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  1. Odm genesis
  2. Most people who start catching snakes seem to view it as a positive. Slam topwater lures, fight like hell on light line, good for the dinner table. Goes from bycatch to target pretty quick. Besides, once they are in a given body of water they aren't going anywhere
  3. 1979 Camaro z28 in hugger orange..... Damn i loved that car
  4. What's your offers on a split? Kinda tough paying $7.50 on shipping twice
  5. All new
  6. Top are 1.7 bottom are 2 and 3 oz
  7. Sold pm incoming
  8. Selling 4 afterhours pencils. $100 shipped.
  9. Hello SoL. Have 4 mikes customs for sale. $100 shipped PayPal.
  10. Ty for posting but no ty. Know it's crazy but I've had great luck with Shimano, others not so much.
  11. Hello SOL. Anyone have a 1000 series shimano spinner they'd like to part with? New or lightly used, local or shipped to Toms river nj.
  12. Have that rod. Only one that I haven't thought about selling
  13. Thank you but I'll pass
  14. The ladder thing I'm still in the air about. Have read a lot of debate between its effectiveness and it being a crutch or danger of entanglement. Seems a love/hate thing. I admit to getting into sticky situations once or twice in the surf. Hooks, lines, bags, rods aren't a lot of fun when trying to swim. Lot of good info thanks all. One thing is for sure when things go wrong they go in a hurry.
  15. Thanks guys. Like to think I'm not in bad shape, and won't be a problem. But don't know anything till you've been there