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  1. Nope....... fishing till low tide
  2. Get the ODM. It's better all around. In my opinion you overpay for st croix to get the warranty, not a better rod
  3. I'd love to own it. However i think it would be too much reel and too little cash for what I need. Thank you but no thank you.
  4. Possibly. What condition and how much would you want for it?
  5. Hello SoL, looking to sell a brand new in box Shimano Stella sw5000hg. $800 shipped PayPal. Only trade I could use is a Saragosa 10k. Thanks for looking.
  6. I'll take them for $25 +7.5 shipped
  7. Rod still for sale bump
  8. I'm from nj. No pro here but everywhere I know that will be consistent can fit about 5 guys casting before it's a nightmare. Surfcasting is pretty lean down here.Or you can hit the charter boats. Me and a buddy are coming up there early. We know bigger fish aren't there yet. But also know we better get some time and experience in before it turns into the circus everyone talks about.
  9. Feel exactly this sometimes. Ive been finding fish, but not really "keepers". Only thing that keeps me going out sometimes is knowing I'm increasing my ability. Knowing I can predict water movement, structure things like that. Very hard to explain that to the old lady, or myself when I'm beat to hell at work though. I count on being 100% zoned in every cast, cause I know that one good hit will probably be the only one.
  10. sinking will move like a glider. Slower is wider faster tight side to side. Floating and suspending twitch and jerk.
  11. No expert here but I'll give my impression. I have a genesis, two friends have dna's. Genesis is a little softer more moderate. Easy to cast nice and slow all day. Learned how to work a pencil properly because of that rod. Wouldn't trade it for anything. The dna is also very good, little faster. But if the dna was out when I bought the genesis id probably have a dna. Both light, both sensitive, and like it for bucktails. And of course $$$
  12. Would you look at that haha. Awesome I'll PM you we'll work something out
  13. I'll be at the canal in a week. Can we work that out? If not I'll split shipping.
  14. Sold. Should be able to ship out tonight