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  1. I’m a die hard Dobyn’s rod guy, and would highly recommend the Champion Series. They are outstanding rods. Another rod i tried out this year is the Shimano Expride. It is super light, very sensitive, and a ton of backbone. I have quickly fell in love with this rod for my jig fishing.
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  4. Best of luck, Mike!
  5. Repel
  6. That’s my fear KB, he’s in drivers ed now, and i know as soon as he gets his license that he’ll be on the go. He really does love to fish so hoping he’ll find a balance.
  7. Yup, had some great trips together, but as he gets older i hope he won’t not find time. He’s turned out to be a great fisherman, and loves to go, so hopefully hooked for life!
  8. Got out this am with my son before the heat set in and managed a bunch of chunks. Lost a fish over 5, and got my finger opened up by a huge pickerel. Thought i was gonna bleed out! Lol Bite was great till sun poked out and then died like a light switch.
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  11. Cardiac
  12. Park
  13. Highly disagree. Sensitivity is the major factor for me when selecting a rod. It’s true that most rods will detect a “hard” strike from an aggressive fish, but a rod with no feel will miss most soft bites, especially in deeper water. It helps not only with detecting bites, but also what my lure is doing during my retrieve.