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  1. This seems oddly familiar. Just spooled up 30lb sufix 832.
  2. That is sweet but no ty. Hoping somebody has too many regular variety
  3. Looking for the small superstrike popper. Both in 1oz floating and 1.5oz sinking version. Carried/ lightly used preferred. White, bone, white and red, white and blue. Thank you
  4. Probably should keep that noise in the Political forum... I'm researching this atm. Can you tell how this is an attack? What I'm reading says it's a bill that will do research to manage fish stocks better. But that's just at a glance.
  5. You heard right. Sharp blade, little at a time.
  6. What will? I mean even at the best of times, wouldn't long island be more conducive to bringing in and holding big stripers?
  7. Let's do this
  8. I'll take them
  9. This is what I'm trying to find out.
  10. In heavy surf and wind, do you choose a bucktail with less hair and smaller trailer? I been sticking with the andrus jetty caster, but thinking i should find something that will cut wind and water better. Also I know bottle plugs and stubby needles will be a good choice, but do you guys tie a teaser on as well?
  11. Why do people even post reports? Put up a picture, spot burn. How many people can access the location, spot burn. Was there rocks, or a jetty in your picture? Spot burn. You were somewhere with salt water and caught a fish using a lure? Spot burn. Believe me guys I get it, I don't mug people because someone caught something there in the past year. But what's a report then? Pictures of fish? Or "I went out and killed them last night"
  12. Looks good, PM coming. Closing pending meet. Thank you all for posting
  13. That sounds good too chitala, but I'd like to check out seazens might save me a little ride. I'll be trying to buy your black hole soon haha