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  1. I am interested in buying adult bunker imitations
  2. where did you get your afterhours
  3. No solicitation for buying or sales outside of the BST forum. It's in the rules.
  4. how much are these normally?
  5. awesome thanks what size do you normally go with?
  6. I fish from the rocks
  7. what brand do you go with?
  8. alright awesome thanks!
  9. I was wondering if anyone knew of good adult bunker imitations preferably to imitate 9" bunker
  10. I'll take the jointed needle if you split
  11. just pm me for PP info
  12. awesome ! thanks so much man!
  13. I'll take it no matter what just don't have loads of cash
  14. ok ill take it are you firm at $30? could you go to $27? its cool if you can't
  15. what do you think?