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  1. Flags came today Bill, they look awesome! Thanks again!
  2. Walk
  3. Absolutely crazy. She was an honor student and her friends were in shock that she did it. Obsessed with Columbine, buys a shotgun and shoots herself, naked in the woods. There’s a lot more coming in this story. Thank God she off’d herself before she hurt anyone else. Certainly gonna flare up the mental health/gun control debate. Gun store owner said,” She looked normal.” What’s normal these days?
  4. I certainly hope not Brian! Placed an order last night and it went through. I found it weird that i didn’t get an order confirmation. Hope that’s not the case!
  5. How are the hardware on these? It didn’t give a description on the website, but i did upgrade to the dressed siwash for the tail hook. Are the hooks and splits ok?
  6. I’m just kidding! Maybe next time we catch a tide, we can trade ‘em like a couple kids with halloween candy!
  7. I that case i will take some!!
  8. I do Dennis, and it’s funny you said that because that’s the color i was looking at! The Edge was out of everything but olive/white so i went to 24/7’s site and ordered a couple of those and a black, and a yellow. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Wow, super generous offer Phil, thanks! We might have to compare our stashes!
  10. Good info, thanks Phil. I have been fishing SS almost exclusively, except for Salty’s which i really like too. I’m gonna pull the trigger on the 24/7’s with a SWE gift certificate and see how i like them. They really look good and i’m looking forward to trying them.
  11. That’s what i was looking for Drew. There’s a couple of boulder fields i can see them doing well in. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Commissioner
  13. Thanks Yudi, I knew it has changed hands a couple of times. I believe the 7” is 2 oz, and that’s the one i’m looking at. I’m going to try the olive over white.
  14. Love my SS Needles, but saw these at RISSA and liked what I saw. Any feedback from you guys fishing them? I’ve heard a lot of good things and I think I’m going to pull the trigger on a few to try.
  15. Haha, yup! I was just saying that to my son. Millbury,O’Reilly, Cashman, there was hardly ever a night there wasn’t a taker for a good glove drop! Miss those days for sure.