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  1. Fun day out on the new boat, great mix of LM and smallies.
  2. Peace
  3. Texas Tackle are all i’ve ever used. Good quality, and reasonable price.
  4. That’s why i only fish at night, when she’s asleep.
  5. Lumber
  6. Columbia
  7. Fertilizer
  8. Judging from the crowd i saw, there should be a giant surge in coronavirus in Boston in a couple of weeks. I thought, at least they’re being civil and acting like adults. Wrong... amazing how it only takes a couple of idiots to incite a crowd. Sad.
  9. Bucktooth
  10. Scissors
  11. Don’t overlook th Daiwa Tatula CT, an excellent reel that will feel, and perform, every bit as well as the SV, and save you about $75. Another reel that is in that price range, that IMO exceeds all the reels mentioned, is the Lew’s BB1 Pro Speed Spool. Has a feel of a much higher priced reel, and is a tank.
  12. Just registered mine, major PIA. You have to make an appt. I made mine in Worcester, Mass. Only limited slots available on certain days, you have to grab one when you can and, show up at the given time. Took me several days to get a slot, but finally got it done. Make sure you have ALL your stuff when you go!
  13. Walmart