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  1. Ya. Wouldn't that stink if it cuts the road around the new inlet bridge. They did a nice job on that one. Was down at the Hatteras hotel last week. Hope everyone fares well. It's crazy how you don't hear much about the OBX on the national news.
  2. I do the same thing as you. Now I don't have nearly as much as you for salt water but it just depends on how I'm fishing for the day. Wife got me a nice bag that slings over one shoulder and holds 2 of those small Plano boxes. It has a few pockets to put the rest of the stuff in . Hang a short spike off of it. And it works great for working up and down the beach.
  3. Just got back. Had a great time. Ate too many apple uglys. Smaller fish a plenty but still didn't get my shark. Next time. Did get my check this bird audubon sticker for the rod tube. You could drive to the west side but the turtle fences went up yesterday. I bet those folks with the big houses in Rodanthe will be pissed when the new bridge goes in from the new inlet to Rodanthe on the sound side. Have a nice veiw of a bridge. Gotta luv those rabbit huggers.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Casting a boat reel just takes a lot of practicing in the grass. We wrap hockey tape on our thumbs , seems to hold up the best. You will burn through black tape after just a few casts using the side of the spool as your brake. My brother an I started on 30's style levelwinds our granddad gave us some 40 years ago. Thanks again. Tight lines
  5. Wow. Very nice. Taking all my tin next week ,ha. About half of that. I'll be putting my 9' KNE to work with a fast Abu 5600. Might heave some bunker after dark. Oct trip I'll have a 12' rod with a worked over 7000 or Squidder , fish finder rig , 8-0 hook on a 6" 60# leader . In hand , Works for me . This year I might try an Akios 651 LSI I took the LW off of . Tight Lines
  6. Thanks bud. That's what I was looking for. That's were I was going to start but didn't know if a 10 was even big enough. Tight Lines
  7. Well 2na,. I don't have a yak, and I have this 4-0. Maybe I just want to see how far I can cast a head and lead. Or. Just screwing around. Or just ......... I know how to install mags , static or ajustable and have done both . I was looking for the size of mags to start with. Sounds like I'll just wrap my thumb with hockey tape if I take it next week. Thanks all. Oh that is a great pic.
  8. Thanks guys. I've put mags in my Squidder but thought maybe someone here might have done a 4-0 for casting. It's all cool. I was just trying to skip the experimenting part.
  9. Well, I guess I'll just start adding mags. Thanks
  10. X2. 4 or 5 years ago when we started going to the islands Ryan was and is a great help in fishing those waters. Didn't have any problem putting us on the fast track on equipment and types of bait without any expectations, like fisherman to fisherman . Real stand up guy. Couldn't help but put a couple of Centuy's in the fold , twisted up so I could use them up here too and we try and get as much fishing stuff as I can from them. I'm going to drop off an Abu Record for a set of fast gears next time down. Tight Lines
  11. I'm with you Retainer, we'll be down there shortly and if we have to walk out so be it. I'll be fishing and the better half coming for shells. We need some tee shirts like a few posts ago. Tight lines
  12. Tommy Farmer has some great vids on the steps to get the cast down. After that its just a bunch of practice on the grass.
  13. Hay everyone,. I've looked through many threads on magging a 4-0 and it seams that static is the way to go . I was hoping someone here has tried it and might share the size mags they put in . I can cast it about 80 yards now but it is a thumb burner . It is an older one with the chrome spool. If it can even be done. Whish it had a spool like my Squidder , give your thumb something to hit when you need to put the brakes on. Plan on doing a little night time fishing down Hatteras way and after the beach redo casting distance is your friend it seems. At least it was last June. Thanks in advance.
  14. I've gone to braid on my 6-7000 size reals for the capacity. One thing to keep in mind also , every so often on a very hard cast it might kick in gear making the braid bite into itself. Not a good outcome.. I just loosen the drag before I cast and it works. After going to braid a few years ago fishing the OBX I had to cut the line off 2 reels , 50# PP , in a morning because of this. I would make sure all the brake blocks were working on the spool also before you started practicing . Sometimes they will be locked down from the factory. I still use 25# BG mono on my Squidder. Good luck,Tight Lines
  15. Here is a crazy idea. If your just looking for a sleeve to put a few rods in how about a longbow sleeve. I know you can get them in many lengths and you might be able to fit a few in one cover.