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  1. How about $80 shipped to nj?
  2. I'll take them
  3. That thing is sweet. Gonna trade?
  4. Choopy, lemire, afterhours
  5. I had the 9' 1/2-3. Nothing really wrong just didn't feel right in my hands and usable range was a little narrow
  6. 2-5 on the mojo. I had the tica dolphin. Black hole is about 100 more, but put your hands on one.
  7. Yes. After a couple of rod changes I have arrived at my 3-8 mojo for heavy, and a black hole suzuki 10' for light work for the most part. But then I have a 3/4-4 as well, cause I'm never happy
  8. Anything over 2 loads nicely. That 2 3/8 ss popper was like a rocket. 1-4 I'd say forget it with your 3oz plus requirement. And the 3-8 is softer than 2-6, better for working a big plug. Mileage may vary of course.
  9. For big plugs 3oz plus listen to this guy.
  10. About how many pounds of drag while fighting these big fish with the 10'?
  11. Dragged me right in, bought 2
  12. Sounds like they are working themselves right outta their job.
  13. Boats in nj slaughtered gators for about three days in the fall. Filling trash cans on the boat and dumpsters on the way home. Spring I had a handful of big blues that was it. First time I'd get one in the surf with no follow up catches
  14. How about 75?
  15. I'll take them PM's incoming