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  1. SJ, I paid 140.00 for it. Not what I was looking for but at that price with a lifetime warranty, why not. I have a spheros 6000 on it and it feels right. Haven't thrown anything yet. I plan on putting 30# hi-viz PP on it. Ordering line and some goodies today, should be able to cast a sinker next week. I haven't cast a surf rod in 30 years but will post my novice opinion. Good luck.
  2. Don't know about imitators but back in the 80's I worked 2nd shift at a plastics company in Eatontown and the supervisor would often have a box small crabs for after work. Wish I paid attention more when I was a kid.
  3. What's up from a former lurker
  4. Uni to uni, but I am going to try the FG knot.
  5. PB striper from the beach.
  6. I stand corrected! Checked box, it is centrifugal. It's been a while. Oh well not the first time, won't be the last. Cheers mate.
  7. I've read through all the posts in this thread and was surprised no corrected your description of the Penn 975. It does have a magnetic braking system. You have remove the left side cover and configure the 5 or so magnets inside. Can't shift on the fly, but if you take some time to figure it out it works well. I have one on a heavy Migizi musky rod. I have used this from the boat, beach & jetties and it casts well. Never measured how far, never gave it any thought. Not very scientific just fishing. Never had any problems with it but I rinse it off after every use. Never been submerged either.
  8. PEI Tuna fishing
  9. Just couldn't walk away from the TFO GIS sale on Sunday. I ended up with the 10'6 SP 1064-2. 1 -4 OZ. I dont want to put too heavy a reel but want a "sealed" one. Im thinking slammer 3 4500 or saragosa 5000. Specs seem to favor the slammer. If you have this rod what are running on it. Am I going to small, next size up puts me at 706z weight. At that weight that's what I'd run.
  10. Will do Mike. Hoping to get my hands on a lot of different rods this weekend at the flea market. Not sold on any one rod. I'll use that black hole rod as a starting point.
  11. I'll pass. Had a 71 Bronco 302 4 speed. Very good off-road but not as good as my 1976 cj5 258 straight 6.
  12. Never owned a Toyota that had problems.
  13. Hello all. Great site been lurking for a couple years. I'm getting back into surf fishing. I sold my boat and this year I am going to pursue that elusive, for me that is, trophy bass from the shore. So I dusted off my surf pole I bought when I was a kid in 1984. Its a Daiwa Regal Strike 12 footer, 1-4 with a 706z on it. Pretty sure it will still catch fish. Then I bought a Lamiglas XS 91 MHC and pirated my 975 off my Musky rod . Last but not least I'm looking to put together a lightweight walking rod to spare my old bones on the hike out to the hook. Its going to be a Black Hole Suzuki 9'6" with a Spinfisher VI 4500 bail less. I'll be pulling the trigger on that combo any day. Any insight on this set up or something similar would be appreciated. Going to hit the beach hard this year and look forward to becoming part of the community. Thanks in advance. Paul