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  1. Some of the fly fishing guides out in montauk will do three and maybe 4 man charters to fish spinning tackle. You could give them a try but they get pretty booked up this time of year. I'm not sure of anyone that does it locally (meaning nassau/suffolk border .. jones /debs). You want a smaller boat to chase them down .. especially the albies.
  2. Payment and delivery info sent... TY again
  3. Can I do 1 and 3 please ....
  4. Tough to get off your swivel ...
  5. Tight lines Bill Thanks for doing this.
  6. WTB Surf Asylum glide bait .
  7. Paypal sent sir .
  8. Can i get the Groves mini in pic 1 and the BM bunker lil guy in pic 3
  9. Campsite has a lot of fly tying materials as well that would work for bucktails.
  10. Now they just have to enforce it .
  11. You mean the "stink pier"
  12. I thought it was a pretty good meeting. It got me off my ars to read the PID and send my comments in. I was surprised to hear so many recreational anglers speak out in favor of a moratorium.
  13. Go to the websight for eligibility. When you get the the page that allows you to schedule the appointment , keep clicking the refresh button. Make up your mind to do it for an hour in the morning and/or an hour in the evening... I got my appointment on Thursday for Saturday. .. Also, if you include the Javitz center in your choices , they seem to have a lot more updates. It seems like when they learn they are getting a shipment of vaccine in , they post the appointments. Its pretty random ..but you can get it done. Also, start checking CVS and Walgreens sights .
  14. I built something similar for my toyota (not nearly as nice but servicable)..... what did you use to make the drawer dividers ... How did you make the slots on the insides of the drawers ... That set up is exactly what i am looking to do .. Really sweet setup.
  15. Wow ... I grew up in Sheepshead bay and worked on some of those boats and fished on most of them at one time or another... I remember that map like it was yesterday ...