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  1. If you removed the power boats it would be a great place to play in a kayak. Those standing waves look like fun.
  2. I carry a few jugs of water. I rinse and wipe down as soon as I get back to the car every time I fish. Every once in a while I break things down spray with salt x and clean thoroughly and re-grease.
  3. Pearl Bomber, I think when looking at the river or bay on an out going tide and the swing of your plug the current direction is going to be determined more by the structure or topography of the bottom than anything else. The out flow will follow the path of least resistance. When fishing the beach or rocks along the coast the current map above would help in predicting bait movement and possible places to fish.
  4. As I get older I fly fish less and less. There was a period in my life that's the only way I fished. I have had my left hip replaced twice, have arthritis in my hands and shoulders so climbing around on the rocks in NH is tough. I feel with the new light weight spinning gear I can fish more water without a risk. I converted from fly tying to jig tying and absolutely love it. Something special about catching on your own tie.
  5. In the past I have had good luck fishing clousers in the mud up in the river. Small metals and buck tails from the beach.
  6. Maybe rabbit fur is the answer ? Been tying Buggs for when I go south again you can fish them without plastic trailers and still look awful lively. Always looking for ways to reduce the impact of catch and release fishing and all fishing for that matter. If we don't help things out who will.
  7. Being a life time outdoor enthusiast and fisherman and witnessing the changes that have occurred in my life time, I feel anything that can be done to change the degradation of our fisheries is a good thing. I am sure they can come up with a harmless material to make lures out of. We as fisherman should stand behind any positive change. I believe Berkley changed their formula to make their products bio degradable. If it good for the fish and the environment its good for me.
  8. Always carry a spare, always.
  9. Pollution, over harvesting,harvesting to close to spawning time and areas, reduction in prey species and food sources, by-catch, warming ocean temps, disease, mishandling by fisherman, poaching and black market sales all contribute to the demise of the east coast stripers stocks. In my humble opinion what needs to take place first and foremost is considering the fish first. All of us who fish these wonderful fish have a personal stake, an investment in time and money, we have feelings, a love of the sport. If things are going to change for the better we need to let our personal stuff go, work together, using good science, and do the best we can to help restore this wonderful fish to sustainable numbers even if it means giving up something. Thinking about next season is not enough, it needs to be long term and it needs to be based on scientific fact not on how we individually feel about our experiences. We need to step outside of our personal focus and in to the world of fishery science. Science is the only way to turn this around, science based on the fishes life cycle, habitat, population dynamics, mortality, and reproduction. What we don't need is legislation clouded by groups with alternative reasons for controlling regulations, and harvesting. It time to think about the fish, a fish with great historical value, the poor man's salmon, one that all can have access to if stocks are keep healthy, and sustainable. To argue won't help, to seek out scientific fact will, maybe all efforts should go to helping fund the science with out affiliation or constraints other than helping restore the once abundant stocks.
  10. tinboat, I would strongly recommend a formal lesson with the ACA or BCU to get started in the right direction. It is money well spent . It will go a long way in helping keep you safe and will also give a set of skills so when you start test paddling boats you will better understand the boats ability to fill you fishing needs and keep you safe in the conditions you plan to paddle and fish in. There are a lot of boats out there and they are not all equal, they have characteristics do to hull design that make some boats safer in conditions and some not so much. So spending time developing skills, paddling a number of boats, and getting a feel for a variety of hull designs will go along way in making an enjoyable and safe experience. Most good shops offer demos when the weather and water warms and lessons as well. Good luck with your journey and stay safe on the water.
  11. Thule glide and set with a bath mat for the back of the car. A good pair of wheels to get it there would do the trick. Never have to lift the full weight of the boat.
  12. Go see the people at Contoocook River Canoe and Kayak. In summer you can demo boats and paddles. At times they have used boats in stock. Large selection of boats.
  13. Over an hour for me to Surfland but well worth the trip. One of the last real full service shops left in the area. Good stuff , great people.
  14. We feed them jelly and cut oranges up here in NH. You can buy a feeder designed just for half orange and jelly. Tough to keep the squirrels out . Pellet gun helps with those feeder piglets, we tried every thing else to no avail.
  15. I was an avid hunter owned a wonderful bird dog for years just loved bird hunting with Black Magic. I hunted deer as well that was more about meat in the freezer. I was shot in a hunting accident. I didn't hunt for years I have now started again and have had the opportunity to shoot a couple of deer but can't bring myself to pull the trigger. Empathy ? No catch and release in hunting. May be would shoot a big buck given the chance ??? Fishing though has always been a love and an addiction for me I was infected by my father at a very young age. Sometimes in the fall I find myself daydreaming about finding a pup and training another bird dog it would mean not fishing the fall beaches so I don't know. Hunting with a dog is a special thing. So isn't fishing the coast in the fall. There is only so much time to immerse ones self.