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  1. A quality used one is better than a cheap new one. I recently picked up a mint FSC1087 for $200
  2. Agreed. It's only a fishing pole. Cheers
  3. Lami sold to fishnorthshore pending pickup. Pm sent.
  4. My cousin took it this afternoon
  5. I'm in Brooklyn til 2:00 pm all next week. Best I could do is Verrazanno bridge.
  6. Yes, the lami is casting.
  7. 10'6" TFO SP1064-2 3/4 - 4 OZ Used 3 times $175.00 9' Lamiglas XS 91 MHC 1 - 3 oz $140.00 7' St Croix Premier PC 70 MHF 3/8 -1 oz Used once. $120.00 I live in the Poconos, work in NYC, and fish Raritan Bay down to IBSP just to give an idea where I'd be able to meet. I'd prefer to sell in person for cash. If I were to ship, you must be patient with me. Thanks
  8. Salty, I have the 1064-2 and I have only thrown lures with it. If I were fishing bait I would go with the 1065-2 for the 2 - 6 oz rating, but don't think it would cast the lure weight you listed well. I don't think I've gone over 3 oz. It does however cast the lure weight you listed well though. don't think I'd like to throw much more with it.
  9. LOL. I'll take it.
  10. Want to buy FSC 1087
  11. If Jsnake does not take it I will. I could pick it up tomorrow morning.
  12. Not all surf reels need to be sealed or expensive. Both of these reels can be found used cheaper than the entry level reels listed & are of higher quality and are more rugged & reliable than some on the list.
  13. If you have to choose between fishing before & after high tide or dusk & dawn what do you choose. Trying to find out what's most productive if you can only hit one. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  14. SJRhino I had it on the beach Saturday and it casts a country mile and feels good in the hands. I wouldn't want a larger reel on it. Didnt catch anything.