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  1. Usually do it myself. However it's the first time having to spool a longcast reel for me. I read because the way to reel winds on the line ( 6 wraps up 6 wraps down or similar) it can't be done with a machine. But id rather not have to guess at the amount of backing.
  2. What about on slow oscillation reels?
  3. Sold. PM incoming.
  4. What did you have in mind
  5. No velcro on back or other buckles
  6. Lightly used flatlander hardly a mark on it. Bag is dedicated bucktail/shad pouch. Approximate interior dimensions are 4" high - 3" wide - 9" long. Has belt loops on back. $120 shipped PayPal.
  7. Very lightly used beachwalker for sale. 3"x 8" tubes with open front pouch and shoulder strap. Had on my belt probably twice then stored plugs, never hit water. $135 shipped PayPal.
  8. I have a yellow/ white NIP. $28 shipped
  9. Sorry misunderstood. Small tubes 5.5 tall
  10. I have a Mak 2 tube short. Im not sure what you're looking for though. And the same ebbpoint. The flatlander and ebb point have already been offered.
  11. I'll take it
  12. Stay in California. Or wait another 10 years
  13. Anybody ever use the st croix mojo 3-8 to both plug and jig?