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  1. Guess thats why i like mine on my belt, never set it down. I found a bag on a SoCo beach one morning after a night tide, it had survived the incoming, and was soaked. Gave me an eerie feeling, hoped no one had drowned. I moved it to slightly higher ground in ghe hopes the owner would come looking for it.
  2. CCW Danny
  3. My go to is a Tinman Tackle 3/4 oz bucktail, tipped with a Keitech Swing Impact trailer.
  4. Game
  5. Beautiful fish Mike D! Nice to see you are back on the water. Love the SWE hat too!
  6. Lawyer
  7. White 90% of the time, with either white, yellow, or chartreuse plastic trailer. Wine, under a New Moon with black trailer.
  8. 40# Momoi's Hi-Catch Mono has never let me down. Flouro is way too expensive for my taste, and have never really seen a huge advantage, but then again, i mostly fish at night.
  9. A simple idea is to wear a lanyard around your neck, and as soon as you get to your destination and shut off the engine, attach the keys to to it. I realize that it wont probably work for those new style keys, unless you make a carrying type case or plastic laminate, but it works great for older keys on a keyring. It makes it easy too, when you forget something and need to get back into your vehicle, or change your plug selection, you dont need to take off your surf top and unbuckle your waders to access your pockets. Your keys are right there around your neck.
  10. Nice and quiet in my location, with a steady pick of 22-26” fat fish, with one low teen fish to pull a little drag. Beautiful night turned into a gorgeous morning, and a super charged up surf left lots of whitewater. Bucktail heaven!
  11. Lol, that is convenient! Ok Steve, thanks!
  12. Been there with my wife too Jimmy, cancer sucks!! All the best to your wife, and you!
  13. Your McKenna style Steve, is the only way to rig them in my book. Deadly at night, and always have 3-4 in my bag. I’ve perfected tying and rigging my own through many years of practice, and can do it fairly quickly now. Thanks for teaching this deadly technique, it’s one of my favorite! I have a question for you about recycling the top 7/0 octopus hook that carries the half hitches. I glue the half hitches with Zap a Gap, but after the sluggo gets beat up and can’t be used anymore, is there any way to salvage that hook? I’ve tried cutting it off, but that glue is tough even with a razor. I thought of trying to burn it off, but a lot of times I just discard it. Any suggestions?