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  1. John Wilson is still around and still comes in for his Sunday morning cup of coffee at the shop
  2. He is in the process of finding a new building and has a few options in the Scituate area. He will be open by the Spring.
  3. The shiners caught one large approximately 7lb brown and a couple small rainbows and the worms and lures caut an bunch of mid size brown and rainbows
  4. I spent Friday Saturday and Sunday at a few different ponds In the cape. Me with a few friends used shiners nightcrawlers and rapala lures to catch trout.
  5. Not looking for any spots, but has anyone been catching in the south east area? Tried Scituate a few times with a handful of catches but anybody have any better luck? How bout you hull guys?
  6. It’s really funny In a large blitz situation with tons of googan boats around. Just throw a handful of bread or popcorn into open water and all the birds will flock to it and bring all the googans to the birds so you can go to the actual fish
  7. A lot of the times when surf casting I am using 30lb braid as a good balance between strength and casting distance. If I am throwing plugs that are 4+ ounces I will tie on a 65 lb braid casting leader so that I won’t break off on a strong cast. I usually use a simple uni to uni knot and have not experienced problems with break offs or the knot hitting the guides and I typically have 2 turns onto the reel. I do however change out the 65lb braid every few outings because I am anal about these things but I’m sure the knot would last a lot longer. Just so we are clear the addition of the 65lb braid has nothing to do with abrasion resistance or landing fish (although it may help) but is strictly so that I do not break my line casting heavy plugs. I still will use about 3-4 feet of fluro as a leader with this setup
  8. If you aren’t catching, keep moving
  9. Where I fish, south east Massachusetts, there are few spots to fish and most of the shore spots are one particular spot, not miles of beach to walk. I have a good idea of what tides the fish will be biting in particular spots and how to target them. I am curious of how you guys approach a situation where you are not catching. For me personally when I reach a spot I will rotate through a variety of plugs for about a half hour before I switch to a different location. When you guys reach a spot and you can’t seem to catch, how long does it take you to give up and move somewhere else? Will you wait it out In hopes fish will show up at another stage of tide? Will you continue to throw a variety of plugs hoping a change in presentatIon will help you hook up? I guess what I’m asking is at what point do you call it quits and move on from a spot instead of continuing to cast different plugs. When do you simply assume fish are not in the area instead of that you are giving the wrong presentation.
  10. One random thing that comes to mind is a pretty specific scituation when you are using a floating needlefish at night. 95% of the time I am fishing these with a very slow standard retrieve but sometimes there are times when I’ll stick my finger out so the line slaps my finger as reel in which creates a subtle pulse to the lure which sometimes triggers way more bites.
  11. Come on man...
  12. Don’t loosen the drag. Hold the rod with the bail open and a finger on the line. When the fish grabs it let go of the line and let it eat for a few seconds then flip the bail.
  13. My friend and I caught a 30lb and a 33lb yesterday In the marshfield area. Bigger ones are definitely starting to show up.
  14. Every time Marty posts something I want to stab myself in the eyes with hooks
  15. Take a $50 spinning reel and have it get dunked and reeled under water every day for a couple years and let me know if it still works.