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  1. Hey guys I’m buying new fly line for fishing Sandy Hook. I have a Lamiglas GF108 9/10 with a Colton Torrent 789. Im looking for input on what line to buy. My current thought is Rio Coastal XP 9 wt. But I also see they have Striper Specific line. Any input? Also I plan on buying an intermediate sinking line. I know it drops fast here. I’ve fished this area since I was a kid. Should I be using a sinking line. I already have a floating line. Thanks in advance. I’m also open to other brands and lines. LMK
  2. New Jersey should close fishing in the Raritan Bay until after the fish spawn. It’s a complete s**t show in the spring. I only fish for or stripers seriously in the fall. I’ll play around at night with my fly rod from now until fall. I don’t know why but peoples interest seems to drop off as the season progresses. I guess they got their face **** photo.
  3. I lived by on Lake Lefferts for 10 years which is just above where the shark incident happened. My neighbor was a school teacher who is sadly deceased. Anyhow he did an interview with a woman who was believed to be the last living witness to the event many years ago. From what I remember it was a bull shark and it caused much trouble in the Raritan Bay. Said to be the inspiration for Jaws.
  4. Not sure what’s up with the attitude but I don’t need it or the fishing pole. GLWS
  5. Ok. Where are you located and could you get a shipping cost. Thanks
  6. I’ll offer $225 pick up? Shipping? Don’t know. LMK. In PA but can find reasons to travel. Just to be sure this is a casting rod not spinning.
  7. I’ll give ya $150.00 and pick it up any day ya want.
  8. I connect my leader to braid with a uni to uni and put a TA clip on the end before I head out. The leaders I carry with me in my waders have a TA clip on one end and a swivel on the other. I find it easier to tie the braid to the swivel in the dark in a hurry than the uni to uni. However, if I have time I will remove the swivel and tie a knot. I don’t like the swivel jamming into my tiptop. I was always told swivels don’t work under pressure. Don’t know. As a matter of fact I don’t completely trust TA clips but they work well for plugging. In a perfect world everything would be tied by me, no hardware. This is strictly for surf fishing.
  9. Daiwa 8600 packed with grease. I think I paid $25 for it. Paired with an xs101ms. I don’t think I used anything else this year, spring and fall.
  10. Here’s the old article. Scroll down and there’s a pic of the gunsmith’s hand rifling. https://www.jacobsburghistory.com/news/building-a-pennsylvania-longrifle/
  11. https://www.jacobsburghistory.com/society-collections/pennsylvania-longrifle-museum/
  12. Nice work Sudsy. Not sure if you know about this place. They used to offer a Pennsylvania Long Rifle building seminar. It was 10 Saturdays or something like that. They say that Kentucky Long Rifles are Pennsylvania Long Rifles used in Kentucky. Years ago they had some guys teaching the class that were making their barrels and hand rifling them in wooden jigs. Pretty cool stuff. I believe the museum is part of Jacobsburg State Park, just outside of Nazareth. Good luck on your project. Paul https://events.dcnr.pa.gov/event/boulton_an_early_pennsylvania_gun-making_center#.Y7940eROnDs
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