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  1. I got in on time I guess, mine show they got shipped.
  2. They better honor them!! If it’s a misprint it’s on them!!
  3. Thanks for the heads up, i grabbed a few!
  4. Bass
  5. Any idea what the finished rod weighed with those guides, ged? I’m gonna have one built, and have had my eye on those guides.
  6. Hose
  7. Always love your take Lou, very informative!
  8. I’m thinking some anger mgmt. might be needed soon.
  9. I get it man, i’m just busting your balls. It’s the stupidity of some of todays society. It’s the same when you see the idiots reeling their WalMart specials upside down at the Canal, catching 30#’s. Or the white bucket brigade leaving gobs of trash everytime they’re done fishing. Or the jokers tossing fish 15 ft in the air back into the water from atop a jetty, so they don’t get sneakers wet. It pisses you off, but even if you say something, they’ll be another knucklehead along right behind them. All you can do, is try and distance yourself as much as you can from people like that, and try and enjoy your time as much as possible.I do understand your frustration. As hard as it’s become to catch fish consistently, the last thing you need is something working against you.
  10. Who pissed in your Cheerios today?!
  11. Are you having problems during casting, or just don’t like the way it’s laying? If your not losing any distance, i wouldn’t sweat it too much. Doesn’t look terrible to me either.
  12. Lami 1201L with 12” cut from the butt, and VS200.
  13. Sorry to hear Sandflee, sending good thoughts to you and your family, especially your Dad.
  14. Mast