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  1. Done. Just don't need it. Had big plans, then the reality is it'll end up on my CCC rod and get used 5 times a year
  2. I wouldn't appreciate the shoddy jig heads. Wouldn't have walked out with them. But tbh I've never seen a shop not charge to spool up. Unless you just bought a new reel from the shop. The 1000 yard thing is irrelevant. That's just business. They buy more=cheaper. We all pay $2 a gallon for fuel, the gas station pays less, but i can't store 50,000 gallons either.
  3. They are self isolating. Will be in mass no sooner than the 8th.......
  4. Power pro, no ty on the 250
  5. What straps are you going to use in the future?
  6. Tom's river New Jersey. I'd drop whatever shipping and PP fees would be. I imagine in the $20 neighborhood but not sure
  7. TT
  8. I cranked on my 11' genesis hard enough that my buddy was thought I'd break it. I didn't, and had pushed it that far before. I also lost the top half of that same rod. Odm charged me $100 for a new top half. Didn't cry over that with a $400 rod. Like you said, a manufacturer defect will show up quickly and in warranty. Besides that they are solid. That was my first ODM, now have 3 no issues
  9. Wts new shimano saragosa 10k spooled with 50lb braid. $275 shipped PayPal.
  10. In my expierence, not comparable at all. Had both. Spheros sw takes a beating, xtd not so much
  11. I have a sw10000 i was thinking of selling. New spooled with 50lb. $275 shipped PayPal
  12. I have a few single tubes with caps. Right in your pocket, pliers on belt. Altoid tin for bucktails/ leaders, rock and roll
  13. Love my spinfisher 5500 longcast so far. Is a little heavy, but not enough to notice on a 10'6. Better keep it high and dry though. Other reels, for my money on the beach, shimano spheros 6/8000. Handles a little sand and water without issue.
  14. Course i bought my hook/ibsp badges early this year....
  15. So the old predator is now a sportsman, the old topwater is now a sportsman. Any idea where the Salty sporysman pdl fits in? Differences or similarities to either the predator or topwater?