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  1. Gonna be going out on the Norma K out of point pleasant. Fluke, 8-12:30pm.... going out this coming Saturday
  2. Do most boats provide the sinkers or is that something I should grab before going?
  3. Never been out on a party boat before so just basically wondering what specific gear to bring. We will be going out for fluke half day. I only fish from shore and have all that gear but I know my bucktails for surf aren't going to be any good since they are basically 1/2oz - 1oz at best... Boat says they supply bait and rods.. I'm planning on renting a rod as I dont want to ruin or screw up my nice surf rod. So basically for bucktails what size am I looking at? Should I even bother getting bucktails or is there something different to use out there? Gulp, should I get the bigger size? Any help is appreciated Thanks and tight lines all
  4. Out front OC last night midnight to 3am. Did some bait fishing with brother in law, sister, and brother.... lots of dogfish, some pretty decent size and heavy.. fun time just to have them on some action and have rod bend.. will be out later again to try, hopefully for something other than the doggies
  5. OC out front.. 530-7am threw popper around for a few with nothing than switched to epoxy jig and nailed a nice sized blue and micro fluke before sun came up and action slowed... got knotted up and decided to leave. Will be back out around sundown
  6. OC out front midnight to about 330am. Few small blues around 1-3LBS on mullet
  7. Out front OC 6-8pm... got away for 2 hours in between baby duties and helping mother-in-law. 1 cocktail blue on mullet rig. Didn’t see much of anything going on really. Gonna try out back when wife and baby fall asleep with the left over bait... will report back later
  8. Finally had some down time with family and baby obligations... went out Tuesday afternoon before sun went down for an hour, OC surf. Caught my first fluke!!! Didn't have a tape measure so wasn't sure if it was a keeper.. looked pretty close though. Either way, safely released. Cannot wait to get back down there again at end of month
  9. Are those polarized??
  10. Looking for some tips on good sunglasses for fishing... trying to keep within $50-$100 thanks in advance
  11. Trying to help my sister find a good pair of waders.. anyone know where you can get good women’s waders?
  12. "they are in"
  13. Got out last night for a few with my sister and her boyfriend while baby and wife were asleep around midnight to 3am... was only throwing some clams on one rod and just hanging. Needed to just get it out of my system even tho conditions weren’t great. The current was ripping to the left. But there were multiple times where it would pull to the right and get tight but nothing ever hooked up. Is that the current just ripping back the other way??
  14. Heading down to northern OC Thursday night until Sunday with wife to visit mother-in-law with our our month old baby. Just started getting into fishing last year and fell in love with surf fishing. But as soon as I found a liking to it we moved up to Sussex county into new house and with baby couldn’t get out at all this fall. Weather looks crappy of course this weekend. But I really want to just fish. Been waiting for this trip seems like forever now. I just want to fish. Idc what for really. Just want to get out and fish. Any guidance or pointers on what to go for to give me decent chance for some action? Thanks in advance guys! Tight lines
  15. What’s the rules for fishing sandy hook at night? Can you pay and park over night? And are you allowed to drive on beach?