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  1. I bought the new Simms last Fall and i really like it. It is definately not a summer top as it’s very warm. I just wear a tshirt under it and it’s very comfortable. A little pricey as most of Simms stuff goes, but worth the $$ imo.
  2. And, with the time this fish was out of water all the pictures these buffoons had to take, the fish would clearly be dead. Shameful.
  3. Century or Lami 1201L cut to 9’.
  4. Here it is Mokes. The vet who we use had them in a different one when they gave us her ashes. My wife found this one on Amazon, and it really brings us comfort. Hope you and your family can take comfort in that how happy she was with you, and that you gave her so much love. I still get a lump in my throat when i think of my old girl. We will keep you in our thoughts.
  5. So sorry Mokes, it is absolutey one of the hardest things to go through. One suggestion would be to creamate her and put her ashes in a nice urn that has some pictures of her. We had to put down our 16 yr old dachshund and were devastated. We have her in a spot on our mantle and talk about her all the time. Seeing and knowing shes still with us, gives us great comfort.
  6. Dobyns gets my vote. The Fury line is the best bang for your buck and is a decent rod. I absolutely love the Champion line, but its over double your pricepoint. This is where you get what you pay for, but that said, the Fury line gives you alot of good quality components that will last many seasons.
  7. Have missed these posts, thanks for sharing, Kil!
  8. Spent a ton of time this past week on vacation in the suds, and despite some great conditions, fishing was fair to dismal. Few skunks, some fat schoolies, and one fish around 25# that came unbuttoned as i got her close. Not much return for a a ton of time put in, but that’s fishing. Definately seemed off from years past.
  9. Where is he located? Where can you buy? That’s a sweet needle!
  10. Sorry to hear Dinghy, very sad.
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