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  1. I would spend my money on a 9' surf rod of good quality, new or used, a good reel such as a shimano spheros or penn slammer and buy a cheap 7' spinning rod for the boat and swap the reel between the two.The rod is much more important at this point for the surf. You go to the fish with a boat.
  2. What about the Rodgeeks 11 footer with 2 different top sections. Would that work?
  3. Thanks Mike. That chart was from anglers resources.
  4. So I got this 9' Fenwick 1082 2 piece surf rod laying around. The handle is to short and weighs a ton. With a little extra time on my hands I figured it would make a great victim for my first build. The reel is going to be a Daiwa 8600A with 20 lb FireWire. The spool diameter is 64mm and the distance to the center of spool is 98mm. Dia X 27 gives me a choke of 68" Reel stem 21.5" from butt Face of spool 24" from butt 53" from butt to ferrule. I was hoping someone could provide some guide suggestions for this rod in the NGC / X27 layout. Or should I just use the Fuji guide spacing below. Thanks
  5. Oh yeah, the red electrical is the anglers resource guide recommendation
  6. The handle & reel seat are off and what a difference, they weighed a ton. I taped the reel on where I want it. Just out of curiosity I decided to layout the reduction guides as per anglers resource before stripping them. I was surprised at how close fenwick was to anglers resource. Considering this is the early 80’s when this rod was made. The guides chosen were 30, 25, 20, 12, and 8 to the tip as static loading dictates.
  7. Here’s the rod & reel before stripping it.
  8. Ok so I've been reading around the Anglers Resources site and I think I'm beginning to get it. The chart above shows me the distances from the reel face and the reccomeded guide at that distance out to the choke point. I don't use all those guides on the rod, they are locations based on the angle of the reel to the choke point. The guides used will be determined by static load testing. So if my running guides are going to be 6's I would start with a 6 at 64.29", a 30l at 30.87" from face of reel and fill in the the rest as needed for the reduction. Then the running guides would be added as needed based on static load testing. Is this correct.
  9. I was running a job at swimming river reservoir spillway years ago. The osprey's put on quite a fishing seminar there, until the eagle showed up. Worked at Earle in Leonardo too, the osprey's were coming up with fluke. Awesome bird. Nice pics!
  10. Thanks bigblue
  11. Didn't know I was supposed to register it. Purchased it about 5 years ago from local store. Might have the tags still, I'll check some reel boxes. Can't help on the tidemaster comparison as I've never fished one. I paid $170 ish and felt it was worth it quality wise.
  12. St Croix Premeire PC70MHF 3/8 - 1 oz Used once. $120.00 plus shipping. Could meet in Jersey if interested. Trades?
  13. Are the GSB 1201 & 1321 the only domestically produced 10' & 11' 1 piece graphite surf rods available today. What other USA made options are there.
  14. Can't do it right now. I blew a lot of my fishing cash last weekend. GLWS
  15. Not really. It 2 hrs to the Throgs Neck for me. If you can't do it no problem. If you can I'm still interested. Thanks and good luck either way.
  16. I'd be coming from PA, could you meet me near the Throgs Neck. If so, I'll take the 1201M. Early am weekend pick up would work for me. Thanks
  17. As of Feb 6 on Karenann2 website Adam is the captain. His bio states he grew up fishing Raritan Bay. That explains a lot.
  18. How about a nice even $400 and I'll see you in the morning
  19. $375.00 cash, pick up tomorrow.
  20. Where is this rod located. Would like to take a look at if possible. Thanks
  21. Is this still available? If so I would like to take a look at it. Thanks
  22. I was in a similar situation as you a year ago. Sold my boat and returned to surf fishing. I fish Monmouth, Middlesex, & Staten Island mostly. So I dusted off my 12' Daiwa from when I was younger and realized it was too big and went searching for a new set up. I bought mostly used and went through a few rods. With my first season in decades behind me here's what I ended up with. #1. FSC 1087 / Spheros 6000 (9' - 3/4 to 4 oz) This is what I use 99% of the time. It is an awesome set up for where I fish. At some point I would like to upgrade the reel but only because I want to, not because I need too. #2. St Croix Ben Doerr SS106MH2 / PENN 706z (10'2" up to 6 oz I cut 4" off the butt) I picked this up off CL for inlet & bigger stuff. Never needed it, the FSC did everything I needed. Even though I didn't use it, it always comes along. The 706 is on there because I had it from the Daiwa. Wouldn't mind upgrading that either but it does what it's supposed to do. In the early spring I sometimes used an old 8' St Croix glass rod with a 710 greenie that I've had for a long time. I also acquired a never used Fenwick SU 1388 with a Mitchel 396 pum, for pencil popping that I never used due to the fact that I fished only at night. I primarily fished bucktails, bombers, sp minnows, and mag darters. So basically 1 rod & 4 lures beached everyting I caught in the surf.
  23. I have the supreme, it does what it's supposed to do. If I wasn't buying a gear up bag at one of the shows this year I would replace the one piece plastic divider with 3 large tubes.