000 and throwing 2 oz metal or little neck swimmers. The 12’ rod is rated 6-12 oz. I was throwing a 6 oz sinker and small bait today. It went pretty far. Did have a slight west wind so that helped a little. My technique is nowhere near perfected as I’ve only been at it for 3 days of casting. I’m at very little if any spool tension and about 1/2 way on the mag brake. 20 lb mono for now until I switch it to braid. So far I like the conventions reel. I even threw a 2 oz diamond jig and butterfish metal today and they went pretty far too. Not so hard to cast far with it. Mike
  2. I’m in, thanks.
  3. Sorry, just saw your mesage. Has all clips that hold the bikes to the rack, keys and straps. $250 Mike
  4. Thanks everybody. I’m only spooled with 20 lb mono as I get used to the conventional setup. So for now I don’t have a shock leader. I have the 20 lb mono through a fish finder slide to a 230 lb Spro swivel to about a foot of 50 lb mono leader snelled to a 9/0 Gamagatzu Octopus hook. I previously read that the short line after the swivel makes casting a bit simpler.
  5. I practiced castle no for about an hour and a half at the beach today. Threw 5 and 6 oz. Not as hard as I built it up to be. Got a few small backlashes but nothing major. Kept the brakes on and then slowly lightened them up but their still on. Gettng a comfortable reeling position with the 12’ rod figured out was harder than the casting. Going to fish it next weekend. Made up some fish finder rigs and snelled my first hooks today, too. I used 50 lb mono leader material for the leader; had it in the garage. 50 should be good, right?
  6. I have a Battle 2 5000. Was looking to save money so had the shop spool maybe a 1/3 of it with mono backer and than 30 lb braid. Don’t remember lb test for mono or how many yards of each, though.
  7. Yep, got it thanks. Was playing with the tension dropping sinker onto the garage floor. I also learned that that wherever I swing a 12’ fishing rod in my garage it hits something.
  8. Thanks. I’ll start with a heavier weight.
  9. Hi Team Okuma - I have a Yakima Ridgeback that is 3 years old. Holds 5 bikes and has an integral cable lock and hitch lock. It’s in good shape, used probably 10 times at most. Have keys. Arms fold down and entire thing tilts down so you can open rear of car. I’m willing to sell it because we don’t use it anymore. Mike Toms River
  10. Thanks Guys. Rod man at the shop has same reel and a similar rod. Said I’ll be in pretty good shape for almost all conditions. He also said start with light sinkers with easy casts to start and keep the thumb down! Dsc - The instructions don’t match the reel. It says it has spool tension knobs and doesn’t even mention the mag brake. The knob on handle/drag side seems to just be a cap. Knob on the other side tightens the spool. Just doing a drop test in the garage the mag brake didn’t affect the spin speed of the spool. I’m going to start with the mag brake on full and a slow spool. Mike
  11. Just picked up a 12’ Battalion rated 6-12 oz. Giving it a try tomorrow.
  12. Thanks DSC. Think I saw a 12’Prevail in shop last week. Can’t say about cleaning, haven’t even cast it yet!
  13. I’m going to buy a rod today to match up with the Abu Blue Yonder 7000. Using it for Surf casting from the beach, IBSP and surrounding areas. I’ve heard I should use anywhere from a 10’6” to a 12’ or 13’ rod. I plan on holding the rod, not spiking it, and being relatively active fishing with bait, moving around to different locations. Any suggestions on rod length? Thanks Mike
  14. Thanks everybody for answering my questions and giving your thoughts. I decided I’m going to keep the Abu Blue Yonder. Spoke to a few more people at the shop and it seems like the best reel to meet the needs of chunking at the beach, dealing with sand, wind, knots, level wind or not, etc... Still need to buy a rod for the reel, waiting for the next paycheck for that. So after all of the discussion about buying a conventional I caught a schoolie striper today on my 7’ spinning setup!