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  1. Agreed!!
  2. I have never used or know anyone who has used the typhoon model. So I cannot speak to that. However, if I had to redo my purchase I would be between the surf top model and the strykr model.
  3. Yes - when layered appropriately depending on how cold it is they are great.
  4. The one I have Is called the “stormr surf top.” I love it and would recommend it however I’d also recommend looking at the stormr jacket that has a zipper to get it on and off. Mine doesn’t and slips over your head.
  5. I normally wear a base layer long sleeve shirt and then other layers under my stormr jacket which is dependent on how cold it is. The stormr jacket keeps the cold and wind out and has a hood. I then wear a base layer thermal pant and sweat plants under my waders. Again adding more layers as needed depending on how cold it is. Hats and gloves when needed. I normally go with wool socks.
  6. I always use mild soap and water to hand wash and hang dry. Never put in the washing machine and don't plan on it. Keep it simple
  7. I’ll take it PM sent
  8. I’ll take it, PM coming.
  9. Based on my experience during this current fall run, I’ve been most successful with teasers. I’ve been throwing everything (SP minnow, diamond jigs, avas, etc.) in combination with a bright teaser. Today I actually caught 2 out of my 3 fish on the teasers. Also it gives you another chance and also for a chance to catch a double! Good luck!
  10. offer for $110 shipped no need for the front tubes?
  11. No I haven’t witnessed this. Seems a little crazy and also not the right way to treat them. Little confused as to why
  12. Should I not buy their products then? Are the products worth the bad support?
  13. Top 3 plugs/lures you’ve used throughout this time and recent past. Pictures of catches is a must. Maybe pictures of locations etc.
  14. Might be an elbow issue. Ice up!
  15. Penn Battle II 6000 9ft is a great combo. If you're looking for bait and or plug rod that would determine. But I have a 9' tica paired with a Daiwa reel and it is awesome - supports 1/2 to 3 ounces.