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  1. I bought my 706z in 1984 and that's what mine looks like. Bought it at Rays $49 still have original box with price tag.
  2. Hey guys, if it makes any difference to anyone one night last year they pulled the dredge inshore due to weather and I went out there and caught multiple bass. No trophies but nice bass. Just a positive spin on a **** situation.
  3. Some reels come with shims that allow you to time the reel so the bail or lack thereof is in certain position when the handle is also in a certain position
  4. Dredgemen work 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. The business does not care about holidays. You clearly have no idea how offshore marine ops work. At this point I'm also inclined to believe that you are just arguing for arguments sake, just playing devils advocate. I'm done responding to you. Good luck in whatever it is you do. I know for certain it's not marine construction.
  5. It's beyond that simple. There's about a 6 week window for the rip. There is no difference in weather if they waited till Dec 1 to start.
  6. Yes. Later half maybe into November. You couldn't pick a worse time!
  7. Yes. 1556 Dockbuilders
  8. The shifting sand was the excuse for destroying most of Monmouth county's jetties. As for October being the best month you are wrong. What do you base That on? I have been in the marine construction industry for 30 years. That channel could be dredged any month of the year no problem. Please explain.
  9. Talking to the Ranger at the main gate yesterday and she said the dredge will be back Oct maybe into Nov. Why do they schedule this for the fall run? Is this going to be every year now? What is NJ's obsession with dredging?
  10. Carteret also has a fishing pier. Technically it is probably considered the Arthur Kill not Raritan Bay. You can and will catch fish there.
  11. Suave, I don't know what the different drags are that Battenkills come with. But it sure sounds like it will work for me. Thanks
  12. Shadow, thanks that's the kind of info I'm looking for. Will a used Orvis Battenkill or something similar hold up in the surf. I don't have to have the latest or greatest.
  13. I recently acquired this fly rod in a trade and I don't think it's ever been used. I plan on using it this fall in and around Sandy Hook. I'm looking for some advice on setting this up for surf fishing. My questions are: 1- Is this rod adequate for central jersey surf fishing 2- Reel I'm leaning towards a Colton CRG 810. Is this good or should I be looking at something else. 3- What line should I start out with I mainly fish at night out front. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  14. I just wear my princeton tek headlamp upside down around my neck. Works great.