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  1. Lock it up, reel is purchased and picked up. Maiden voyage is today. Thanks Harry and SOL.
  2. I'd like to offer $625 for the reel as-is. Deal?
  3. Hey Harry- Thanks, very much. Definitely Interested in the reel. Pics would be appreciated. I have the airwave already so not in the market for the rod. Was hoping a little less for the reel. I don't want to blow up a deal over it, though. I'll drive anywhere to pick up, no issues heading south since summer is over!
  4. I checked for a week or two and blew it off after that. Thought maybe OP decided not to sell or maybe something bad happened to him since he never got back on. OP never wrote Sold after I accepted. I also wrote that I didn't receive a response 11 days after I accepted. I'm not chasing anybody more than that.
  5. I pm'd the seller back in April but never heard from him. I'm not interested in buying anymore. Good luck.
  6. Looking for a VS or VSX 150. I'd pair it up with a 9'6" Airwave Elite. Would be my first VS/VSX. I'm in Ocean County, NJ. Willing to travel a bit to pick up if needed. Thanks.
  7. Doesn't get much easier than that! Perfect video. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I'll take it apart this weekend and have a look. I thought 1e might be the part to remove, too.
  9. Can somebody post a photo of the part that gets removed to disable the auto bail flip feature? This is a slammer III 4500 parts diagram. Is it part 28, rotor trip lever? Haven't taken it apart in a while and don't know feel parts very well. Thanks.
  10. At least the beaches will be empty tomorrow morning.
  11. I always fish central OC beaches but went up to lower central MC Thursday morning to fish with a friend looking to learn how to fluke fish. Fished at a jetty for the first time ever. As we were fluking I saw fish busting out kind of far but maybe reachable. Thought they may be albies, which I haven't caught before. Put on a Williamson jig and let it rip. Connect and am reeling in from a mile out. Turns out to be the smallest fluke I've ever seen! Guess I let the jig sink too much before burning it in. Put back on my fluke rig and aimed at the edge of the rocks. Think I cast it into its mouth. Turned out to be a 20" fat fluke, biggest ever for me. Had to go to work after that. Good morning.
  12. Like mine, also. Worked great during 2 blitz's last fall after Thanksgiving on fish a bit smaller. Reel was a VR 75 or Slammer 4500.
  13. Thanks Dan. Time to catch!
  14. Nice, thanks. Next time out, I'm on it!