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  1. Gilmore got beat over and over, and Chung couldn't wrap up on a tackle to save his life. From top to bottom, they just looked awful.
  2. DMac, looks awesome! Always great when things start to come together. Congrats on the hard work, paid off nicely!
  3. Secondary is just awful today! Gotta hand it to Jax, they came prepared.
  4. Stradic's are very nice reels, and will pair nicely with 7-8 ft rods. I even have mine paired with a 9' Genesis, and it's a joy to fish with.
  5. Hit the water at 5:30 and was met with slick calm conditions. It was less than ideal conditions, but i went with wacky rigged senko, made long casts, and the fish didn't dissapoint. Ended up with 9 fish, including these two. Bite died off around 10:30, so called it a day. Cleaned the boat, and ready for football and beer!
  6. Your reports are just awesome rst3, thank you! I have friends in NC, and have found these reports so helpful. I actually told him to look at the site, as your analysis is head and shoulders above any weather channel I’ve seen. I look forward to your next post!
  7. Funny this thread cameup, just went to Lowe’s last night to start my organizing over the weekend!
  8. Yeah that’s fair, compare Chara’s points to McQuaid’s when the guy missed 2 month’s due to a broken leg. What the hell do you expect?! I’m done with this, cause as far as I’m concerned, it’s a joke of a deal. A defenseman for a defenseman? No sense. Kampher brings nothing to the “gains” column of this team, and they give up McQuaid’s size and toughness. Good deal for him, and i’m happy for him. Done.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! Ill check it out. I always rinse my stuff off after each trip.
  10. It's funny, cause i thought the same thing about salt and threads! Thanks for the tip Lou!
  11. Lol, just saw this... what are you like 6?!
  12. Oh ok, remember the name vaguely, didn't realize it was that long ago. I remember there was a buzz around him at the time. I liked McQuaid, not a high impact player, but solid, when he wasn't injured. They'll miss his physical play for sure.
  13. Did this kid Kampher play a couple of games on the B’s last year, or am I thinking of someone else?
  14. Too bad it wasn’t Chara.
  15. After having an issue with studs falling out of a brand new pair of Rocktrax, I spoke to Korkers, and was given a refund toward a new pair of Castrax. These look to be a much better option, with the threaded studs instead of the push through. I have heard some people say that they remove the studs and put a drop of Loctite on the threads, and screw them back in, to help preventing them from backing out. My question is, once you do this, does this make it impossible to remove them again, in case you need to replace them? If any of you guys have any input on this, I would love some feedback. Thanks in advance.