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  1. I made this upgrade for the Jersey shore and am happy I did. Rod throws everything well and I think was just under or just over $200. Used my same reel with it, Slammer III 4500.
  2. Take a look at Tactical Anglers Pouch.
  3. I just returned my leased 2018 F150 and am selling some accessories I used with it. I had the crew cab, 5.5' (approx) bed. All items are in great shape and not worn out. Floor mats could use a power washing to get them back to like-new condition but they're clean. I didn't beat the truck up at all. Tyger soft trifold tonneau cover Bought Sept 2020 $190 Husky xact contour front floor liners Bought Sept 2018 $60 Husky ultra grip truck bed and tailgate protection mat Bought Sept 2018 $190 Truck didn't come with a bed liner and I didn't want to spend a ton on one. This is a good compromise. Soft foam bottom, plastic-like, semi-grip surface on top. If stuff on it is light it will move around. Heavy stuff squishes down the foam and it stays put. Has a mesh thing that protects the gap between bed and tailgate protector. Sticks on with self-stick Velcro but you'll have to buy more. Pickup near Ocean County, NJ only. Thanks.
  4. Rod and reel are sold. Thanks guys and thanks SOL!
  5. Yep, this was at a Dick's. It was at the front entrance, not in the fishing section.
  6. I didn't pick it up, was rushing to the check out line. Pretty cool, though.
  7. What size rod would handle this plug? It even has the hook point protectors.
  8. hi:  I would prefer it if you could send me a check as my wife has access to my paypal account. does that work?

    steve mcdonnell

    32 clifdon drive

    Simsbury, ct 06070


    (860) 729-0126

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    2. Sam3631


      Great, thanks.  I'll let you know when I receive it.

    3. Sam3631


      Received the reel today.  Perfect condition, thanks very much.



    4. srm413


      enjoy! tight lines!

  9. Is this reel available? If so I'll take it at $115, shipped to 08753.
  10. Accurist is sold. Rod sale is pending.
  11. Great thanks Max4. I have to check the receipt but I bought it in Oct or Nov so it's basically brand new. Used it once. Braid is 20 lb Power Pro, spooled at the tackle shop.
  12. Tsunami rod sold to Bogalho.
  13. Bogalho - $45 and it's yours. Max4 - Since I stated no shipping, if you pay shipping cost reel is yours. Seems to be $10 to ship.
  14. Price reduction. Rod - $50 Reel - $90 including the braid
  15. Looks like he found a nice hole. Hopefully, it holds fish in the spring.