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  1. Who
  2. Shot
  3. Teeth
  4. Thanks! She’s really starting to have some issues, but continues to surprise us with bouts of spunkiness. Shes just a sweetheart abd i dread the day comes when we lose her.
  5. Priority
  6. Our sweet girl Sadie, 16 1/2 and still hangin on...
  7. ... can still wipe his ars with $100 dollar bills, after writing her a check.
  8. Elated
  9. In my book, Dobyns are hard to beat.
  10. It’s the only thing i like about winter.
  11. Mississippi Burning
  12. Seal who pulled the trigger on that piece of chit, should have a holiday named after him. Here’s a funny clip...
  13. Cap
  14. Crock
  15. Roast