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  1. Are those polarized??
  2. Looking for some tips on good sunglasses for fishing... trying to keep within $50-$100 thanks in advance
  3. Trying to help my sister find a good pair of waders.. anyone know where you can get good women’s waders?
  4. "they are in"
  5. Got out last night for a few with my sister and her boyfriend while baby and wife were asleep around midnight to 3am... was only throwing some clams on one rod and just hanging. Needed to just get it out of my system even tho conditions weren’t great. The current was ripping to the left. But there were multiple times where it would pull to the right and get tight but nothing ever hooked up. Is that the current just ripping back the other way??
  6. Heading down to northern OC Thursday night until Sunday with wife to visit mother-in-law with our our month old baby. Just started getting into fishing last year and fell in love with surf fishing. But as soon as I found a liking to it we moved up to Sussex county into new house and with baby couldn’t get out at all this fall. Weather looks crappy of course this weekend. But I really want to just fish. Been waiting for this trip seems like forever now. I just want to fish. Idc what for really. Just want to get out and fish. Any guidance or pointers on what to go for to give me decent chance for some action? Thanks in advance guys! Tight lines
  7. What’s the rules for fishing sandy hook at night? Can you pay and park over night? And are you allowed to drive on beach?
  8. Got out for two hours this morning 630-830 oc out front... big waves and some foam. No hits tho on swim shad and some darters. Picked up some fresh mullet after I left for later tonight. Any suggestions on whether to fish those out front or in back for later tonight?
  9. Saturday morning sunrise is pretty much dead low tide but the start of incoming tide... would it be worth trying for hour or two 630-830? I have a small window and wanna go out front in oc... I know first light is usually decent but wondering if the low tide would effect that thanks in advance
  10. Might be a stupid question... do swim shads or sp minnows qualify as darters? Sorry again for dumb question. still really new to this
  11. Yeah I was just looking at that as well... looks like we only get a little bit of a rough surf out of this whole ordeal now. Plugs probably would be best bet for rough surf i would assume right?? Thanks again
  12. Gotta help my mother in law move some things this weekend down in ocean county at her house. Think the water will be unfishable Friday/Saturday? She’s 2 blocks either way from ocean and bay so doesn’t matter which. Was really hoping to get rewarded for doing some moving but im thinking the worst and don’t wanna get my hopes up if it’s gonna be impossible.. any thoughts??
  13. Hooked into a ray tonight out front ocean county.. very new to surf fishing and this fight just hooked me even more... any idea what kind of ray this is? Hoping weather lets me get out again tomorrow
  14. Question on the drifting bugs method.. how big of a bobber do you use. Gonna be on vaca first week of August and super excited to try this. thanks
  15. Hey guys.. I only recently started fishing last fall so completely a newbie. Caught a striped bass in surf last fall and absolutely fell in love with the sport of surf fishing. So normally I fish in ocean county when I go to my fiancé shore house with my sister and her boyfriend for a weekend. I’ve got my sister hooked the last trip even tho we didn’t catch anything. We literally hit the surf from midnight to 5:30am and was amazed at how much she was into it and wanted to keep fishing bc now I have a buddy to go with. Needless to say we won’t be able to get to our shore house next weekend but have time to go out Saturday early afternoon till dark and we live in Bergen county so was thinking of making a mid day trip to sandy hook bc it’s less of a ride. Not looking for anyone’s spots at all by any means was just wondering if any of you could help point me where a decent spot would be to start and any tips and pointers would be appreciated. All I want is to get her hooked up with something bc I know that’s all she wants... sorry for the long crazy post just wanted to give a little background. Thanks in advance for anything!!