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  1. Don’t loosen the drag. Hold the rod with the bail open and a finger on the line. When the fish grabs it let go of the line and let it eat for a few seconds then flip the bail.
  2. My friend and I caught a 30lb and a 33lb yesterday In the marshfield area. Bigger ones are definitely starting to show up.
  3. Every time Marty posts something I want to stab myself in the eyes with hooks
  4. Take a $50 spinning reel and have it get dunked and reeled under water every day for a couple years and let me know if it still works.
  5. Thank you Tim S and SOL
  6. “Downeaster Alexa” by Billy Joel. If you toss this on at 3 am on your way out on the boat to fish and don’t get a little bit of a chub idk what to tell you.
  7. I have used them and I am not a fan at all. I had the same experience as you where the tail didn’t paddle unless I was reeling in extremely fast.
  8. I’m in thanks
  9. Every time I read one of glos or frazers comments I wanna roast them but I know billy will come through with something good.
  10. I release about 95% of legal fish but do take a few once in a while for dinner
  11. I’d need to see some pictures
  12. Looking to buy a Van Staal 250 x series in silver. The newer the better. I’m located in MA and would rather pick it up from you than have it delivered. Thanks