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  1. Not juvi size... but trying out a few patterns lately the peacock has been doing pretty well so far...
  2. .... Not in RI ... there are no fish here... obviously ...
  3. Looks pretty ironed to me! ... I’d eat it ...
  4. Just soaked her this morning... %100 chance of getting eaten within the next two weeks... that thing just screams “smash me”... I will be making a few more! I’ll work on upgrading that lip, and I’ll probably tie a longer tail on the next ones.. that one seems awkwardly short...(though I think that may be adding to its really sexy azz-wiggle) also very surprised how well it casted for such a bulky untailwiegted plug... probably my favorite build to date...
  5. Thanks! Much appreciated ... I tossed an old grill out a couple months ago... enough stainless on that thing to make 1000 lips... wish I thought about it at the time... guess I’ll just have to pony-up the $20 for a new piece
  6. Bunker never left this year, They’ve been in the rivers all winter,
  7. Thanks, and yes I did make the lip, bent up some aluminum I had laying around... typically aluminum and salt are a bad combo... but I needed a big lip... ASAP... I ordered a pile of surfster lips... but apparently I ordered small ones... so until I order some larger ones I’ll be manufacturing my own from crap I have lying around... maybe someone with a bit more plug building wisdom than myself could chime in, should I definitely NOT be useing aluminum as a lip? Thanks!
  8. ... very observant you are... (decrepit laces, impossible to deal with in the dark... not muddy, so wasn’t too worried about it) that, however, was probably the least of my problems out there... gets pretty messy during the wee hours of soletry fish confinement ... waders that hold in more water then they hold out.... ... jerry rigged rod ... treble in a couple of fingers...7-o in the calf... .... broken buckle of the plug bag (hence the swim-bait hangin off my chest) ....boarder-line-hypothermia, extreme sleep deprivation, and probably some minor dehydration,... and it’s only the second day of May... ...It’s gonna be a good year!
  9. Playing with a new airbrush. Tried a Color-shift herring pattern on my first attempt at a surfster. Still ironing out my finishing method.. but all in all happy with how she came.. hoping to take her swimming in the morning....
  10. Yesir Log- 4/19 first fish 4/21 first slot (29” hold-over) 4/22 first fresh fish (ugly and lice-ridden) 4/23 32”,34” (clean fish, but did have a few lice.. not entirely convinced it wasn’t a holdover.) there out there though.. just gotta put on some extra layers... this wind sucks...
  11. not a sunrise what it actually looked like ... still just as impressive
  12. ...Since were spot burning Kidding... if you know, you know
  13. StripeAhi