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  1. Would you sell?
  2. What is the depth of plug storage?
  3. Don't know about Guy Cotton, but the Grundens I work in have neoprene and I couldn't imagine latex being better except in a dry suit where a tighter seal would be needed. I doubt it would be more durable either.
  4. Blurple bomber or mag darter and white bucktail with red or white pork rind. These 3 outperform everything else combined in my bag. I have been trying tandem rigged hogys with nail weights in black & white with no success. I mostly fish Monmouth county.
  5. I'll buy the pliers if the price is reasonable.
  6. Anybody want to part with a Gear Up 2 tube. Would trade a Gear Up bucktail. Let me know. North Jersey , NYC meet up. Thanks.
  7. Hell, I'm not even sure what I do. Never gave it that much thought, other than I have a conventional for heavier weight. I'll have to pay attention this weekend.
  8. Who cares what rod John Skinner fishes. I read his books and learned a lot. The only way your going to know what you like is to fish different rods. I just keep buying rods and fish them until I find the ones I like. Sell the ones you don't like. You can't get a feel for what you like in a book or on the inter-web.
  9. Hey Charlie, is this USA made?
  10. The best $200 rod is found on the BST.
  11. Just buy a supreme for starters. You can always upgrade later.
  12. I was just throwing large bucktails with a tranx 401 on a 1201m with no issues. 4 oz. ?
  13. I'm in the Dockbuilders Union in NYC. I've spent the past 30 years on the water either on a crane barge or on the beach or some dock. Sandy hook, Belmar, Long Branch, Ellis Island. East River, Hudson River, Tappan Zee Bridge, Rockaway, Coney Island, you get the picture. Show up early fish from the barge if access is an issue. Fish lunch time. But it is NOT an easy job. We lost a laborer to an early morning blitz. He couldn't walk away and they laid him off. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  14. I can't believe this rod is still available with people asking what would be a good first rod. I'll offer a $100 for it and pick it up on my way home from work tomorrow. I would be in Union county about 2:30 pm.
  15. What I did and am still doing is read about the different makes of rods & reels that fit the type of fishing you plan to do. Decide on what you want and watch the bst like a hawk. I personally would rather buy high end used gear than low end new gear for the same price.
  16. The search button is your best friend. I sold my boat a few years ago and got back into surf fishing. Having not fished from the beach since the late eighties. Everything I thought I knew was wrong. I found all I needed, info, gear etc right here. Just search and read old posts and you will be good to go in no time. The knowledge here is unbelievable. Good luck.
  17. Really guys. Sharpen your hooks and go fishing.
  18. Yes! I did today. A Lamiglas XS101MHC. Put a Tranx 401 on it. Feels nice, but won't really know till the fall when I start throwing eels & heavy bucktails on it.
  19. I see you listed this rod 5 years ago. The best I could do is $160. I could pick up Sunday morning. Thanks
  20. The highest I can go is $175. That's the high side of past sales of this rod on the BST. If your friend changes his mind let me know. GLWS
  21. I could do $160 meet in Bellmawr tomorrow morning.
  22. Where is this rod located?