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  1. 8' Star Stellar Lite. Awesome rod for the money. Can be had for just around a $100, and fishes like a much higher priced rod.
  2. Any movie he Directs and plays the main character in are usually awesome!
  3. Thanks! Gonna see if i can get some made up.
  4. Sweet looking needles! What size siwash are you running on the back?
  5. I’ll take 6 of the olive over white in 3/0 also when you have time Bill. Thanks, Dave
  6. Totally agree yogi, very underrated plug. Mother of Pearl is another great color that does some damage.
  7. Enjoy any chance you get to fish, it’s not always about the catching.
  8. Those are beautiful! Look like VMC Moon Eye jigs. Very nice work!
  9. Hard to beat a Stradic fk, just a great little reel, as long as you're not gonna dunk it. Another great little reel that doesn't get a lot of press is the Shimano Nasci. I fished the 5000, and gave it a good workout, and for a reel just over a $100 it's surprised me how much i enjoyed fishing it this year. Super smooth, and nice clean drag, i'de recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap, reliable backup reel.
  10. Haha!! Definately NOT a selfie guy! Can never see what's in the frame in bright sunlight so they're usually pretty bad. Wife says you always look mad.
  11. Not trophy status but decent...
  12. The 9'6" Frontier X is an outstanding rod and would highly recommend it. Throws its entire range extremely well, and is very light with a ton of backbone. I have the 9' Genesis also, which is great rod too.
  13. Box
  14. Agreed, white bucktail.