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  1. Not enough spook-love... so here’s one I’ve Been playing around with for a while... finally slapped some paint on it the other day... still playing around with a bunker pattern... but this one turned out a little more herring-like (the “hint of purple” really popped after the epoxy coat) ... Gettin there though 8” ,3.5 oz (no hardware) 2 internal rattle chambers, (front and back) tail and belly weight... hand carved the scales/gills and cupped the front for a little pop when needed. (should walk Nicely, yet fly better then a doc)... may give her a test flight this weekend. (Also, any one know what kind of wood this is? Got a pile of these blocks from a “giant jumbling tower” set someone was throwing away... ... turns like butter... really light-weight like balsa... but seems harder than balsa. Can’t push your thumbnail into it)
  2. Random assortment of pencils. Experimenting a little with the mackerel stick bait..(slightly spooky?) all nearly the same shape... all maple, but ones Lightly tail weighted,, (should stay on top) second is tail and belly weighted, (I may put a lip on her to make it more of a suspending stick bait) and the last one has lead front to back and should sink like a rock.... not sure what the action is going to be on that one.. but should be interesting anyway...
  3. Yeah I’d eat that
  4. Much appreciated!
  5. If you don’t mind me asking... What paint did you use for the scale pattern on the second Pnut from the top... I’ve been trying to Get a good “mother of pearl” look for some bunker patterns I’m building, but just can’t seem to find or make anything that works... but that one is pretty spot on...
  6. Launched off a beach the day before a hurricane.... pretty Big surf, but timed the sets perfectly, slid down the pebble beach into the incoming wave and quickly paddled out between the sets..,made it out and back just fine... ( immediately grew an irrational Sence of abilitiy). Launched off the same spot 2 days after the same hurricane... Huge surf... almost left,,,but then (stupidly) ended up talking myself into trying anyway ... had it timed perfectly.,., but then while attempting the”slide” I got stuck on some seeweed on the beach 3/4 of the way down... had to make a split second choice ... jump out of the kayak and attempt to pull the Yak, full of gear, back up the steep pebble beach before getting destroyed by an incoming 8’r ... ooor ... push off again and paddle like my life depended on it to beat the incoming wall of water..... needless to say, I (once again) chose poorly.... and now I have a pretty Gnarly scar to show my kids why you DONT temp fate...
  7. 8” 3.5oz “tuna popper” green Mac..not a fan of how the “fins” came Out. but otherwise happy with it. For some reason I’m still having issues bending/wrapping the tail wire in a “clean-looking” manner. any tips? Do you guys use a jig? (Is there an existing thread for more info?) The soft wood didn’t help, I twisted it a half-turn too much, and slightly crushed the washer into the plug. So now the tail loop is A little off center... and angled... was going to just bend it straight with some pliers.. but I figured I’d damage the wood more... so I just left it....
  8. Just some more pencils + tuna popper.... standing by for a free night
  9. Great question... I believe it was a gutter bracket I had laying around my garage (just cut the end off ... (I’m new to this game... so my supply stock is limited .. but its surprisingly ridged for a piece of aluminum) I have my doubts thought as to how well it’s going to hold up in the long run... particularly worried about A) short term: the lip turning into a razor blade on its first contact with a rock, and B) long term: possibly corroding over time ... but oh well... just wanted to get a plug finished and in the water.. (still haven't, but will be shortly)...but I am really curious what kind of action I’ll get from a multi angled lip.
  10. First plug with hardware ... (got a few more waiting for wire and hooks...) totally hooked now! Learned a lot from my first batch..can’t wait for some free time to finish my next pile.
  11. Blues are some of The least “picky” fish when it comes to eating... size/color/shape/ /contrast almost never matter with them. Almost always opportunistic/reaction biters.. they love to chase down there meals... But like anything, there are days when they only want what they want.... I find when they get that way Ill go to two lures... either an SP minnow in green Mac or a large white doc, (but an SP will almost never get passed up by a blue) .. interesting story though ... was fishing a cove loaded with stripers (mostly just schoolies, but fish-every-cast kindv of nonsense) when I noticed a HUGE blue tailing my hooked bass on the way in, I saw it happen a few times so I changed up lures and tried everything I could to get it to bite to no avail (a 36”+ blue was a definite upgrade from the 16-24” schoolies... ) after a while, I gave up and went back to schooly bashing. (Dontjudge me! We’ve all done it!) next cast I hooked up and started reeling in when my bass got slammed by the blue.. damn things where eating the schoolies! I spent the next 10 minutes throwing half a bass back into the water and watching this monster keep comeing back and biting it! Somehow it kept missing the hooks and I just couldn’t get the hooks to set... it eventually gave up.. as did I... felt pretty Bad later for using a dead schoolie as bait... but if anyone else had seen the size of that blue... I doubt they would’ve done differently ... (confessions of a surfcaster) long story short... someone needs to make a 18” swim bait... striper pattern... just in case that scenario plays out again...
  12. Yeah ... it took untill now for the pentagon finally realize That the 80%* of the world is now 90% * run on automation that is 99%* reliant on satellite communication... and one guy with the right tool, floating around in space unchecked, could potentially knock out the worlds communication (along with almost all of our military and civilian working ability) in a very short amount of time... so yeah... regardless of what you want to call them... I’d say they’re pretty much a necessity. After all “if you control the air.. you control the ground”... standard tactics since the donning of airborne weapons. Space is just the next step up. as far as the name goes.. probably not My first choose, but then again, it’s not my job.. so what do I care.. as Long as they do there’s.. they can have my tax dollars, just for Peet’s Sake! keep my gps workin! How else am I supposed to find all those waypoints?! Also... the guys who walked out of tun tavern a few centuries ago probably got laughed at for a few years for there ridiculous uniform and stupid name... don’t see to many people laughing now do ya. give it time, it’ll grow on us... and those skinny little kids who got sworn in last week.. may just become legitimate heros. **%s where hypothetical, feel free to do the research for me and provide actual data
  13. So the other day after the snow fall, I took the family down to echo lake for a peaceful walk in Sowams woods and to do some birding. Had a great time with my 2y/o and wife in the snow, but after a little while he started getting cold, so I took him back to the truck and left my wife in the woods to go look for her “winged friends”. So we split up, I brought the little Man back to the truck to warm up, with the plan to drive around the lake/ neighborhoods until she was done “adventuring” ... as I’m Loading up, a woman walked by in her snow shoes. A few minutes later I start driving down the one-way road and end up behind her... apparently she couldn’t hear my truck 20’ behind her... I tried everything short of leaning out the window and whistling at her to get her to notice me (as she was walking down the center the road, and I couldn’t pass her) So, after a few minutes of stalking her, and out of options, I lightly tapped my horn to get her attention.. which it did... so she stopped, turned around, gave me “the look”, threw her hands up in the air and walked to the side. I pulled up beside and her, and apologized for beeping and tried explaining that I just didn’t want to startle her or get to close to her with my truck, she responded with “see this is why where trying to shut this road down!, so that we can actually enjoy it” ... I didn’t exactly know how to respond to that so I just said “I’m sorry” and continued on my way... a short time later I picked up my wife and I drove around again, (I was going to just turn around and go backward down the one-way to avoid any possible runins with her again... but just figured it has been long enough And was confident the woman had made it out the other side) but I was wrong, we passed her and her newly acquired snowshoe partner walking back the other way... I gave a small wave and a smile, returned by a pair of disapproving head shakes l, hand waving and eye rolling.... because, obviously, I had the audacity to drive down the road... So anyway... after getting home I decided to fact-check her statement .. and it turns out they ARE in fact shutting down the road to vehicles, on the grounds that “dumping and underaged drinking” has gotten out of hand. now granted it will still be open to foot traffic, but other than one small parking spot on the north side of the pond, there will be no more available Parking for anyone not wanting to walk more than a mile To fish the pond, Or to drop a kayak in. Curious if anyone was involved in the decision process or knows anymore about this. I’m not a Barrington resident but live fairly close and love To fish echo lake, (and surrounding areas) and my wife loves the trails and the variety of birds that stay there over the course of the year. If they shut down the road there will be no legal place to park and it will essentially become a “locals only” fishing/walking area. Seems to me it’s just another typical “money talks” move to reduce public access and limit the ability to fish. I’d love to be proven wrong. So any more info to justify the closing would be greatly appreciated. heres the link I found to the closing.,86149 it’s also the only public parking to nearby saltwater fishing anyway... thanks for reading through this and putting up with another “disgruntled fisherman” post