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  1. Yeah I like it, it’s just not in my top 5. It’s got good flavor and it holds up well to any type of cooking, but sometimes it seems like a lot of chewing is required to eat it. A 15 lb stripper gives up a lot of meat, and while you can freeze it, it doesn’t freeze as well as some other fish. It’s more fish that I can eat.... Even a thirty inch fish is a lot. When if fishing the shore I throw everything back... except the occasional fluke lol
  2. No
  3. For local bottom fish MY list is: 1. Blueline tilefish 2. Fluke (+ 3 lbs) 3. Sea Bass 4. Haddock or cod 5. Tautog
  4. Conditions looked amazing. I love being on the water in fog... very nice how deep was the water In that video?
  5. Those are some fine looking bass! I’m going to Haverhill Massachusetts in a few weeks to visit my in-laws with my wife, I just might have to convince my father in law to take a trip with me... he told me his friends said the haddock fishing has been fantastic this is time of year I turn into a shore bound angler, focusing mainly on fluke at various locations I’ve discovered over the years between deal and bay head. I am going tilefish/rosefish fishing August 2-4, but Ive really been thinking about tuna this fall. I struck out on both trips for tuna last year.... I just settled on two 30 hour Mahi tuna trips. Sept 20 and October 18....
  6. KSong, I’ve been told that August is a good time for sea bass in Massachusetts. When is the best time in your opinion? Codfish, what were you fishing for? Seabass? Cod? Stripers? Haddock? Halibut? Lol. You fishing in Massachusetts?
  7. I paid 78$ for 6a to 4p. I picked the Big Jamaica because they limited the trip and they have nice wide aisles along the rail and plenty of seating. As much as I like the capt and crew of the Jamaica 2, they don’t have enough seating in the cabin. The “limit” for the trip ended up being 60, and when they were down to two spots like 5 days before the trip, I was afraid I’d get stuck on a smaller boat with even more people. It turned out the conditions were meh, and the other boats weren’t as crowded as they could have been. it’s ok, that’s why it’s fishing not catching, blah blah blah. I’ll try to learn from my mistakes, because when you get right down to it, it was my decisions that caused my bait to land where it did....
  8. Wouldn’t that be nice lol. To their credit, we did get ten dollars off our next trip...
  9. I saw you catch that fluke lol. I was the guy casting a fin-s on a jighead at the back. I got bit off by a bluefish, but no striper like I was hoping. I checked the other reports that day, and while everyone reported slower than expected fishing, other boats caught some fish. High hook on the Jamaica 2 was 7 sea bass plus a cod I believe. Big Mohawk had limit catches. The lesson learned for me is the smaller the boat the better when it comes to inshore bottom fishing. Also I’ll be positioning myself somewhere between the stern and midship on the next inshore bottomfishing trip. I might finally give the Big Mohawk a go for the next trip out...
  10. Id rather catch stripers but I’d much rather go for sea bass. Same with blues. I went for sea bass yesterday. The first drop I felt a bump, set the hook and reeled in a short. That was at 640 am. I did not get so much as a nibble for the rest of the day. NOT A SINGLE BITE. NOT ONE!!! I fished clam all day. In truth, I have only myself to blame. I decided to fish with a boat that hardly ever bottom fishes. And more importantly, I made the mistake of taking the corner of the stern on a 125’ boat that I should have known was going to fish smaller lumps. I like that spot for jigging. If we were fishing very large wreck it would have been alright. But we didn’t and it wasn’t. Literally like ten keepers on the boat. Harldly even any junk fish came over the rail. Worst trip in recent memory....
  11. Is that you? I was five guys down the rail from that fish being caught. It was a slow trip overall....
  12. I’ll be on a boat May 15th fo sho. I’m thinking maybe the Paramount because they are offering the longest trip. Might even see some cod!
  13. I really don’t know. I know the Norwegian jigs are made to work on the drop. My go to has always been the hammered diamond jig. I prefer using a siwash bucktail in white with red thread. While I know this jig is very effective when squided, I have caught a lot of fish on the drop with it. Specifically tuna, sea bass and blues.
  14. Hook down means the hook bends towards the belly of the sand eel (see pic) as opposed to the back of the sand eel. i don’t see how it makes a difference but I bought them hook down anyway i spent this snow day gathering all my tins, check it out. I have a problem I know...