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  1. After having the Auto clutch kick in on a hard cast with alot of weight with an Abu and my Akios making the braid on the spool dig in so bad I had to cut it off. I always loosen the drag all the way before I cast. I think having a power knob on the reel with a hard cast will make it turn a little and make it in gauge stopping the spool at full speed. If your lucky you only loose a cast. Sometimes you break off. If you loosen the drag all it does is slow down a bit.
  2. Don't know if this is the right spot for this but..After fishing the waters on the OBX the last 5-6 years we have learned that sometimes we really need to get the distance to get over the first break . After catch up with the fishing you all do there we started with 30 class reels and for the last few years was throwing with squidders and 7000 size reels. This past Sept I was having trouble getting out with my usual gear .I'm not great but on the grass can hit about 140 yards without problems. I have an Akios 651lsi i use for plugging the troff so I CT'd it at the table and was able to hit the spot I wanted the next day. Put duck tape over the holes. It seems like alot of you folks use 6000 and 525 size reels. After casting I was looking at how much line was left or wasn't there. Do you all worry about getting spooled or is it just a trade off to get the distance. Thanks all and tight lines
  3. Ryan down at Hatteras Jack's built mine with spit cork grips and paired it with a Sustain 5000 . It's very light and casts great . I use it for light casting the surf and it's a great walleye rig up here. I would say the sweet spot on mine is around 1 1/2 oz. With a good flick of the rist you can put a sting silver way out there . It's a great all morning rod . I haven't had anything huge on it but I'm sure it would take it. I did try a 3 oz on it once for chunking in ruff water and it didnt like it so I stick to bucks and tin , plugging . Just don't bend it in half . Give HJ a call, they can set you up.
  4. Yes. That's why we practice all the time. From the time we started we have doubled our distance on the grass and can get to where we need to on most beaches. We think we have hit the wall on the rods we are using but for 2 weeks of fishing a year it's hard to spend 500+ on a high end heaver.
  5. Don't freak out about that reel. Coming from our stick of the woods surf equipment is almost non-existent. About 5 years ago we ordered a couple of 12' Penn Prevails . My brother started on an old Olympic 30 size reel our grand dad left us , we took the level wind off and a few Penn 209s we picked up on the cheap . Reels used for trolling lake Erie. He spooled them with 50# Big Game and wrapped his thumb with real hockey tape ,only thing that holds up to the heat on the spool side. I've smelled burnt flesh more than once. After a bunch of practice he can cast a long way...most of the time. When he blowes one up , and he does ,it sounds like a pistol going off. We just laugh and he puts another reel on. He did get a new Abu 7000 BY this year and really likes it. You will get it.
  6. I need to say my brother and I aren't pros but about 5 years ago after fishing the OBX we saw we needed to get more distance than other surf we had fished. You tube was our friend and watching Tommy Farmers vids really helped on the Hatteras Cast which we use most. We take a day every few weeks to practice with a bank sinker but sometimes use the same thing we will use in the surf. Fish finder rig with a diamond sinker and 6"leader with a small piece of rubber on the end. After we cast we will walk it out with a wheel and see who owes who like playing for skins . Makes for a fun day and we are getting them out there petty good . Consistency is the ticket from what I can see.
  7. Now that's funny right there. Box of PBR's and have a few older beat up 6000's.
  8. Went full boycott awhile back.
  9. Thanks Tommy. I was hoping you'd chime in. I'm going to try a 6000 size like I said CT'd and a 7500 or vice versa. Still experimenting , ive been using Abu's for 40 years although in freshwater so I have quite a few to play with . Just a hole new game fishing the OBX. I have been taking a bag of reels with me but was afraid of a 6000 being to small to chunk with .It seems like my brother and I were a little to worried about heavy line and big reels and getting spooled .After the weather gets better for nice practice days .....snow melts... I will probably get ahold of ya . I'm looking for a 50/50 split heaver blank . Something I might get a little better distance than my Penn heavers . I'll have to take a look at that 666 wide, I didn't know they made one. Thanks
  10. I need to say I got this combo from Ryan to use up here for casting for our larger freshwater species. And it works great , don't have to worry about lifting a fish up a huge river bank or netting one by yourself . A real nice wide Sandy Beach is hard to find up here . If the LSI works out I might have to try and find a 6000 size shuttle because I'll be putting the LW back in after surf fishing.
  11. Thanks fish. Ya I took it all out . The LSI has an aluminum one piece frame something like a shuttle with a machined cross bar on top for the levelwind. I'm sure I'll find the right size Caps or something I can silicone in place of the worm gear housing. Ryan at HJ did a little work to it for me when I got it a few years ago .Sweet reel for tin and plugs on my 9' Century KNE. Have done a little medium chunking with it too.
  12. Yes i dont really like static magging my reels using them up here for fresh water and then the surf a few weeks of the year. Well by the sounds of it I think I'll be putting that Akios 651 LSI up front in the line up this summer. It's a sweet casting reel , just need to find something to fill the LW holes and use something else to throw tin and plugs with , a 5601 I use up here ?
  13. Must be thinking too much. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and keep practicing for our 2 trips a year . Hope it's permanent in a few years. I might drop to 20# on my Squidder to try and get a little more out of it and have a rig for the point when there are a lot of people. I know how some will complain about braid .We fish a little north of it anyway, don't like the crowds . We are getting ready to put an adjustable mag in my brothers Squidder soon. Just don't know about drilling the plastic side plate.
  14. Thanks again. Ya we have a practice field beside a football field my brother and I go to. That 140 yards was with a 6 oz bank sinker ,no wind ,12' rod. Practice is actually fun for us. We might do some wagering. And it's funny when we cast the lakes for catfish with our surf gear up here. People just stare and give a large birth. Just have to watch for boats.
  15. Thanks guys. Ya I run 25# BG with a 50# SL on my Squidder and my Abu's I run 50# PP with a 50# shock. Maybe I'm just worried for nothing but your long distance fishing is a challenge in it's self. Before we started coming down we never thought we would be heaving weight and bait over a hundred yards into the surf.
  16. Wife and I stay at the CHM every Sep. They have done a lot of work to it in the last few years. We stay on the 3rd floor and the rooms are great. Little pricie. The beach is totally different now after the nurishment . It's somewhat of a bear to get to the water. Well that's close to what the wife said. Got skunked finding any flies out front, first time in 20 years. You need to either go way north or south of the jetties. Still alot of fish in the surf though. I usually get out before daylight and work my way north of the hotel. I just make sure I get back in time to run down to the blossom for breakfast .
  17. Give a call to Hatteras Jack's in Rodanthe. I'm sure they can fix you up.
  18. My brother had something on last Oct in Nags Head that hit hard and just screamed a spool of 30# off a Penn 30 Warfare on a 12' rod , 12/0 hook . He had it in hand when it hit. Was never a fight. It went straight for deep water. He ended up locking the drag down and spiking the butt of the rod under his foot in the sand to get his knife out. Right before it looked like he was going to have to cut it, it pulled the hook. I have to say it was cool. I told him he needed a bigger reel. HaHa
  19. We have the same problem driving down to Hatteras with a 5 1/2' bed. We have been beating a couple of Penn Prevail 12' H casting for the last 4 years. 10 weeks of fishing. 50/50 split. Cost about a hundo on sale. Have had 10 and bait on both when the waters angry. Great rods for this price point . If you have the bucks I'd get one of Tommy's rods. They will get you out further . I'm waiting for one of these Penn's to blow so I can justify one. Pushed one of the Prevails to the max on a ray last Oct as big as a truck hood. Brother said he thought it was going to break but it held. Pretty good rod.
  20. Ryan at Hatteras Jack's built me an 8 1/2' SS 1025 a few years ago . Paired it with a 5000 Sustain. It's one of my favorite small tackle set ups. I've thrown 3/8s to 2 oz on it and it will put a 1 oz sting silver way out with little effort. If I see any Mack's in the surf that's the combo you'll see me using. It also doubles as a great walleye rod up here.
  21. I usually run a 50# shock with about 4' of 80 or 100 floro. With my fish finder on it. I use a short snelled 8/0 on it.
  22. Yes Beasty, sound advice about keeping reels out of the sand but sometimes when it gets angry out and the sands blowing down the beach it can be a problem is why I asked. I only use a LW on one of my smaller round reels plugging. I might have to pick one up to try the next trip down to the OBX. Thanks. That's good advice for Sam and a little spool tension won't hurt a bit. Sam if you hold the rod out and hit the free spool when your lead hits the ground your spool should stop. If it over runs tighten up your spool tension until it stops. That will help with back lash and once you get better loosen it up a bit.
  23. If this is your first conventional set up you grabbed the bull by the horns. I'd start with mono and like others have said. Find a field and take your time. I'd start with 3 or 4 oz bank sinker, your not going to load that rod but that might be a good thing to start. Set it on full mag with as much brakes as it has, 2? Set the spool with a slice knock and have at it. Your going to back lash it but don't get bummed out. Distance will come with practice. Hell I had a professional over run with my Squidder a few weeks ago trying to hit the horizon. I blew it up but good and been at it for over 35 years. Tight Lines
  24. Your welcome. I have a newer C7000 that I magged , CT bar. Abec 7 bearings. I run 50# PP on it with a 50# Big Game shock. I've had 10 and bait on it without problems . I like the fact it has a bearing close to the spool for support and the switch instead of a button for free spool . I hate it's made in China and the plastic inside. It's harder to R/R than the older ones. We use Penn's for our heavers . We just can't justify spending 800 on rods we only use 2 or 3 weeks a year.
  25. My brother bought a new 7000BY last winter for our trips to Hatteras. He put it on a 12' Penn Prevail ,loaded it up with 20# BG with a 50# shock . He was getting down below a half spool with 6 oz of lead and a nice chunk of bunker with about a 8" leader without any probs, Nice set up. Biggest thing he cought was a ray about 2' across and it handled that fine. I've been using round abu's for ever 35+ years. Like my Squidder. But there seems a push for these bigger bait casters in the surf. Which I get but I've never cleaned one. How easy or hard are they to take apart to clean if dunked or pounded with sand on a real windy day. Thanks