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  1. 27conch, If you had a potato cannon you would be over that now !
  2. Back in the 90s a friend of mine carried a potato cannon for times like you described .
  3. Took the kayak out today. I got my doors blown of. Just one flounder. Drifts were faster than the flounder could swim. Did get a few other bites but at the speed I was moving hard to get them to climb on. I need a sunny day with little wind. They are around.
  4. Lots 3 & 7 sold
  5. They vary 1/4 being the smallest & 1 oz being the heaviest
  6. Sending PM Thank you
  7. Not tying for sale. These are the same jigs. I just put them in smaller lots. I find myself with more than I can use. I may have some lure I want to get rid of can I sell those here I modified those with hand tied rear hooks ?You might also ask DerrickT to come at things with a little more tact. It seems there are some people on this site looking to cause a ruckus. Thanks again for your help.
  8. These were tied for personal use just have more than I can use at the present time. Check with Tim he gave me the go head some time ago just changed the lot sizes and reposted.
  9. Lot # 1 sold.
  10. Heads are bought, I just do the tying.
  11. Made in China. Pay pal.
  12. Practically new (only used 3 or 4 times) Abu Garcia 7000c bait casting reel. Excellent condition, spooled with fire line smoke 20 lbs test. $125 includes shipping .
  13. At this time I have to say no. I feel the price asking is a good fair price.
  14. Warner NH
  15. ES207, Try tying a white deceiver on a 2/0 hook and fish it on a intermediate line. A clouser minnow chartreuse over white, fish it along the bottom when you aren't seeing any surface action. Muddy bottom is the best for the clouser this time of year.
  16. Two pairs of orioles and plenty of cat birds. They seem to get along. Grape jelly and orange halves seem to be the ticket. Also have feeders with suet and a variety of seeds. Oiled sun flowers makes up the major portion of the seeds. The humming birds showed up to their feeders on schedule and the orioles showed up two days later. So far the last two weeks have been good for the birds. We let the grassy areas go feral at this time of year to help the pollinators. We get lots of dandy lions and other wild flowers but have yet to see a honey bee.
  17. If you removed the power boats it would be a great place to play in a kayak. Those standing waves look like fun.
  18. I carry a few jugs of water. I rinse and wipe down as soon as I get back to the car every time I fish. Every once in a while I break things down spray with salt x and clean thoroughly and re-grease.
  19. Pearl Bomber, I think when looking at the river or bay on an out going tide and the swing of your plug the current direction is going to be determined more by the structure or topography of the bottom than anything else. The out flow will follow the path of least resistance. When fishing the beach or rocks along the coast the current map above would help in predicting bait movement and possible places to fish.
  20. As I get older I fly fish less and less. There was a period in my life that's the only way I fished. I have had my left hip replaced twice, have arthritis in my hands and shoulders so climbing around on the rocks in NH is tough. I feel with the new light weight spinning gear I can fish more water without a risk. I converted from fly tying to jig tying and absolutely love it. Something special about catching on your own tie.
  21. In the past I have had good luck fishing clousers in the mud up in the river. Small metals and buck tails from the beach.
  22. Maybe rabbit fur is the answer ? Been tying Buggs for when I go south again you can fish them without plastic trailers and still look awful lively. Always looking for ways to reduce the impact of catch and release fishing and all fishing for that matter. If we don't help things out who will.
  23. Being a life time outdoor enthusiast and fisherman and witnessing the changes that have occurred in my life time, I feel anything that can be done to change the degradation of our fisheries is a good thing. I am sure they can come up with a harmless material to make lures out of. We as fisherman should stand behind any positive change. I believe Berkley changed their formula to make their products bio degradable. If it good for the fish and the environment its good for me.