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  1. I like to work in a small twitch every 3-4 cranks but still retrieve it very slow
  2. The guy finessed a few hundred bucks out of some Chinese company at no cost to the general public. Props to you man don't listen to the idiots roasting you for it.
  3. All of my needles an metal lips, some poppers some arters
  4. Wait ur right I totally forgot that’s what this thread started as lmao
  5. This kids probably laughing his ass off slamming 70lb fish rn
  6. The fact that you guys are still responding is hilarious
  7. I feel you my man
  8. Felt like I had to say something before this kid got his legs broken over a clear joke
  9. Iv certainly had a good time reading it
  10. You guys know this is a total joke right
  11. Ya weird brag on the mid 30” fish for sure
  12. Love this
  13. One sec lemme just send you the exact gps coordinates
  14. Lmao I’m sure he’s really concerned about losing “a lot of business” from you, the guy who knows nothing about reel spooling.
  15. First of all you probably should have asked the price before you had it spooled. Second you also could have asked for mono backing to save money, since I highly doubt ur gonna be using 375 yards of braid. Instead of writing a “yelp review” like a coward, maybe ask a couple questions before you buy something blindly.